Preply Prices: How Much Does Preply Cost?

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Last update: January 5, 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Preply Cost: An Overview
  2. Why Doesn’t It Have Fixed Packages?
  3. Preply Cheapest and Most Expensive Lessons
  4. Preply Group Classes
  5. Conclusion: Is Preply Worth It?

Preply prices for one-to-one lessons range between 2 to 40 Dollars while for group classes between 3 to 25 Dollars

1. Preply Cost: An Overview

As you can see on its website, Preply prices are not fixed. This indicates that rates vary not only between private sessions and group classes but also between instructors. Preply, which employs numerous teachers from different nationalities, provides different prices for each tutor. Therefore, I will analyze Preply costs in-depth and attempt to answer any queries you may have by contrasting the most affordable and costly classes.

On Preply, for individual lessons, you should pay between 2 to 40 Dollars. I believe these are extreme edges. I can’t understand how effective a 2-Dollars lesson would be, but I also think 40 Dollars are too much for just one lesson. Also, the disparity between the cheapest and the most expensive group classes are also too much. The cheapest group classes are for 3 Dollars per lesson while the most expensive ones are for 25 Dollars. Again, I don’t believe a 3 Dollars lesson would be sufficient while I also believe 25 Dollars are too much

2. Why Doesn't Preply Have Fixed Packages?

Preply, working with a total of 15,803 teachers only for English, cannot offer fixed prices or packages to its users. This is because the prices are determined by the teachers themselves, not the platform. This leads to a significant price disparity and causes students to spend a long time searching for the right teacher on the site. Therefore, in order to make the process as easy as possible for you, we would like to share what a user experienced:

"While doing research for online English lessons, I came across Preply and decided to visit the website and explore the teachers. What caught my attention was the variety of teachers from different countries with different fees, and I thought this was an advantage of Preply. However, later on, I found out that they work with 15,803 teachers, which made things quite difficult for me since  I either had to take a lot of trial lessons or examine the profiles of as many teachers as possible. When I chose to examine the teachers' profiles, I noticed that some teachers only had the "About" and "Schedule" sections filled out, while others also had their education, experience, and certifications listed. Although this seemed to facilitate my decision-making process, I would still prefer if all teachers were presented in the same way so that I could make my choice accordingly."

“After all, I decided to focus on the prices of the lessons and I saw that for individual lessons prices are between 2 to 40 Dollars. For group lessons, the prices are between 3 to 25 Dollars. Although I can understand the prices are set by the teachers, I still think Preply could put a limit to it because the price range is too much. This makes me question the platform’s sincerity and honesty. That is why I would prefer to have fixed prices. Shortly, I couldn’t find the answer to my question;  How much does Preply cost?”

As can be understood from this user's experience, while the fact that Preply allows teachers to determine their own lesson prices can be an advantage, it becomes a disadvantage due to a large number of teachers. To read more reviews, you can visit our blog about Preply honest reviews. 

3. Preply's Cheapest and Most Expensive Lessons Comparison

The Cheapest One-on-one Lesson

Currently, there is only one tutor whose classes are 2 Dollars and I will give information about this tutor.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-07-05 102218.webp

Even though Lenchendem is from Cameroon, she is a native English speaker. She’s a newly joined Preply tutor but she taught 57 lessons so far and has 15 active students. She has a bachelor's degree in English language and has been teaching for 3 years. She is a certified teacher and claims her lessons are fun and educative. Despite her experience, I believe a 2 Dollars lesson is not worth trying because it is way too cheap and makes me question its quality. 

The Most Expensive Individual Lesson

On Preply, many teachers demand 40 Dollars per lesson. I picked one of them to go into detail with you.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-07-05 102612.webp

Madeleine is a super tutor which means she has been active on the platform in recent months and her students are pleased with her. She is only 24 years old but she has been teaching English for the last 6 years. Even though she is not a certified teacher, she has a rating of 5 out of 5! However, there are only 21 reviews made about her while she has 24 active students and taught more than 1600 lessons so far. She seems like a successful teacher but still, 40 Dollars for a 50-minute lesson is way too expensive

4. Preply Group Classes

Group classes are relatively new on Preply but still, there are almost 200 courses you can join. I will give you a detailed analysis of the cheapest and the most expensive courses on Preply.

Preply's Cheapest Course

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-07-05 110722.webp

On Preply the cheapest courses are for 3 Dollars and this course is one of them. In this course, tutor Naima Farhat aims to let beginners speak fluently and confidently. You can take the course once at a time and it lasts for 60 minutes. During the lesson apart from the teacher and you there can be 1 or 5 other students. Also, the class is not for kids. Even though it is very cheap, I am not sure if it could be helpful.

The Most Expensive Preply Course

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-07-05 110844.webp

On Preply the most expensive classes are for 25 Dollars and there are two of them. I will share one of them with you. Apart from conventional English classes, tutor David aims to help students improve their English skills while getting to know the literature. Since the short stories used in the class are for adults, the course is also for adults only. I believe this is an interesting course and worth a try. However, it is too expensive for just one lesson. 

5. Conclusion: Is Preply Worth It?

For me, Preply is not worth to study with due to it offering lessons in 8 languages other than English and in various fields, working with 15,803 teachers just for English, and the significant price differences between lessons determined by the teachers. Instead of working with a platform that is not selective about its teachers and offers lessons in different areas, it would be beneficial for you to work with platforms that have specific standards for teacher selection and focus only on English.

If you don't want to spend time researching other platforms, you can visit our website to explore other platforms and compare two platforms of your choice. You can even find a reasonably priced lesson by reviewing current campaigns and taking advantage of discounts!

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