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Ranking of the Best Online English Learning Applications of 2024.

Choosing the right option from among online English learning platforms can be challenging. Instead of listening to brands that advertise the most and make the most noise, take a look at the best brands of 2024 based on real user reviews and evaluations!

Best Platform for Kids

Flalingo Kids

  • Expert Teachers in Teaching English to Children

  • Lesson Report and Level Assessment with AI

  • One-to-one online live English lessons, all from kids certified teachers.

  • 24/7 Unlimited Access to Oxford University Press Materials for Kids.

  • Solution-oriented customer contact center available 24/7.

  • Modular Course System You Can Follow Your Child's Development.

  • Professional English language tutor options for beginner children.

  • Contacting customer services without obtaining KVKK permission.

Flalingo Kids
Evaluation Score
related brand undecided button9
related brand dislike button17
  • Thanks to the Flalingo smart teacher algorithm, which determines the most suitable one for you among more than 1600 professional English teachers, they have listed the most suitable teachers for you.

  • With the course system designed for you to practice speaking or learn English systematically, they have increased learning efficiency by making it easy for you and your teacher to follow the lesson.

  • By offering unlimited access to Oxford University Press content, they supported their platform with written, audio and visual professional materials both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Thanks to their customer service, which provides 24/7 support over the phone, WhatsApp and live chat system, they easily solve your problems.

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Flalingo Kids see brand profile

Preply Kids

  • Preply system compatible with desktop, iOS, Android and Mac computers.

  • Purchase packages of 6, 12, 20 or 40 lessons from the designated teacher.

  • Private video lessons from one-to-one online teachers.

  • Teachers who do not have a Kids certificate are teaching.

  • No content tailored for children.

  • After purchasing the package, it is not possible to switch from a teacher to another teacher who is not satisfied.

Preply Kids
Evaluation Score
related brand undecided button73
related brand dislike button239

English Ninjas Kids

  • Virtual demo tours for platform demonstration prior to purchase on English Ninjas Kids.

  • English material library with rich content.

  • Live English lessons every half hour at English Ninjas Kids.

  • Subscription renewal without notice by keeping credit card information.

  • Even though the 1-year payment is taken in advance, the refund period is only 14 days without penalty

  • Inaccessible customer service after sales.

  • Not being able to teach with the same teacher and not being able to choose the teacher

English Ninjas Kids
Evaluation Score
related brand undecided button98
related brand dislike button324

Livexp Kids

  • One-on-one online live lessons from English tutors.

  • Flexible program setting.

  • Livexp system compatible with desktop, iOS, Android and Mac computers.

  • There are non-professional people without a degree or certificate in education working as a tutor.

  • There is no course tracking system.

  • Subscription renewal without notice by saving credit card information.

Livexp Kids
Evaluation Score
related brand undecided button23
related brand dislike button45

Lingo Kids

  • Private lessons in small groups or 1 to 1 via Zoom.

  • Flexible program setting.

  • Lingoda system compatible with desktop, iOS, Android and Mac computers.

  • There are non-professional people without a degree or certificate in education working as a tutor.

  • Inaccessible customer service.

  • Subscription renewal without notice by saving credit card information.

Lingo Kids
Evaluation Score
related brand undecided button53
related brand dislike button122

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