Preply Trial Lesson: What is it? How to Benefit from It?

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Last update: June 5, 2024

The Preply trial lesson attracts attention especially because it is free. However, the fact that Preply trial lessons are free has much different meanings. Why should a private lesson, which can cost thousands of liras, be free on Preply? After discussing this topic, we will give some advice to those who take a trial lesson from the Preply application and look at the users' experiences. Let's start our journey with Preply trial lessons!

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Preply Trial Lesson?
  2. Why is the Preply Trial Lesson Free?
  3. Tips for Those Taking an English Trial Lesson with Preply
  4. A Quick Look at the Cost of Preply
  5. Alternatives for Those Taking Demo Lessons from Preply

What is a Preply Trial Lesson?

The Preply trial lesson is a free session where you can test the learning opportunities offered by this online platform. This trial lesson takes place with a teacher and lasts for 30 minutes. You can find answers to questions such as what kind of experience Preply offers and what teaching methods it uses, in addition to one-on-one education in different subjects as well as target languages, primarily English. The Preply trial lesson or demo lesson is offered only once for each student and language.

Why is the Preply Trial Lesson Free?

One advantage of the trial lesson you will take with Preply is that it is free. However, why would a lesson that could cost over 40 dollars per hour be offered for free? To answer this, let's look at how Preply operates.

2.1. Preply's Working Principle

Preply is not one of the usual platforms that provide education or course services. The aim is to conduct lessons with freelance tutors you find on Preply. Here, there is a subscription system to the tutor rather than to the platform. Preply takes a commission from each tutor's earnings on the platform. In short, the Preply system works on providing and finding private tutors.

2.2. The Truth About Preply Free Trial Lessons

As we said, Preply is not an online English course platform, but a system where you find tutors. Here, the trial lessons provided by Preply are actually a chance for the tutors to stand out. Therefore, Preply does not charge for trial lessons. According to Preply's system, if a tutor is successful, the trial lesson will not be a loss but an investment. For this reason, one lesson is offered for free on Preply.

Tips for Those Taking an English Trial Lesson with Preply

Students who will take a trial lesson from Preply tend to go for the most popular online English teachers. Whether the lesson you take is in English or another language, you can heed these recommendations.

  • Start by selecting a tutor who can provide education suitable for your level.
  • Research the educational certificates and experience of the tutors who teach at your level, as Preply does not require professionalism to become a tutor.
  • During the trial lesson, find out what resources the tutor will use since Preply does not provide resources itself and leaves this to the tutor and student.
  • Make sure that the available time slots of the tutor match your availability. Otherwise, using your lesson rights could become problematic.

If you pay attention to these recommendations, you will notice that the trial lesson is tutor-focused. This is because the platform operates on a system where you progress with the selected tutor. If you want to take lessons from a different tutor, you need to pay for that tutor in advance and purchase a certain number of lessons, essentially creating a subscription. Additionally, because there is a high chance of dissatisfaction with tutors, it is crucial to make your initial choice and decision carefully.

A Quick Look at the Cost of Preply

Although the fact that the Preply trial lesson is free is an advantage for many students, how sustainable is this situation? Because this free lesson is only a one-time offer. So, before taking lessons from Preply, you need to reconsider the actual cost of this application.

Preply charges a fee of at least 3 Dollars and up to 100 Dollars per lesson. This fee is entirely determined by the tutor. As their experience and satisfaction increase, the tutor's fee per lesson also increases. These fees are significantly higher than those of online English courses, and in addition, resources and flexible lessons are very limited. In other words, the average fee for a single lesson on Preply is approximately 50 Dollars.

Alternatives for Those Taking Demo Lessons from Preply

Although the Preply trial lesson attracts the attention of many English and other language students, it does not seem to be the beginning of a long-term relationship. This is because inconsistencies in tutor quality, lack of planning, user dissatisfaction, and high fees raise doubts. If you want to learn English online, there are many options besides Preply. These online English course options will also satisfy your curiosity with a trial lesson. With a single click, you can see the rankings of these platforms and examine their standout features.

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