What Advantages Do Open English Packages Offer and For Whom?

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Last update: May 8, 2024

It is not quite possible to get a definitive and satisfying overview of Open English packages at first glance. At this point, those interested in Open English find themselves entangled in a web of unknowns. In this article, I will first introduce the Open English packages to you and detail what they offer. This way, we will also see the differences between the packages offered by Open English as options. Later, we will try to answer the question of which packages would be more suitable for whom within the realm of possibilities. 

Open English Packages, Options, Benefits

In this section, we will conduct a comprehensive examination of the packages offered by the Open English online English course. Let's start with a summary of the Open English application. Therefore, it is beneficial to quickly review the table.

BrandOpen English
SystemLive English Lessons
TutorsCertified Natives
MaterialsPratising App
CertificatesOpen English Accredited Certificate

Open English Packages

Open English packages are fundamentally divided into two categories. Although you can access this information from the Open English website, reaching a definitive conclusion can be challenging. This is because Open English primarily provides information over the phone. Rather than giving important information directly on the site, they prefer to communicate it through phone conversations. No, options like email or messaging are not typical of Open English either.

To obtain information about the system, price, packages, contents, and installment rates of the Open English application, you need to fill out the form on the site and wait. Afterwards, a representative will call you. At that point, you can satisfy your curiosity through conversation.

I mentioned earlier that Open English's packages are divided into two; here is how:

Open English Standard Package

The Open English Standard Package is the membership option that comes at the lowest price. The features included in the standard package are,

  1. Live group lessons,
  2. CEFR Compatible levels,
  3. Level assesment tests,
  4. Whatsapp progress reports.

Open English Premium Package

The Open English premium package is an option that comes with a higher cost. So, what does the Open English premium package offer you?

  1. Live group lessons,
  2. CEFR Compatible levels,
  3. Level assesment tests,
  4. Whatsapp progress reports,
  5. One-on-one English lessons.

Differences Between Open English's Premium Package and Standard Package

As you can understand from these two tables, the only difference between the two Open English packages is the individual lessons. That is, students who choose the standard package will only try to learn English in group classes. If you want a more personal learning experience while studying English, the standard package cannot provide this. In the premium package, however, you have the opportunity to meet with private English tutors in one-on-one lessons.

Benefits of Open English Packages

When you look at Open English packages, you can see that a curriculum focused on group classes awaits you. However, the main reason for the popularity of online English courses was the one-on-one course concept. That is, online English applications provide English instructors for speaking lessons through one-on-one classes. The fact that these instructors come from all over the world is a significant advantage. Many language schools or courses miss out on a multinational educational environment. However, online platforms provide this and also make private English lessons more budget-friendly...

Meeting People from Different Countries in Group Classes

A benefit of Open English packages is, again, the multinational language learning environment. Students can interact with different cultures while getting familiar with various accents, which provides an enlightening experience alongside language learning.

The Drawbacks of Crowded Open English Classes

It’s also necessary to discuss the current situation of Open English group classes. An Open English group class typically has 7-8 students, according to information provided by Open English and is the maximum limit. However, upon further investigation, you might find that Open English does not always adhere to this rule. Some Open English classes are conducted with more than 10 students. At this point, the already crowded classes will become even more crowded, which will prevent you from asking questions or getting a chance to speak during class. These two elements I mentioned are essential for learning English.

Long Duration of Open English Plans

Up to this point, we've only discussed what the Open English package offers or lacks. However, Open English packages also differ in their commitment periods.

When you buy an Open English package and register for the app, you have two options: either a 6-month or a 12-month plans. Often, Open English representatives will insist that you buy the 12-month plan. For those who want to learn English in a short period, Open English plans can be considered a disadvantage.

For Whom Are Open English Plans Suitable?

Looking at the contents and durations of Open English packages, we observed that this application might not be advantageous for every English student. So, who benefits from an Open English membership?

If you are someone learning English from scratch or are at a beginner level, the long-term packages might be advantageous for you. However, students in group classes may struggle to understand the topics because a crowded environment is a barrier to detailing and reinforcing the topics.

Who Should Avoid Open English Packages?

We mentioned that taking online English lessons from the Open English application will not be beneficial for everyone. So, who should avoid this application?

Those who need short-term learning or want to learn English more quickly might find Open English not the right place. The durations of 6 months and 12 months often fail to meet everyone's needs. Additionally, the system progressing with group lessons also poses a barrier to learning English in a planned manner. Therefore, after balancing your needs, take another look at Open English packages. The decision you make after necessary comparisons will be healthier.

The Best Online Courses for Every English Learning Need

In this article, we reviewed the packages that are not detailed on Open English's website. We demonstrated that the difference between Open English's standard and premium packages is the one-on-one lessons. The lack of one-on-one lessons and the long subscription commitment period create disadvantages for most students. However, as İngilizcetavsiye, we review, evaluate, and rate various online English platforms for you. Our ranking to guide you on online English applications has been updated! We hope that in this ranking, you can find the best online language learning course for yourself!

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