What Are the Best English Learning Platforms? Which Is the Best Online English Learning App?

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Last update: January 8, 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview: The Best English Learning Platforms
  2. Flalingo
  3. Preply
  4. Cambly
  5. Open English
  6. LiveXP
  7. italki
  8. Conclusion: Which one is the Best Online English Learning App?

1. Overview: The Best English Learning Platforms

We have gathered the best English learning apps for you. Speaking English fluently is a dream of many of us and doesn’t require extraordinary language skills. All you need is a little time, patience, and finding the right resources. This is where online English learning platforms come into play. These platforms offer the most practical way to improve your English skills from the comfort of your own home, without getting stuck in traffic or having to attend language courses. Perhaps you want to express yourself better in your professional life, communicate more easily with people when you travel, or simply learn English as a hobby. These platforms provide personalized solutions tailored to your individual goals, allowing you to personalize your English learning process.

Now, let's talk about the features and benefits of the best English learning platforms that will assist you in your journey of learning English.

2. Flalingo

Flalingo is an online English learning platform that has revolutionized English learning. It ranks 1st among the best English learning platforms according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com. Let’s take a look into its positive and negative features to understand the platform better.

Positive Features of Flalingo

Flalingo offers innovative features that satisfy its students. These are:

  • Certified Teachers: Flalingo provides a professional experience with its carefully selected teachers. You can interact with instructors who are native English speakers and have teaching skills. The ability to choose a teaching style that suits you allows you to have a personalized learning process. Whether you want to learn English from scratch or just to practice speaking, Flalingo helps you achieve your learning goals.

  • Oxford University Press Library: Supported by Oxford University Press Library, this platform offers one-on-one online lessons with certified native English-speaking teachers. Additionally, Flalingo demonstrates its value by utilizing publications from Oxford University, one of the top universities in the UK. Therefore, the platform shows how much it cares about its students and their education.

  • Smart Tutor Selection Algorithm: Flalingo's impressive feature is its smart tutor selection algorithm. Through this system, the platform asks you some questions and recommends 24-30 suitable teachers out of over 1800 teachers on your behalf. This ensures that you receive the best experience without wasting time. Moreover, the solution-oriented customer communication center is available 24/7 to address any issues you may have.

  • Trial Lesson: Flalingo offers a trial lesson for 3 Dollars without any commitments. With this 25-minute lesson, you can get an idea of whether the platform suits you or not. Additionally, if you purchase the course, you can cancel it within 30 days. Also, if you are unsatisfied with the trial lesson, Flalingo allows you to take another trial lesson from another teacher or ask for a refund.

All of these features make Flalingo the best English learning platform. Whether you are a beginner student or a professional looking to improve your language skills, Flalingo is an ideal choice for everyone!

Negative Features of Flalingo

Of course, no one and nothing is perfect, so Flalingo also has some drawbacks. These can be listed as follows:

  • Customer service occasionally initiates unauthorized communication.
  • Offers fewer discounts and promotions compared to its competitors.
  • Reminder messages on their mobile applications are sent only 5 minutes before the lesson.

Flalingo Truspilot Reviews

In this article where we list the best practices, user experiences and feedback should of course be included. It is also beneficial for potential students to get the most accurate information about the application from people who have directly experienced the application.

flalingo, trustpilot, en iyi platformlar

Flalingo gets a perfect score of 4.7 on the Trustpilot app. It should be noted that it is not easy to obtain these points. In other words, those who used Flalingo loved it and generously rated it, making recommendations to potential students.

3. Preply

Preply offers students the opportunity to take private online one-on-one lessons through various lesson packages. It ranks 3rd among the best English learning platforms according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com.

Positive Features of Preply

  • Preply facilitates access for everyone by providing a system compatible with desktop, iOS, Android, and Mac computers. 
  • Lessons are presented in video format by expert teachers. 
  • You can choose from 6, 12, 20, or 40-lesson packages tailored to your needs.

Negative Features of Preply

  • Preply doesn’t have a lesson-tracking system. 
  • They can store your credit card information for subscription renewals without prior notice. 
  • Once you purchase a package, if you are not satisfied, you can’t switch to another teacher.

Preply Trustpilot Reviews

Preply performed worse than its rival, Flalingo, but better than Cambly. She probably made a good impression after concentrating on languages other than English.

preply on trustpilot.webp

4. Cambly

Cambly, an online English learning platform, is designed for individuals who want to practice speaking and improve their English speaking skills. It ranks 3rd among the best English learning platforms according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com. Cambly provides the opportunity to have video conversations with native English-speaking tutors, allowing you to engage in one-on-one English conversations at any time and as frequently as you wish.

Positive Features of Cambly

Cambly is a widely used and highly regarded platform by users. So, what are the good aspects of this platform? Let's take a look together:

  • Real-time conversation feature: Cambly allows users to have real-time conversations with native English speakers. This provides an immersive language learning experience and helps improve speaking skills.

  • 24/7 accessibility: Cambly is available round the clock, allowing users to access the platform and practice English conversation whenever it's convenient for them. This flexibility makes it suitable for learners with busy schedules or in different time zones.

  • Working with native English speakers: Cambly collaborates with native English-speaking tutors, allowing learners to practice with instructors who have a natural command of the language. This exposure to authentic English helps improve pronunciation, fluency, and overall language skills.

Negative Features of Cambly

Like any platform, Cambly also has some features that may not satisfy its users. These features include:

  • Tutors: Despite having a wide range of tutors, most of them are native English speakers but not necessarily professionals. This can make the learning process challenging. With a large number of tutors available, it may be difficult to find your preferred tutor again, as the schedules of popular tutors can be fully booked.

  • Subscription and Pricing: There may be some uncertainty about what and how much you are paying when you subscribe. Additionally, they renew your subscription and charge your card without prior notice.

Cambly Trustpilot Reviews

Unfortunately, Cambly has a performance that lags behind Flalingo. Negative evaluations from users also appear first. This appears to be due to payment and other customer support issues.

Cambly, Cambly trustpilot

5. Open English

Open English is an online platform that offers English language education. It ranks 4th among the best English learning platforms according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com. It provides courses at various levels, suitable for anyone looking to improve their English skills. You can enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities through their programs.

Positive Features of Open English

Open English has several positive features that make it stand out:

  • Suitable for all levels: Open English provides lessons that suit learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced students. This ensures that individuals can find courses that meet their specific needs and language proficiency.

  • Accessible customer service: Open English offers easily accessible customer service, allowing learners to seek assistance or resolve any issues they may encounter during their learning journey.

  • Free 3-day trial: Open English provides a free 3-day trial for users to experience the platform and its features before committing to a paid subscription. This allows potential learners to assess the program and determine if it meets their expectations.

  • Professional instructors: Open English works with professional instructors who have expertise in teaching English as a second language. These instructors are equipped to provide effective guidance and support to learners as they progress in their language skills.

Negative Features of Open English

Open English has some features that may disappoint users. These negative aspects include:

  • Customer Service: After the purchase is completed, it may be difficult to reach customer service, which not only undermines user confidence but also prevents users from receiving support in case of any problems.

  • Automatic Subscription Renewal: Open English applies subscription renewal without prior notification or explicit consent, which can be frustrating for users who were not expecting the renewal.

  • Limited Refund Period: Despite receiving full payment for a one-year subscription, Open English only offers a limited refund option of just 14 days without any penalties. 14 days is not enough for you to get to know the platform. 

  • Lack of Teacher Selection: Open English does not guarantee the ability to continue learning with the same instructor. Furthermore, not having the option to choose preferred instructors prevents users from experiencing a consistent and personalized learning experience.

Open English Trustpilot Reviews

Open English must not have performed as expected on Trustpilot, falling behind its competitors. It achieved a success rate of only 3.9 out of 5. We hope that both the service understanding and Trustpilot ratings can improve.

Open English, online İngilizce, Trustpilot

6. LiveXP

LiveXP is an online language learning platform that teaches 50 languages with over 2500 teachers. It ranks 5th among the best English learning platforms according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com. To get a better understanding of the platform, let's look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Positive Features of LiveXP

LiveXP comes with several advantageous features that enhance the learning experience. Here are some of the positive aspects of LiveXP:

  • Flexible Schedule: LiveXP provides a flexible program setting that allows learners to tailor their English learning journey according to their specific needs, preferences, and goals.

  • One-on-One Online Live Lessons: With LiveXP, learners have the opportunity to engage in personalized one-on-one online live lessons with English tutors.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices: LiveXP is designed to be compatible with various devices, including desktop computers, iOS, Android, and Mac computers. 

Negative Features of LiveXP

While LiveXP offers several positive features, there are also some drawbacks that users may find concerning. Here are a few negative aspects of LiveXP:

  • Non-professional Tutors: LiveXP is not selective when it comes to the tutors. This raises concerns about the qualifications and expertise of the tutors, as learners may prefer to receive instruction from experienced professionals who have undergone specialized training in teaching English as a second language.

  • No Course Tracking System: LiveXP lacks a comprehensive course tracking system that allows learners to monitor their progress and keep track of completed lessons, assignments, or achievements. The absence of such a system may make it challenging for learners to gauge their improvement or identify areas that require additional focus and practice.

  • Subscription Renewal without Notice: LiveXP renews its users’ subscriptions without their approval or knowledge. This leads to unexpected charges on users' credit cards, which may cause frustration and inconvenience for those who were not anticipating the renewal.

LiveXP Trustpilot Reviews

LiveXP offers more than online English education, and may attract more attention. Yet, LiveXP does not have as much comments as I predicted in Trustpilot. Anyway, the users evaluates the performance of this Preply-like LiveXP not so low, or so high. LiveXP gets 4.2 point out of 5.


7. italki

Italki is an online platform for learning English that offers its customers free practice through its community as well as online one-on-one and group lessons. Italki is well-liked by English language learners because it offers both free practice and paid sessions. To help you understand the platform better, we will share the positive and negative features of italki.

Positive Features of italki

Here are some of the positive aspects of italki:

  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices: italki is designed to be compatible with various devices, including desktop computers, iOS, Android, and Mac computers. 

  • One-on-One Online Live Lessons: italki provides learners with the opportunity to have personalized one-on-one online live lessons with English tutors.

  • Pay-per-Lesson Model: italki operates on a pay-per-lesson model, allowing learners to have greater flexibility and control over their learning journey. 

Negative Features of italki

Here are a few negative aspects of italki:

  • Non-professional Tutors: On italki, people can work as tutors even if they don’t have formal degrees or certificates in education. Since students might prefer to get instruction from experienced educators with specific training in teaching English as a second language, this absence of professional qualifications raises questions about the quality of the platform.

  • Inaccessible Customer Service: Some users have reported difficulties in accessing customer service support on italki. Inadequate customer service response or long waiting times for assistance can be frustrating for learners who encounter technical issues, billing problems, or other concerns that require prompt attention and resolution.

  • Tutor Accessibility Problem: Another drawback reported by users is the challenge of consistently finding and scheduling lessons with the same chosen tutor. Due to the availability and popularity of certain tutors, it can be difficult to secure regular lessons with a preferred tutor, leading to a lack of continuity in the learning experience.

italki Trustpilot Reviews

italki shows a really successful performance on Trustpilot reviews, and that may be because of its language options. Comparing with the other platforms, still it is behind the Flalingo, but ahead of others. Short, italki user thinks that this app is worthy to use with 4.6 points over 5.

italki, trustpilot

8. Conclusion: Which one is the Best Online English Learning App?

We believe, as a result of our evaluation, Flalingo is the best online English learning platform. However, we want to leave you to have your own opinion!

We have compiled the best online English learning platforms for you. By choosing one of these platforms, you can start learning English from the comfort of your own home, while on vacation, or anywhere you desire, at any time! Whatever your goals may be, you can find what you're looking for on one of these platforms. For more detailed information, you can visit our website, compare the platforms, and read our reviews. This way, you can easily find the platform that suits you best. Lastly, don't forget to check our campaigns page to get a discount code and seize the opportunity to receive affordable English education!

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