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Last update: March 16, 2024

In this article, you will examine online English platforms where you can take English group lessons all in one place. Our topic is platforms that teach English online 24/7, but our main focus is on group lessons. As you know, the fundamental goal in the online English concept is to bring students and instructors together. With the feasibility of online conditions, while students can take one-on-one lessons, group lessons are still among the offerings of the platforms. This has the advantage of being both more interactive and fun, as well as budget-friendly. Indeed, we are also aware of some downsides. However, in this article, we will revisit these advantages and disadvantages while also reviewing the best platforms to take group lessons from.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview of Platforms Providing English Group Classes Online
  • Let's List the Most Trending Apps Providing English Group Lessons
  • 1. Flalingo
  • 2. Open English
  • 3. Cambly
  • Summary: The Highest Quality English Group Lessons are at Flalingo

Overview of Platforms Providing English Group Classes Online

When we take a general look at platforms providing group lessons, we see that in some, these lessons are additional features, in others, they are basic features, and in some, they are offered as part of affordable package options. Even though the group lesson concept may be the most common educational environment feature, the preference in online English applications tends to be towards one-on-one lessons. The reasons for this include,

  • One-on-one lessons being completely personalized for the student,
  • Some students feeling shy to speak in a group lesson environment,
  • One-on-one lessons offering a more adaptive and effective learning opportunity,
  • The possibility of group lessons not being suitable for the intended purpose,
  • Online platforms having the necessary infrastructure to offer one-on-one lessons,
  • The preference for a personalized English learning experience over meeting new people and interactivity.

However, even though we have platforms rich in one-on-one lessons, we see that group lessons have not gone out of style. As for the reasons,

  • Platforms offering these lessons within cheaper packages,
  • Students wanting to meet new people while learning English,
  • Group lessons evolving into a more fun environment with a flexible understanding of topics,
  • Reduced dependence on the instructor in group lessons

gives us a high chance to observe these reasons.

Thus, platforms known for one-on-one lessons diversify online English education with group lessons. While one-on-one lessons are essential for rapid progress, group lessons also attract some students by offering a different learning environment and opportunity. However, the way each platform offers group lessons varies. In fact, they become more differentiated as we examine them further. Let's then list the applications providing English speaking lessons in groups and take a closer look at their contents.

Let's List the Most Trending Apps Providing English Group Lessons

We said that every platform providing English group lessons adopts a different content. This differentiation;

  • Group lesson durations,
  • Materials used in group lessons,
  • Instructors involved in the lessons,
  • Rights granted for lesson reservations,
  • Topics covered in the lessons,
  • The discussion environment within the lesson,
  • The number of participants in a live group lesson,
  • Compatibility of group lessons with CEFR levels,
  • Effectiveness of group lessons in advancing students' English,
  • Which adaptive teaching method is chosen for group lessons

can occur in criteria like these and may result in each online English education site providing a different user experience.

However, by objectively evaluating these features, it's possible to analyze how the best group lessons should be presented to students. Based on these and more, while the best platform we identified is Flalingo, Open English takes the second place due to the number of lessons, leaving Cambly in third. Now, let's justify this ranking in detail.

1. Flalingo

Flalingo emerges as the platform where you'll find the best group lesson concept and content. The main reason for this is based on Flalingo offering its entire educational system with the most personalized content. In Flalingo, group lessons are not given as a separate package content, but these lessons, stated to be opened upon intense demand, come as an additional feature to the package. Nonetheless, the criteria playing an active role in the creation of group lessons are quite extensive. The best approach is to look at these criteria in a list again.

  • Flalingo offers group lessons optionally and in a structure that supports one-on-one lessons.
  • A maximum of 4 students can participate in Flalingo group lessons.
  • Group lesson instructors are entirely composed of professional English teachers.
  • Unlike other platforms, these instructors work full-time and are permanent staff.
  • The topics of the lessons are determined according to CEFR-compatible levels and contents.
  • Subject tracking is carried out parallel to the Oxford University Press contents provided for individual lessons.
  • Before the lessons, in addition to the discussion topic, questions are also prepared.
  • While focusing on the topic with specific questions, equal participation of all students is targeted.
  • Students can create group lesson reservations with the same instructor from whom they receive one-on-one sessions in Flalingo, just as they can in group lessons.

Ultimately, as you will see shortly, Flalingo group lessons have a more unique structure compared to other platforms. Especially the equal participation of students, the supportive nature of group lessons, and their compatibility with the adaptive education system highlight this platform. For these reasons, Flalingo becomes the trending online language learning application providing the best English group lessons.

2. Open English

Open English is a platform many people are very familiar with. In fact, many might have heard of Open English even before they knew about the online English learning method. This application makes our list both for its large number of users and for reflecting its concept well. But the main reason is that it offers group lessons. Open English's second-place ranking among the platforms that offer the best English conversation group lessons might spark some debate. Because;

  • Open English lessons offering a crowded environment with 7-8 people,
  • Reports of attendance in some lessons reaching 10-12 people,
  • Students not being able to access group lessons due to quotas,
  • Students not having the right to choose their instructors,
  • The short duration of the lessons

pose significant obstacles to learning English. However, there are also some positive features that lead Open English group lessons to secure the second spot. For example,

  • Open English group lessons being accessible every day and offering a large number of lessons,
  • Open English group lessons also being plentiful in the one-on-one lesson package,
  • Some students reporting benefits from these lessons,
  • The Open English lesson content being sufficient for some students,
  • Open English group lessons being parallel with the resources provided by the platform

emerge as follows. However, if some students require short-term learning goals, Open English may not be sufficient with its long commitment periods. In addition, as English learning goals increase, Open English group lessons will not provide the correct content for the necessary development. At this point, students should be careful when deciding from which platform to take group lessons. This is why Open English's second-place position is open to doubt.

3. Cambly

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Cambly group lessons are leading the trend searches made by users. The reason for this is based on Cambly's sales policy of highlighting one-on-one lesson promotions while writing group lesson prices in large fonts. This platform, which focuses more on conversation topics rather than a structured education, enriches this with its group lessons. Like the platform in second place, this platform offers two main packages and provides an advantage with its affordability at the end of the day. Now, let's first list the basic features of these group lessons. Then, we'll discuss the features that lead to its third-place ranking.

  • In Cambly, group lessons are only available under certain packages.
  • In Cambly, there are only 30-minute and 1-hour lesson options available weekly, which means you can take a maximum of 2 lessons per week.
  • In Cambly, group lesson instructors are native English speakers. However, Cambly does not require these instructors to have certifications.
  • Cambly group lessons do not follow a specific plan. Topics can change within the lesson.
  • The answer to how many students can join Cambly group lessons varies between 2 to 4.
  • It is almost impossible to take lessons again from the same instructor in Cambly group lessons.
  • Cambly group lesson package contents are limited.
  • Some students have reported difficulties in accessing the lessons.

Although Cambly group lessons stand out with a small number of students, the limited contents of the package are a significant drawback for English education. Additionally, the lack of a planned curriculum may disrupt this educational process. However, Cambly, offering a flexible and fun environment for conversation practice, provides a feature that those flexible in their learning goals may enjoy. Yet, due to insufficient content and the number of lessons at the core educational level, Cambly is in the third position in this ranking.

Summary: The Highest Quality English Group Lessons are at Flalingo

In this article, I compiled content for students who want to learn English through group lessons. Our topic was online platforms that provide English group lessons and their ranking. The best group lesson is at Flalingo, followed by Open English in second place, and Cambly in third. We can say that the main reason is the very precise approach in formulating Flalingo group lessons. Especially the professionalism and business model of the instructors, differing from those on other platforms, plays a significant role. Additionally, topics compatible with the educational process and the participation of everyone in the group lesson also provide a significant advantage. In short, this extra feature provided by Flalingo, in addition to individual lessons, comes for those who do not want to compromise in education.

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