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Last update: January 8, 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: What is Flalingo?
  2. Flalingo Prices
  3. Flalingo User Reviews
  4. Conclusion: Is Flalingo Reliable?

1. Introduction: What is Flalingo?

Based on my previous research, I had determined that Flalingo outperformed its competitors. Subsequently, my readers and acquaintances requested more detailed information about Flalingo. Therefore, I would like to prepare a promotional article for you. In this article, I will provide brief information about Flalingo, and analyze its packages, pricing, and user reviews.

Flalingo is an online language school based in the United States. According to my research and user reviews, Flalingo follows an innovative approach. It addresses the shortcomings of its competitors through its smart teacher algorithm and flexible subscription options. Unlike its rivals, Flalingo allows students to choose their preferred teacher and continue their lessons with that teacher. Additionally, the smart teacher algorithm selects 24-30 teachers that suit your needs, ensuring you can choose the most suitable teacher without getting lost among hundreds of options.

Moreover, Flalingo offers its students free access to the Oxford University Press library. This grants students the opportunity to benefit from these books both during and outside of lessons at any time they wish.

2. Flalingo Prices

As mentioned before, Flalingo offers its users flexible subscription options. When you choose to subscribe, you can select from 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages. You have the freedom to personalize your package by choosing between 25 or 50-minute lessons and specifying how many days per week you'd like to have lessons. The package prices vary based on these factors, increasing or decreasing accordingly. The most affordable package starts at 37 USD per month. Personalizing the packages allows students to find options that fit both their schedules and budgets.

In addition, when you purchase a package, Flalingo offers a 30-day cancellation period if you are not satisfied with the education. This sets Flalingo apart from its competitors, as many other online English learning platforms typically have a 14-day refund policy. However, gaining sufficient knowledge about a platform within just 14 days can be challenging for a student. It is more reasonable to have at least a month to understand whether a platform suits your needs. Therefore, Flalingo's 30-day refund policy is supportive of students in this regard.

If you opt for one 50-minute lesson per week from Flalingo, the monthly prices are as follows: 1-month package costs 97 USD, 3-month package costs 88 USD, 6-month package costs 83 USD and 12-month package costs 73 USD. As you extend the subscription duration, the prices become more advantageous. Therefore, consider a 6 or 12-month package after trying a trial lesson. This way, after getting familiar with the platform, you can purchase a cost-effective package that suits your needs.

Flalingo offers a trial lesson at a very affordable price of only 3 Dollars for a 25-minute session. This way, you can gain insights about the platform without a significant financial commitment. Additionally, Flalingo provides its users with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the trial lesson, you have the option to try another trial lesson with a different teacher.

For those interested in taking three 25-minute lessons per week from Flalingo, you can refer to the table below for package prices. For detailed information about the packages and prices, you can click here.

Package DurationPrice (Per Month)
Monthly147 USD
3 Monthly130 USD
6 Monthly124 USD
12 Monthly109 USD

2. Flalingo User Reviews

Flalingo Trustpilot Reviews

flalingo trustpilot.webp

It's great to know that Flalingo has received positive feedback from its users on Trustpilot. With 97% of the reviews being positive, it reflects the platform's effectiveness in contributing to students' development and efficient customer service. Positive reviews often highlight the positive impact Flalingo has on its students and the effectiveness of its customer support.

As for the one negative review, it mentions concerns about Flalingo's suitability for children's specialized education and the non-English native language of some teachers. However, it's important to note that Flalingo employs both native English speakers and non-native speakers who have a high level of proficiency in English, which ensures a diverse pool of qualified instructors.

Regarding children's specialized education, as you haven't researched this aspect yet, it's difficult to provide an opinion. It would be advisable to explore further into this area to understand better how Flalingo caters to the needs of young learners.

Ultimately, user reviews on platforms like Trustpilot can offer valuable insights into a service's overall performance and user satisfaction. It's always a good idea to consider a variety of perspectives when assessing a language-learning platform like Flalingo.

Hello everyone, I'm delighted to introduce Flalingo to you and describe the impressive language-learning experience I've had on this platform. Flalingo's user-friendly interface, quick access, and the ability to practice with native-speaking teachers have satisfied me. In addition, the 24/7 service and access to native-speaking tutors has been a great help in developing my language skills. In conclusion, Flalingo has been a wonderful companion on my language-learning journey. Their remarkable services have ensured my satisfaction and helped me make rapid progress in improving my language skills.” -Kerim Yetgin, Trustpilot

I have been using Flalingo to learn English at home for the past 6 months. I've been able to get better with my reading and writing skills, improve my confidence in speaking out, and meet new tutors all over the world! It's a great platform with plenty of features that make learning English much more engaging.” -Hakan Kutlu, Trustpilot

My department gives us 100% English education at my university, so I had to learn it last year. To start my department I worked a lot, but I had difficulties sometimes with speaking or writing with advanced grammar. I met at that time with Flalingo.com. I think that they are one of the best platforms for online English education. Thanks to it, I can speak confidently in my classes.” burcin, Trustpilot 

You don’t know anything about kids. You don’t have natives.” -Emel, Trustpilot

Flalingo Product Hunt Reviews

Flalingo Product Hunt.webp

On Product Hunt, users review a brand based on their experience. That is why I wanted to share reviews made here about Flalingo. Here, Flamingo has 9 reviews and all of them are positive! On Product Hunt, users talk about how much Flalingo helped them with their English, the materials they use are helpful, and the tutors are professionals. ı believe to make a positive review about something you’ve purchased, you need to be very impressed with it. Therefore, I believe these reviews are genuine. I will share three of these reviews with you so that you can see the reviews yourself:

I'm new to the Flalingo app. I spent this week getting to know the tutors. I experienced the site by taking lessons from 3 different teachers. Flalingo has helped me a lot in overcoming my fear of speaking English. It increased my self-confidence. As a result, being able to understand them also increased my confidence. I can say that it is a useful application. So I am very satisfied with the application.” -Ömer Faruk, Product Hunt

It is the best online English course I ever joined. Before Flalingo, I was too shy to express myself in English but thanks to Flalingo and my teacher Lettie, I can speak English more comfortably:))In addition, accessing all Oxford materials freely was very useful, which makes my learning progress easier.” -Dilek, Product Hunt

First of all, I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Flalingo tutors. Each tutor is a native English speaker with years of experience teaching English as a second language. They are patient, and friendly, and know how to help students improve their language skills. The online platform itself is very user-friendly and intuitive. It's easy to sign up, schedule lessons, and communicate with your tutor. I appreciate the flexibility that Flalingo offers, allowing me to book lessons at a time that works for me and to choose the length and frequency of my lessons. During my lessons, my tutor was always well-prepared and had a clear plan for each session. We focused on the areas where I needed the most improvement, such as grammar and pronunciation, and my tutor provided me with lots of useful feedback and tips. Overall, I highly recommend Flalingo to anyone looking to improve their English language skills. The quality of the instruction is top-notch, the tutors are friendly and professional, and the online platform is easy to use. Thank you, Flalingo, for helping me improve my English!” -Bencan, Product Hunt

Flalingo Google Reviews

Flalingo google reviews.webp

There are 31 reviews about Flalingo on Google Reviews, and all of them are positive! Users here are talking about the convenience Flalingo offers, the contributions to their English skills, and how professional the team is. This shows how much Flalingo excels compared to its competitors. I will share three of these reviews with you, so you can also see them:

"High-quality and professional education awaits you with their teachers and support team. I am very satisfied with joining this family." - Mustafa Akça, Google

"I recommend quality instructors, the use of quality materials, and the opportunity to have continuous lessons with the same instructor." - Mert Yılmaz, Google

"If you want to improve your level, Flalingo should be your priority. You can learn everything you need. Additionally, you can choose kind, patient, and experienced teachers who suit your preferences." - Cihan Kurt, Google

4. Conclusion: Is Flalingo Reliable?

Dear readers, I have shared with you the Flalingo packages, prices, and user reviews, along with my opinions on these matters. Now let's get to the main question: "Is Flalingo reliable?". If you ask me, Flalingo's 24/7 accessible live support team, the very low number of negative reviews, and the absence of any complaints about students being mistreated in those reviews indicate that Flalingo is a reliable platform. Other online English learning applications have received user reviews stating that they renew subscriptions or withdraw money from users' accounts without their knowledge, which raises concerns about their reliability. Therefore, Flalingo stands out from its competitors by avoiding such issues. Thus, if you are considering online English education, my advice would be to read my article ranking the top applications first and then confidently choose Flalingo.

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