Flalingo 2024 Review - A Good Option for Learning English?

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Last update: 7 January 2024


  1. Introduction
  2. My Experience in Prep Class
  3. How I’ve Met With Flalingo
  4. Flalingo Trial Lesson
  5. Flalingo’s Smart Tutor Selection Algorithm
  6. My 2-Month Flalingo Experience
  7. What Do Other Users Say? Flalingo Trustpilot Review
  8. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Hello, in this article, I will tell you about my experience with Flalingo. First of all, I will start by talking about myself and my language level. I graduated from Bilgi University with a degree in advertising, so as you can guess, I studied in the preparatory class, and in the following years, I was surrounded by English at the university. I started my internship at one of the qualified advertising agencies. During my internship, I observed almost all meetings were held in English, and I realized that English is an important point in my career. 

Even though I studied at an English-taught university, I didn’t have the chance to speak during the lessons. Therefore, I could not improve my speaking skills during my university education. However, in business life, this is not the case. You need to participate in the conversations in meetings and answer the questions asked.

2. My Experience in Prep Class

During my prep year, my education revolved around essay writing and grammar topics. Therefore, my reading and writing skills improved a lot. I have mastered almost all the grammar of the English language. That is why my English level is good.  Nowadays, I have no problems with these skills. However, I cannot say it is the same for speaking. When speaking, I get really nervous and forget what to say and how to say it.

3. How I’ve Met With Flalingo

When I started to work, the first thing I had to do was to solve my problem with speaking English. The company I was working for offered various promotions as benefits, and I asked for English language support from a range of options. My request was approved, and my search for a language course began.

Frankly, at the time, I didn’t know I could learn English online and searched for institutions that teach English face-to-face. I’ve even talked with some of them to evaluate them. Later on, a friend of mine told me learning English online would be more helpful during my journey. Then, I started to look into reviews online, ask my friends for advice, and talk with customer services to find the best online platform for me. And I did find Flalingo!

4. Flalingo Trial Lesson

First of all, before subscribing, I wanted to understand how it works by taking a trial lesson. Flalingo, unlike its competitors, offers a great deal to its students. You can get a 25-minutes trial lesson on Flalingo for almost 3 Dollars. I’ve got my trial lesson with a tutor named Jelena. Frankly, I was nervous about what to say and how to say it before this lesson, and I believe it is quite normal. Tutor Jelena was very experienced and put my worries to rest. I had a very enjoyable first lesson. That is why after the trial lesson, I bought a 12-month package from Flalingo for 3 days a week consisting of 50-minute lessons. 

5. Flalingo's Smart Tutor Selection Algorithm

I think this is the best feature of Flalingo. With this algorithm, you don’t have to see hundreds of teachers. The system provides you with around 30 tutors who suit your interests and needs. I needed to practice speaking and improve myself in Business English. Therefore, all tutors provided were native English speakers who are experts in Business English. With the help of Flalingo’s Smart Tutor Selection Algortihm, I didn’t have to try different tutors to find the most suitable one. I just needed to choose between tutors with similar qualifications. I believe this is the most important feature of Flalingo, setting it apart from its competitors.

6. My 2-Month Flalingo Experience

The First Week

During my first week with Flalingo, I took my lessons with an American teacher named April. In the first week, my lessons were a bit like warming up to the platform. We talked about general issues like my favorite movies and books and my daily routine, and I used simpler vocabulary to express myself more comfortably. I think having a teacher in front of you for 50 minutes and constantly talking with them is significant for your English development. I had a hard time trying to understand the tutor and express myself for 150 minutes -2.5 hours- for a week. But I can see even now how much I benefited from it. I think so because I know how my first week of 3 lessons for 50 prepared me to be more comfortable and confident while speaking English. 

The Second Week

Another feature that distinguishes Flalingo is the chance to continue with the tutor you like. With this feature, I was able to continue my lesson during my second week with Tutor April. This week April and I started to go into Business English because I wanted to improve myself on the topic. My biggest fear with Business English was getting bored a lot. However, my lessons with April were really enjoyable, and I didn’t understand how 50 minutes had passed so quickly. I’ve concluded my second week with Flalingo by improving my speaking and learning new phrases. 

The Third Week

Before telling you about my experience with Flalingo in my third week, I would like to say how much it helped me so far. With the Business English phrases I learned in my second week, till my lessons in the third week, I was able to understand the things talked on the meetings easily and could answer the questions. To go out of my comfort zone, in my third week, I decided to take my lessons from a different tutor. Therefore, I started my lessons with a British teacher named Cameron. During the lessons, Cameron and I talked, focusing on business phrases in English. Here, I realized I’ve had to express myself and how I was again. I am grateful to Flalingo because I’ve read reviews that other platforms didn’t let students continue with the same tutor. This forced them to spend a considerable amount of time introducing themselves over and over again. Flalingo not letting its students go through this process impressed me very much.

Fourth Week

I took my classes again from a teacher named April in the fourth week. In these classes, we focused on conversation practice and business English just like before. This week, I observed that I was more fluent in speaking and could understand what was discussed in meetings more easily throughout the day.

Fifth Week

In the fifth week, I wanted to take a break from Business English and focus more on daily conversations. Therefore, I wanted to take lessons from a young teacher named Jelena, whom I met during my trial lesson. In our first lesson with Jelena, we talked about introductions and daily routines, just like in the first week. During this time, I saw how much progress I had made compared to the first week. This boosted my confidence a lot, and I had a very comfortable and confident experience in my other lessons this week.

Sixth Week 

I continued my classes with Jelena in the sixth week. We worked on my pronunciation and grammar deficiencies by having conversations about daily life. After my lessons this week, I realized once again how much my teachers contributed to my progress, and I understood that choosing Flalingo was the right decision.

Seventh Week

I continued my classes with April, the same teacher, in the seventh week. This week, in my first lesson, we talked about what had been happening at the workplace in the past weeks, how I participated in meetings, and what I could and couldn't understand. In our second and third lessons, we practiced speaking as if we were in a meeting. Thanks to these practices, I had more confidence at work and was able to speak more comfortably.

Eighth Week

After two months with Flalingo, my internship was coming to an end, and I was about to attend job interviews for the positions I had applied for. This week, while working with April, I talked about how stressed I felt when they said, "Let's continue in English" during interviews. Therefore, my teacher created mock interview simulations in my lessons this week to help me feel more comfortable during interviews, and we practiced answering interview questions as if I was having an interview with her. As a result, I was able to speak English fluently during the interviews and understand the other party easily. I received several callbacks, and I will start my new job soon! Although I put a lot of effort into this adventure, I couldn't have progressed so quickly and efficiently without Flalingo.

7. What Do Other Users Say? Flalingo Trustpilot Review

I was happy with the progress I made in my training process with Flalingo, and this platform contributed a lot to this. But I thought this; I wonder if other students have the same opinion as me?

The best way to satisfy my curiosity was to visit the Trustpilot application. But from the first second I entered the site, I realized that I was not alone. Other students loved this application, just like me. The quality of teachers and resources has not gone unnoticed. All in all, Flalingo has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

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8. Conclusion

In conclusion, based on my two-month experience with Flalingo, I can say that Flalingo is definitely the best option for learning English! Online English learning platforms often demand high prices, which can make them seem like money traps, but Flalingo is not one of those platforms. You can explore Flalingo, check their prices, and start your education by taking a trial lesson. This way, you can improve your English quickly and enjoyably, and easily impress people you encounter in both your workplace and social life!

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