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Last update: 6 January 2024

Table of Contents

  1. About LiveXP Reviews
  2. LiveXP Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Best Feature of LiveXP
  4. Worst Feature of LiveXP
  5. Trustpilot LiveXp Reviews 
  6. LiveXP Reviews Reddit and Quora 
  7. LiveXP Play Store and App Store Reviews 
  8. LiveXP Ranking 
  9.  Conclusion: Is LiveXP Legit?

1. About LiveXP Reviews

LiveXP is an online language learning platform that teaches 50 languages with over 2500 teachers. Even though the platform is not very popular, people still use it since there are many good reviews on it. But is it that good? Is it worth a try? To me, no to both. From my experience and what I’ve seen looking into more than 500 real user reviews, even though people make positive comments on it, most of them don’t provide real reasons for it. On the other hand, even though negative reviews are less than positive ones, they provide reasons why one shouldn’t use LiveXP. Read along to learn from my and others’ experiences! I’ve gathered some of the reviews I’ve looked into in Trustpilot, Reddit, Quora, Play Store, App Store, and Best Language Learning Apps. 

My Score3/5
Overall Score3.5/5
The Best FeatureYou Can Learn Several Languages With The Same Membership
The Worst FeatureThey Withdraw Money Without Approval
Materials UsedNot Specified
Exclusiveness on TeachersNot Exclusive
Contact With Customer SupportAvarage

2. LiveXP Advantages and Disadvantages

Like everything LiveXP has its pros and cons. I will share them with you so that you can decide which one weighs more. 

LiveXP Advantages

  • It teaches 50 languages
  • Within the same membership, customers can access any language and study multiple languages
  • You get to learn a new language from wherever you want, whenever you want
  • The trial lesson costs only 3.49 Dollars
  • You can have lessons from the app

LiveXP Disadvantages

  • They teach too many languages with too many tutors
  • They renew users’ subscriptions without approval
  • It is difficult to get a refund
  • Not all tutors are professional teachers
  • You can’t see the prices before creating an account
  • Some non-native teachers introduce themselves as natives
  • The Livexp app crashes  

3. The Best Feature of LiveXP

I think LiveXP’s best feature is being able to learn different languages with just one subscription. This is also why I wanted to try out the platform in the first place because I wanted to learn German alongside improving my English speaking. With this quality of LiveXP, I was able to do both and was very satisfied with it. However, I don’t believe it is an ideal platform since even though this is a good feature, I think a platform focused only on one language would be more beneficial.

4. The Worst Feature of LiveXP

From my experience, I can say LiveXp’s worst feature is to withdraw money from your card without getting your approval first. I enjoyed the platform for a while, but then I wanted to try out other platforms because I didn’t think it was the best. So, I stated that I didn’t want to renew my subscription. However, they renewed it anyway and withdrew the money from my account. I tried to reach out to customer service and get a refund, but I couldn’t. Since trust is very important to me with a platform like this, I don’t and won’t recommend the platform to anyone.

5. Trustpilot LiveXP Reviews

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-06-26 122211.webp

On Trustpilot, LiveXP has 119 reviews and a rating of 3.9 out of 5. 73 percent of these reviews are positive, while 25% are negative. On positive reviews, users claim they like the platform because the tutors and the support team are good, and it is helpful to learn languages. On the other hand, in negative reviews, users talk about the support department not being supportive, LiveXp caring only about the money, not showing price details, and non-native speakers introducing themselves as natives. Normally, I would share 4-5 starred reviews alongside 1-2 starred reviews. However, I realized on Trustpilot 4 starred reviews and 2 starred reviews are only from the tutors. Therefore, I won’t share these with you since I look at the platform as a student, not a teacher.

5-Starred Reviews


“Very good platform, good service with quickly responses and support. My tutor is very pleasant, intelligent, professional, we are similar in many views, so it is very interesting and effective to talk with her” -Marina Kupchik, Trustpilot 


“LiveXP is an awesome platform for language learners. I really enjoyed this protocol and I love it!” Crypto Lover, Trustpilot 

1-Starred Reviews


“Don’t waste your time. Support is beyond bad. Find a different platform students and teachers, this LiveXP is not good and is on its way to being shut down if they continue to treat students and teachers like euro signs. Sad stuff.” -JoMo, Trustpilot 


“I am looking the tutor platform as a consumer, but I do not think it is a good choice.


- price details are hidden. I could not understand how I can make a decision without information about price.

- subscription model. Subscription model is applicable when subject of subscribing is uncountable - it could be time or storage space or some service. What is the reason in subscription for 8 lesson? isn't it the same as "buy 8 lessons" - pay as you go model with advance payment. But pay as you go is flexible, whereas subscription is not convenient at all if student is sick, has a trip or some other similar circumstances.” -Sergii Strikhar, Trustpilot 


“I have the impression they’re not checking the teachers who are registering, a teacher claiming to be a “native English speaker” making 3 mistakes in one sentence; an Italian teacher not knowing the plural of compound forms! I contacted the customer service and I’ve been answered “you don’t have to be on this platform if you don’t want to learn a language!” instead of saying “thank you, we’ll start an investigation!” I would not book any lessons with them even for free!” -P H, Trustpilot 

6. LiveXP Reviews on Reddit and Quora

On Reddit, only entries about LiveXP are either from the platform itself or from tutors. That is why, unfortunately, I cannot share reviews from Reddit. However, there are a few entries on Quora, and I will share one of them with you. One user asked if anyone tried LiveXP and, if so, how their experience was. Another user replied comprehensively, and I will summarize this answer for you. This person explained what LiveXP is and how it works before talking about its advantages and disadvantages. I understand from this answer that this person believes LiveXP being accessible to anyone no matter where you are and the community of language learners being supportive are the platform’s advantages. However, he believes the quality of the lessons depends on the tutor rather than the platform, and this is a disadvantage. I agree with him because I believe a platform like LiveXP should hire tutors very carefully and not leave the students’ effectiveness to chance.

7. LiveXP Play Store and App Store Reviews 

Play Store LiveXP App Review

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On Play Store, LiveXP has 420 reviews and a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Here, users who made positive reviews talk about the platform being user-friendly and helping with their English, while disappointed users made comments on the app crashing and the quality of the tutors. Here are some of the reviews made on Play Store:


“The app is user friendly and easy to manage for tutors and students!” -Jose Angelo Cifuentes Escobar, Play Store 


“Focusing on one language or becoming a polyglot and learning multiple languages at once has interested me as a student who loves languages because all I need to do is schedule my learning time and go to set classes.” -Brooks Dania, Play store 


“The platform is OK but.... They go overboard with the verification for money withdrawal even for paypal..... Geez I don't need all this even for my bank. It's absolutely ridiculous. How about just letting people log in to their accounts from the platform instead making them jump through hoops. So annoying. And then the hypocritical rules about the intro videos. My got taken down yet others violating rules is OK. Oh and people teaching languages with the wrong accent is OK too. Ridiculous” -SZ S, Play Store 


“I just created a new account and I was excited, only to be met with disappointment. The app keeps crashing no matter what I do. I tried restarting my phone a few times, I tried reinstalling the app a few times as well but it still keeps crashing. I hope you can fix this because the idea/concept of this app has a lot of potential.” -Duwen John Delos Reyes, Play Store 

App Store LiveXP App Reviews

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On App Store, LiveXp has only 71 reviews and a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Since almost all of the reviews are from tutors, and that is not our perspective, unfortunately, I will not be sharing reviews from App Store with you.

8. LiveXP Ranking

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On Best Language Learning Apps, LiveXP has a rating of 7.1 out of 10 and is in 5th place among 7 online English learning platforms. Here, LiveXP has 7 reviews, and 3 of them are positive while 4 are negative. Positive reviews are about the platform helping learn English and the support system being supportive. On the other hand, negative reviews are about the platform renewing users’ subscriptions without approval, not making a refund, and tutors being unprofessional. Here are the reviews so you can see for yourself:


“I hadn't heard much about live xp, so I learned it thanks to my friend. But I still decided to try, I was satisfied with the lessons, the teachers are also very interested and relevant, the lessons are fun and you can talk and chat with the teacher as you wish.” -Arzu, 


“I've been using LiveXP to learn foreign languages for 6 months. I can say that the platform provides excellent service. LiveXP has a great support team. I missed a lesson once, when I contacted them, they said we could do lessons again, and I took the lesson I missed again.” -Ahmet, 


“I took English lessons with live xp, it can't be said that I am very satisfied. Even though I stated that I would not renew my membership with the customer service approaching the end of my membership, my membership was renewed and I am currently trying to get the money back from me unjustly.” -Özge, 


“I took lessons from live xp, an English learning application. I was dissatisfied with the teacher I received and I suddenly got cold and asked for the cancellation of the courses I had purchased. They did not refund me for the courses I took, but they canceled the courses. Today, money was withdrawn from my account and the course was renewed without giving me any prior notice. Never use the application and do not give your card information.” -Yasin, 


“Hello, I made a reservation for my first lesson from live xp last week and made an automatic payment with a credit card. The teacher postponed the lessons twice for private reasons. I was totally unaware of this delay. I asked him to cancel the class, but he said he couldn't do it. I canceled all the classes I took. But I did not get any refund. There is no e-mail address to contact us regarding the issue. You're trying to get things done with the bot in your own app. It was a shame for my money, it was an incredible disappointment for the first experience.” -Meral, 

9. Conclusion: Is LiveXP Legit?

Yes, LiveXP is legit since it is a platform where you can learn languages online. However, is it safe or trustworthy? No. Despite users who are satisfied with the platform, I care more about disappointed users and their reasons. To me, LiveXp is not trustworthy since it withdraws money from its users’ accounts, works with non-native speakers who introduce themselves as natives and causes problems during refunds. Therefore, I would suggest you choose LiveXP’s alternatives which do not see their customers only as money sources. To do so, you don’t need to do a deep dive on the internet. You can visit our website and compare it to any other platform you like!  

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