Private English Tutors for Students: Which App is the Best?

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Last update: January 7, 2024

For those seeking private English tutors, in addition to listing the best online courses, I will also outline the criteria you need to consider in this article. Because it's time to put an end to the captivity of saying, 'I know English but can't speak it.' Although it may seem like an excuse, individuals who have passed through the memorization-based education system often face a similar problem. The main reason for this is the crowded classrooms, which are the real culprit behind neglecting learning through conversation. However, now that we have identified the problem, it's time to create a solution map! So, let's see which applications offer personalized English tutors and lessons and one-on-one content tailored just for you.

Table of Contents

  • Why Is Private English Tutoring So Critical?
  • How Do I Find an App Providing Private Lessons and Tutors?
  • List of Apps Offering Personalized Content and One-on-One Lessons
  • Flalingo
  • LiveXP
  • Open English
  • Cambly
  • Preply
  • Summary: Which is the Best App for the Most Personalized English Lessons?

Why Is Private English Tutoring So Critical?

Private English lessons and tutors greet us as a necessity. I would like to explain the primary reason for this as follows: everyone has a unique learning aptitude and weakness. For instance, one person may excel in listening skills in a short time, while needing more assistance in reading. The opposite situation may be true for different individuals. Now, let's imagine these two friends learning English together in a class where equal time is allocated for both reading and listening. While one gets bored and wastes time during listening lessons, the other may not grasp the material before the lesson ends. As a result, they may understand English but struggle to speak it.

In essence, without personalized education, embracing the English language is not very likely. The issue that carries even more weight than the scenario I mentioned is speaking practices. English is not just a globally recognized but a spoken language everywhere. Speaking is the branch through which language takes root in our lives. We know languages like Latin that are not spoken anymore. However, since we don't speak them, they are classified as "dead languages." If the necessary speaking practice does not accompany the process of learning English, this educational journey turns into a waste of time.

Both providing an opportunity for speaking and personalized curriculum make private English lessons with a professional instructor essential. So, how will you find a course that offers this? I plan to make this easier for you in the next section. Keep reading!

How Do I Find an App Providing Private Lessons and Tutors?

If you are reading this, I have no doubt that you will start speaking English in no time. Your first task on the list is to find a course that will provide you with this education in the most personalized way possible. Everyone's opinion on face-to-face courses is more or less clear. In addition to being a waste of time, private English lessons also strain wallets. Online education, with its easily accessible system that allows you to connect with instructors from around the world and have one-on-one lessons, points to the internet again. So, with so many options available, how will you decide?

  • Eliminate Group Lessons from Your List: Remember, the platform where you will take private English lessons should not just push you through group lessons. Although the relatively low price may be tempting, it will be an inefficient option for meeting your individual tutoring needs.
  • Flexible Training Option: The best part of private lessons is that they are provided exclusively for you. If something comes up, you won't have the worry of missing a class. Online platforms do this best, of course. However, I recommend staying away from platforms that promise flexible education but don't allow you to cancel, postpone, or change instructors at your convenience.
  • A Regular Plan: While the importance of personalized English education is significant, what we emphasize here is not just individualized structure. Processing lessons in an organized manner and meticulously tracking the topics will also lead to success in this concept. To achieve this, you should identify your needs and prepare a plan accordingly. My advice at this point is to decide on an instructor you like and go through the process together. This way, you can avoid interruptions in your education.

List of Apps Offering Personalized Content and One-on-One Lessons

What I mentioned above are not unattainable ideals. You can find apps that provide all of these and more. Let's review what these apps are. I have, of course, listed the most popular apps for you. I will examine these apps based on the private English lesson template they offer.


Flalingo becomes the first platform I will introduce you to with its private content. The primary reason for this is that, unlike other platforms, it provides only and only one-on-one lessons. Probably, Flalingo shares the same attitude as me against group lessons. This is definitely a plus.

But that's not the end of it; shaping one-on-one lessons in a way that is personalized for the student and meets their needs is also important.

The first thing Flalingo does in this regard is providing smart solutions for choosing an instructor for you. Before starting lessons on Flalingo, you complete a survey where you input your thoughts about yourself. Based on your level, your purpose of learning English, and your goal, the most compatible instructors are presented to you as options. By making a selection from among them, you choose your instructor. However, this choice doesn't have to be permanent. You can switch to different individuals when you want to make a change or if you are not satisfied with the instructor.

This way, continuity and motivation go hand in hand. Additionally, Flalingo supports you with Oxford University Press resources both during and after the lessons. Instructors can assign you personalized assignments based on these materials. In short, you are going through one-on-one lessons with a regular plan and a personalized curriculum. Is this special enough for you?


LiveXP, not only stands out with its rising popularity but also has a rather individualistic approach rather than being private. Confused? Let me explain. The service offered by the LiveXP app can be defined as selecting a language and finding someone to teach it to you.

LiveXP may not cater to your need for private lessons that offer a personalized curriculum and are conducted within a plan. Additionally, it does not provide in-lesson and post-lesson materials. However, LiveXP attempts to compensate for these shortcomings with a broad roster of instructors. You can try out the options one by one on LiveXP and have the chance to learn English with an instructor you like. However, keep in mind that payments are made per lesson, and the platform does not guarantee continuity. I recommend keeping these points in mind.

Open English

Open English may be one of the first platforms that come to mind for those seeking private English lessons in an online setting. It fulfills the most significant requirement for providing the concept with its live lessons. However, this application has some disadvantageous situations when it comes to offering private English tutors and courses. Now, let's examine a few of them:

Open English offers the package that includes individual lessons under the premium category. This, of course, can push students towards taking group lessons in terms of cost. However, I cannot provide you with a definite number of participants in the group lessons at Open English. Additionally, when you research, you will see that the number of students who cannot benefit from this right due to class fullness is not negligible.

In fact, Open English has based its entire system on group lessons. We understand this from the emphasis both on its website and in its advertising content. In short, Open English offers private lessons as an option. As stated on its website, it also charges an additional fee for each one-on-one lesson.

I also want to mention Open English's resource usage and assignment. Open English mainly provides practical content. It shows this not only to individual users but also to those who want to get to know the product. However, these are entirely individual activities. In other words, there is no system for submitting and receiving assignments and receiving feedback through these topics.

When we put all of these together, I cannot say that Open English offers you guidance or private English lessons. Of course, you have the opportunity to take one-on-one lessons, but the rest is up to you. Students who need good guidance in this potentially long and tiring process should think carefully about becoming a member of Open English.


Cambly is another of our popular applications. It gathers attention with its English-focused education and instructors from around the world. However, its system is very similar to Open English. You can find both group and one-on-one lesson options on Cambly. Again, you can enter the application at any time, choose an available private tutor, and have a lesson. However, instead of progressing on a curriculum, it has a system designed more for speaking practice. If you have a contract with an instructor and the conditions cannot be met, you may find yourself switching from one instructor to another. In other words, each lesson can be a new beginning.

So, what does this Cambly summary tell us? There were certain key points that those looking for private English lessons needed to focus on. Yes, Cambly will provide you with one-on-one lessons. However, we can say that there is no education system in Cambly that takes into account your needs and goals. In this case, the missing aspect of the application is providing personalized guidance to help you reach your goals. In short, Cambly should further develop itself in providing private English lessons in line with the ideals we are looking for, and I am moving on to the next application.


Preply is most similar to LiveXP among the applications we have mentioned so far. English is not the only language option on Preply. Many teachers who teach in the language you choose are waiting for you on the platform. However, there is no specific experience, teaching certificate, or need to be a professional to become a tutor on this platform. Of course, finding the right private tutor for yourself may result in spending a bit more money from your pocket. Budget-friendly instructors generally mean lower rating scores, relatively less experience, and professionalism.

In addition, providing materials, processing topics within a plan including assignments and follow-ups is not a priority for Preply. However, if you still manage to find the right teacher, and they agree to provide you with a personalized service at this point, and you can carry this out through the platform, you will have access to the private English lessons you are looking for. I know there are many obstacles to overcome to get the private lesson you want.

Summary: Which is the Best App for the Most Personalized English Lessons?

In summary, we can say that the best application providing private English lessons is Flalingo. With a personalized plan, an instructor who knows you and responds to your needs, and one-on-one lessons without extra charges, Flalingo offers the most special content. In addition, your education progresses in an organized and harmonious manner with high-quality materials and assignments. Moreover, Flalingo provides the personalized approach you are looking for with its team that frequently checks in on your well-being and closely attends to your concerns.

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