Preply English Lessons: Are They Suitable to Learn English from Scratch?

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Last update: April 27, 2024

Is the Preply online English course the right place for beginners and those learning English from scratch? Today's topic is shaped within the framework of this critical question. Although Preply has over 10,000 instructors providing guidance on various topics, the situation might be different for complete beginners in English. Perhaps being thrown directly into a conversation environment is not the right move for those learning English from scratch. Or maybe, it is exactly what is needed... In this article, let's explore this issue and then examine how adequate the Preply app is for those starting from zero.

Table of Contents

1. Some Notes for English Beginners

2. What Kind of Online English Courses Should Those Learning from Scratch Prefer?

3. What Do Preply English Lessons Offer and Not Offer for Beginners?

4. The Best Online English Sites Specifically for Those Wanting to Learn English from Scratch

1. Some Notes for English Beginners

To those who are new to English; congratulations on this decision. Do not worry, learning English will reward you more quickly compared to many other efforts you put in. The progress you feel yourself making will also be a driving force for further learning. But is this enough? No.

It is also crucial to adopt the right study style and not neglect what needs to be done during the learning process. English comes in different levels according to the CEFR standards. However, we know that fluent English is achieved at intermediate-advanced levels and we aim for advanced levels. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • To learn English faster, do not start above your current level. It won’t save you time and will definitely cause losses. Therefore, take lessons from the first level.
  • Meet with instructors who will guide you while learning English.
  • Regularly follow the reference books you consult or practice with.
  • Focus on the right topics and take lessons from people and courses that can teach you the right topics in the right way.
  • Track your level. For this, take level assessment tests.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions. Working with a private English teacher will provide you the necessary opportunity.

2. What Kind of Online English Courses Should Those Learning from Scratch Prefer?

Before we compare Preply English courses and goals for learning English from scratch, let's take a general look at the topic. Online English courses are becoming more accepted every day. The reasons are:

  • Diversity of tutors in online English courses,
  • Flexible hours of lessons for everyone,
  • The opportunity to participate from anywhere,
  • As accessible as interactive lessons are, so are private English lessons,
  • Being both easy and budget-friendly

This is a brief list we can prepare. These courses are set out to achieve the goal of learning English by speaking. However, those learning from scratch should be careful. Why?

Because you do not have the necessary infrastructure to speak English yet. But this does not mean you should use your native language while learning English. This is very wrong; English is learned in English. However, those starting from scratch should learn this language with the "right English teachers" who are aware of your level and use the correct teaching methods to teach you English from scratch. This is entirely possible. But only if you find the right online language course that offers you the right English teachers... Because most online English courses might match you with people who are not sufficiently experienced or educated. Here, the key is to find the right platform. In addition, the right resources, the right curriculum, and level assessment tests should also be included in this package.

3. What Do Preply English Lessons Offer and Not Offer for Beginners?

We can now move on to our review of Preply English lessons for beginners. Before that, we have seen that there are many details that those learning English from scratch need to pay attention to. These are important both for uninterrupted learning and for gaining motivation.

Following this, those who want to achieve their goals with online English lessons do not need to worry if they make the right choice. The right choice primarily involves finding professional English teachers. Additionally, the right study program, the right resources, a level assessment test, and more, reduce the number of suitable platforms available. So, is the Preply English program also among these for those starting from scratch?

3.1. Preply Tutors

Let's start determining the suitability of Preply English learning for beginners by discussing the "tutors." How are the teachers on this platform? How competent are Preply teachers?

If you do your research, you'll see this; Preply’s only criterion when hiring is the desire and enthusiasm to teach... That is, Preply says, if you want to teach something about any subject, our doors are open. For example, as a university student, you can earn some pocket money by helping others in your spare time. Being a Preply teacher does not require a university degree, expertise in educational sciences, obtaining a certificate, or having experience. At this point, there is a high possibility that the English teachers on the Preply platform are not professional. Unfortunately, this makes the Preply app far from being an ideal place for beginners.

3.2. Preply English Course System

I will make a quick entry into this section and give a brief explanation. Preply does not offer course content. That is, it does not plan for you, nor does it provide a curriculum. Following this, it also does not help with level assessment tests or certificates. Why?

Preply is more of a private teacher broker application rather than an online English course. Each instructor joins this platform and offers lessons at completely their own prices. Preply takes a commission from each instructor and does not interfere thereafter. This platform operates on a subscription system to the instructor, not to the course. Therefore, whatever you do depends on your agreement with the instructor. This does not make Preply an ideal course. Hence, no resources, no program, no level assessment test, nor certificates are available on Preply. This makes it unsuitable for those starting English from scratch.

3.3. Preply and English for Beginners: Summary

Let's summarize this section. We can say that starting from scratch in English is the learning stage where you need to be most careful. This is because the foundation of English is built at this stage. If something goes wrong at this stage, it becomes difficult to correct. Therefore, those new to English should follow the right instructors while progressing with the right program. In Preply English lessons, there is no proper curriculum, and the instructors stand out for their lack of experience and certification. Therefore, Preply is not ideal for learning English from scratch. Perhaps at a more advanced level, Preply could become a more appropriate platform.

4. The Best Online English Sites Specifically for Those Wanting to Learn English from Scratch

In this article, we have answered the question of how suitable Preply is for those new to learning English. While learning English from scratch can be exciting, it is a stage that requires caution. The better this stage is managed, the greater your success will be. So, does Preply provide what I've listed? In our review, we saw that Preply is neither selective about its instructors nor does it provide a curriculum. In addition, neither English study resources nor certificates are part of Preply. However, without these essential elements, your English learning may be hindered. As a result, Preply is not considered the right place for those learning English from scratch.

So, what should beginners to English do? We come to you each month with a new ranking based on the facilities the application provides, user experience, and student reviews. As recommended by Bestlanguagelearningapps, the Flalingo platform ranks first for several reasons, including certified instructors, a program, and resources. Those wanting to learn English from scratch can check out our ranking which includes Flalingo, and review the prominent features of each online English platform. Good luck.

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