What Do You Gain from Speaking English for Free with AI?

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Last update: June 4, 2024

Speaking English with AI is now accessible and possible for everyone. So, while excuses for not learning English haven't completely disappeared, they have significantly diminished. At Bestlanguagelearningapps, we want our students to take advantage of this opportunity. However, we must also provide realistic advice and guidance. Speaking English with artificial intelligence will benefit you in terms of cost and will also improve your English skills. But is that all there is to it? There is a lot more we need to discuss, especially about what you can achieve at most by speaking with artificial intelligence. Let's start without delay.

Table of Contents

1. Why Has Speaking English with Artificial Intelligence Become Popular?

2. Is Speaking English with Artificial Intelligence Completely Free?

3. Limits in Language Learning with Artificial Intelligence

4. Who Can Learn How Much English with Artificiall Intelligence?

1. Why Has Speaking English with Artificial Intelligence Become Popular?

The biggest factor that has made speaking English with artificial intelligence popular stems from our fascination with the pace of technological advancement. We couldn't remain indifferent to the screen interacting with us in such a fluid manner. Let's be honest, apart from functionality, technological developments have attracted our interest more. However, there are other factors that excite us about speaking English with artificial intelligence. Let's quickly review them.

1.1. Artificial Intelligence Mastering Every Topic

Besides language skills, artificial intelligence's 'general knowledge' is also impressive. Besides language learning, AI tools like Chatgpt are knowledgeable on many subjects. Even though they are not trained on every topic, they are successful in conversation. That is, even if we ask the AI something it doesn't know, it avoids providing incorrect information and still gives us answers. This creates a continuous conversational environment. So, while speaking English, you can receive support from the AI tools on the topic you are interested in. Artificial intelligence has become popular for making conversations more fun and for providing English education focused on areas of interest.

1.2. English Speaking Practices with Artificial Intelligence

What makes speaking English with artificial artificial intelligence most popular might be the opportunities it provides that were previously unavailable. Everyone knows the importance of speaking practice when it comes to English. However, it was not possible for everyone to find a speaking environment or partner. But artificial intelligence has removed this barrier for many people. At this point, speaking English with AI eliminates many of the anxieties associated with language learning.

1.3. 24/7 English Opportunity with Artificial Intelligence

In this platform, where we reviewed online English courses, we noticed that 24/7 language learning is a significant need. Artificial intelligence doesn't work with a fixed schedule. Therefore, the ability to consult this tool 24/7 makes speaking English with AI even more popular.

1.4. The Cost of Speaking English with Artificial Intelligence

Speaking English with artificial intelligence is generally known to be free. That is, those wanting to speak English aim to learn it at no cost using tools like Chatgpt. We will look into the accuracy of this and the real cost shortly. But we see that learning a language with artificial intelligence continues to be a hot topic because of its low cost.

2. Is Speaking English with Artificial Intelligence Completely Free?

Today's topic is speaking English with artificial intelligence for free. But how true is this? Actually, speaking for free with AI is not yet possible. The simplest tool like Chatgpt, which provides support in a language-unfocused manner, has a fee of $20.

In addition, applications that are properly fed and shaped with the right data for language learning are also making their presence known. So, artificial intelligence is certainly not limited to Chatgpt. For example, the applications we reviewed provide various opportunities for learning English.

Applications prepared for you to speak English with artificial intelligence also come with various costs. So, speaking English with AI is not free.

3. Limits in Language Learning with Artificial Intelligence

A few sections ago, we examined the reasons that paved the way for the popularization of the idea of speaking English with artificial intelligence. These reasons actually consist of the real benefits provided by artificial intelligence. Therefore, there is no need to go over the same topics repeatedly. However, there are important topics we need to discuss. This topic concerns the realities and limits of language learning with artificial intelligence.

3.1. Limits of Planned English Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Supporting English education with artificial intelligence is easier than ever. However, conducting the education focused on artificial intelligence will lead us down a negative path. Because learning English is a process and requires planning. All English lessons, courses, and resources are conducted within a certain plan. Starting from the importance of planning, let us mention that AI tools are very limited in this area. For example, if you are an A1 student and the AI provides you with C2 content, this is not a plus, but a huge minus. Therefore, the cheap prices of these tools can burn your future.

3.2. The Difficulty of Speaking at Your Level with Artificial Intelligence

In the previous section, we saw that artificial intelligence lacks planned learning. Similarly, another issue you will face while speaking English with AI is that this tool does not speak at your level. Especially beginners will struggle to understand the responses provided by artificial intelligence. Although speaking with tools developed with AI can be beneficial, these tools do not show level sensitivity. That is, the person opposite you constantly says things you do not understand. It would be demotivating, wouldn't it? However, in speaking lessons with instructors, you are exposed to grammar and vocabulary suitable for your level. You understand and respond. In this article, you can find tips about teachers who will enable you to learn English suitable for your level.

3.3. Not Supporting Reading and Listening Skills

If you invest in AI tools because they are free, you may struggle to improve your communication skills like listening and reading. English proficiency progresses in four stages: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. While AI primarily provides speaking practice, tools involved in writing usually offer techniques for more advanced levels. Especially in areas like listening and reading, unfortunately, you will not find the necessary content and practical methods in most AI tools alone.

3.4. Insufficient Content for Advanced Level Students

Even students who write and draw in advanced English still need support in English education at certain points. Using the language in a much more sophisticated way and especially producing arguments are not within the scope of artificial intelligence. AI tools, currently developed for English practices, will be insufficient for such detailed purposes. If you are learning English with goals like moving from C1 to C2 level, writing academic papers, and defending a thesis, tools like Chatgpt will seem like child's play to you. At this point, you can review applications where you can get professional support here.

4. Who Can Learn How Much English with AI?

As much as we have examined the topic of speaking English for free with artificial intelligence in this article, we have also looked into its prohibitive cost. Although they might be relatively affordable, learning English with artificial intelligence will be insufficient for most purposes. While artificial intelligence, which provides speaking practices, makes our lives and English learning easier, it is unfortunately inadequate in many areas. If you are serious about learning English, we recommend that you take one-on-one lessons from a quality platform and also support your education with artificial intelligence. Some platforms also offer AI support in lessons. You can review platforms that allow you to speak English with artificial intelligence at the click of a button and learn English uncompromisingly.

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