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Last update: 9 January 2024


  1. Open English Reviews: Overview
  2. Open English: Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Open English Best Feature
  4. Open English Worst Feature
  5. Trustpilot Open English Reviews 
  6. Open English Comments on Reddit and Quora 
  7. Play Store Open English Reviews 
  8. App Store Open English Reviews 
  9. Open English Ranking 
  10. Conclusion: Is Open English Good? 

1. Open English Reviews: Overview

Open English is an online English learning website that aims to improve users' English skills through interactive apps, live lessons, and assignments. They have promoted themselves greatly in the last few years. Therefore, a lot of people have heard about the platform and wondered if it is actually good. That is why I looked through over 36 thousand comments on Trustpilot, Reddit, Quora, Play Store, App Store, and to help you take a look into this online English learning platform.

I observed many users are satisfied with the platform but there is also a good deal of disappointed customers. Satisfied customers support the platform saying they can use it whenever they want and they improved their English thanks to this platform. However, disappointed customers say they were mistreated by the company since their refund period is too short and their customer service is helpful only before the sale. In this article, I will share real user reviews and my own experience of 6 months to help you get a grasp of Open English.

My Score3/5 
Overall Score 3.5/5
The Best FeatureProviding Lessons For All Levels
The Worst FeatureEven though the 1-year payment is taken in advance, the refund period is only 14 days without penalty
Materials UsedNot Specified
Contact With Customer SupportThey only support the sales process. They are not available after purchase.

2. Open English: Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Open English

There are many features Open English has to offer that please its users. Let’s take a look into these features:

  • Providing lessons suitable for all levels
  • Easy to access customer service
  • Offering a 3-day free trial package
  • Working with professional trainers

Disadvantages of Open English

On the other hand, Open English has some issues that make the user feel distant from the platform. Here are some of these issues:

  • No choice of shorter subscriptions other than 6 and 12-month subscription options. 
  • Although their website states that lessons will be taught by native teachers, there are many non-native teachers.
  • The price information is not stable. They offer different prices even on the same day. 
  • Lack of a teacher selection system; students cannot follow their progress since they have different tutors for every lesson.
  • After a 3-day trial, the credit card is charged without notice. 
  • When trying to cancel the subscription, the process takes too long and the deduction fee is too high.

3. The Best Feature of Open English

When I tried Open English for 6 months, the thing I liked the most was that they provide lessons for all levels. During my experience with other platforms and from what I’ve heard from other users, I was disturbed when students from different levels were in the same lesson. This led some students to get bored and some not to improve as much. Therefore, I believe this is the best feature Open English offers even though I don’t recommend the platform.

4. The Worst Feature of Open English

Open English charges its users yearly meaning they take the 1-year payment in advance. However, the refund period is only for 14 days. This, I believe, is the worst feature of the platform. This causes students to try the platform out in the first 14 days but nobody can judge a yearly purchase in just 14 days. When I first purchased my subscription from Open English, the first two weeks were not great but were good. Therefore, I didn’t think of canceling but later on, it got worse and I could not get a refund. I had to take the lessons since I’d already paid for them. Open English should update its refund policy and change the refund policy to at least a month. 

5. Trustpilot Open English Reviews

Ekran (4).webp

On Trustpilot, Open English has 4847 reviews and 76% of these reviews are 4 or 5-starred meaning they are probably positive. However, 24% of these reviews are 3, 2, or 1 starred meaning they are probably negative. Students who are satisfied with the platform stated that they are thankful for Open English because their speaking is improved and their English in general. Students who are not pleased with the platform stated that the group classes tend to be crowded, the platform charges their card without notice, even though the 1-year payment is taken in advance, the refund period is only 14 days without penalty, and the customer service support the sales process but not available afterward. 

5-4 Starred Reviews


“Open English is being amazing so far. I have noticed my improvement related to grammar, speaking and also listening. This is my main base to highly siggest this platform to the others. In addition, it is cheaper and flexible, I can schedule my lessons to my best time to lear without missing any appointment. Open English is definitely a step further to the limit.” -Samara Cristina, Trustpilot 


“The platform is very good but can be better. I like the method and how many activities I can do. But, when I start the private/group class I spend so many time waiting until the class really starts.” -Rafael, Trustpilot

1-2-3 Starred Reviews


“Sometimes there are live classes with ten people. Students do not have enough opportunity to practice their English and even for the teacher is very hard to manage the class. Also I miss more advanced lessons for private lessons.” -Thiago, Trustpilot 

“Unauthorized charges”

Ekran (3).webp


“I called open English to cancel my automatic renewal. The customer service was awful. They made the cancelation process very long difficult. Don’t use open english” 

-Maria Fernanda Ventura, Trustpilot


“The lessons are too repetitive. It feels endless to answer them. It seems like the platform was trying to hold back the student in the same level. They should be way shorter and it should have more live private classes . You learn too little or nothing new in the classes in groups because too much time is wasted just in the presentation of each student.” -Ilse Méndez, Trustpilot

6. Reddit and Quora Open English Comments

Open English Reddit Comments

On Reddit, a user states that they want honest feedback on Open English since they want to start learning English online. This person says that they did their research and found some cons. That is why probably they are looking for honest reviews to understand if the platform is good or not. 

Ekran (1).webp

Another user replies to this person sharing their experience. This person’s review is like a summary of problems users encounter using Open English:


Open English Quora Comments

On Quora, there are a lot of questions about Open English but unfortunately, most of them are not answered. Therefore, I will share one of the questions. The user asks about the cost of the Open English course because the platform does not present its prices openly. However, another user who is unaware of this fact answers saying this person could simply google it. The problem is you cannot just simply google a question like this because Open English does not present the prices and give information about the prices only through phone calls. 

7. Open English Play Store Reviews

Ekran (6).webp

On Play Store there are more than 27 thousand reviews made on Open English. Even though most of them seem to be positive I will provide you with both positive and negative reviews to be as neutral as possible. Before we start, I want to state most positive reviews are about how helpful it is when improving your English while most negative reviews are about the app not working properly, and the customer support not being helpful. 

Positive Reviews


“It's so good for improving your English, wonderful app.” -Cesar Arias, Play Store 


“It's a good English course, I can practice and learn a bit every day. Sometimes it's a little bit boring, because all the lessons are similar. And there is a specific kind of exercise that can bug sometimes” Daiane Boff, Play Store 


“It shows some issues. But it's good, I like it.” -Google User, Play Store 

Negative Reviews


“I'm disappointed about app because I can't get a class easily anytime. I'm busy and when I have time to take course I always see a time which is like timer. Then I confirm the class mostly I loose process in the end. So I can't get class. message like we are sorry we don't get you class etc. Basically, i always spend couple of time to get a class. For this reason I had to be cancel my process or my other responsibilities. I'm so sorry buy this private class course…” -Tolgahan Atmaca, Play Store 


“Open English works well on computers. But the mobile app is awful. It is too slow and audio play buttons in the units usually don't work. Please fix the mobile version as soon as possible !!! (Note: Uninstalling and re-installing the app doesn't solve any problems.)” -George W, Play Store 


“The app stops to work many times, sometimes i subscribe in live classes but it's not possible to get in, and I can't advance in the course if I don't do the live classes. The ssuport is not very good too. 2/5/23 - The app continues horrible, its impossible to make the exercises because the audio does not load!!! I do not recommend this app for anyone.” -Fábio José Bigoto, Play Store 

8. Open English App Store Reviews

Ekran (5).webp

On App Store, there are over 4 thousand reviews made about Open English. Although the majority of them appear to be positive, I will give you both positive and negative feedback to be as impartial as possible. On App Store, most positive reviews are about how one can use the app whenever they want, and speak with others through it. On the other hand, most negative reviews are about Open English rising difficulties with cancellation, charging without permission, and not being truthful in the ads. 

Positive Reviews


“This is a great app for learning English.. it is really helpful because you can use anytime of the day is always available.. the the online lesson are the best way for practice the vocabulary and learn new words and for practice the speaking with others..” -Fetyh, App Store 


“I like to study English with us, I am learning a new things, I hope every day continue improving my English because when I will go to the US I want to speak very well and understand all person.” -A_dri_, App Store 

Negative Reviews


“Be careful they rip off your money on the cancellation and don't give the money back!

Don't trust these company they rip off your money and don't give back they take your money without permission they don't care about you they care about taking your money they charge me five time for the cancellation 30 box 5 times without no reason provided i feel really bad because i work really hard to eran my money!” -totoset, App Store, 


“false advertising

Unfortunately I feel cheated by this company, at the time of purchasing the course, they very conveniently omitted information that I consider very important, about monthly charges or the option of not making a payment by giving them a monthly notification, which is indeed in the contract, but that I did not read because I trusted the person who assisted me at the time of selling me the course; When I realized that my card had been charged, I called them and asked to cancel the subscription, but they still charged my card again, and I'm not talking about a small amount. I consider that if they did this to me, they can do it to other people, I am writing this review so that other people do not incautiously fall for it, please always read the contract, including the fine print” -Cafabo, App Store 

9. Open English Ranking

Ekran (7).webp

On there are 8 comments on Open English. 4 of them seem to be positive while the other 4 are negative. Here, satisfied students state they like the courses being online and they can access them at any time whereas others say Open English charging without notice and defining memberships despite their will. Let’s take a look at these comments:


“Since I couldn't attend the course due to my job, I had to attend an English course online. I can attend English classes whenever I want, wherever I want, even in my limited time, by simply connecting to the Internet and studying for my English to improve.” -Fatma,


“Being able to use the application wherever I want is a great convenience and great advantage. Because even when I am outside, I can easily access the application and attend my class on time, and I can study to improve my English wherever I want.” - Okan, 


“Open English automatically defines membership, cuts the invoice and makes victims. It was written in the contract, not to mention that they try to justify it, just in case you'd pay attention. They want me to pay for the service that I did not receive, any e-mail message search etc. that the term is over. they did not accept my objection even though I was not contacted and informed in any way. Such a good system should not be established and such a bad user management, pity for the unannounced and unfairly cut invoices. We had to reach him by phone. Make sure to call close to the end of your classes by phone and cancel them, otherwise they will tire you out for your information.” -Büşra, 


“Recently, I got a phone call right after I became a member of a site that tries to teach English online called 'open english'. Even though I said that the fee did not fit my account, even though I gave a negative answer, the phone number 0216........... is constantly called twice a day, I am being disturbed.” -Ekrem, 

10. Conclusion: Is Open English Good? 

Based on my experience and more than 36 thousand user reviews I’ve looked through, I can say Open English is not good. Yes, there are a considerable number of students who are satisfied with the platform. However, there are a lot of students who are disappointed, including myself. Even though the platform offers flexible lessons for all levels and a 3-day free trial, I still believe the reasons not to use the platform weighs heavier. These reasons are; the prices being variable, non-native teachers,  students not being able to choose a teacher they like, and the platform charging customers’ credit cards without notice. Also, don’t forget they take the one-year payment in advance but their refund period is only for 14 days which is quite unfair and their customer service is not helpful after the sale is closed. For me, these are enough not to trust a platform. If they are for you too, check out other platforms! Visit our website to go through reviews on other platforms, compare two platforms you want, and check out active campaigns to get a discount! 

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