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Last update: January 9, 2024

Learning English has become a significant factor in a successful career. Nowadays, it's not just about understanding English. Being able to speak it proficiently is also essential. As a result, online English courses are becoming increasingly popular. However, not all of these courses provide quality education. Moreover, when applying for a job, you may likely be asked to prove your English proficiency. In such situations, presenting a certificate to your employer may be necessary. Therefore, when choosing among online English courses, you should pay attention to selecting a course that offers both quality education and certification. In this regard, I will share some online English courses that provide certification.

Online English Courses with Certificates

Flalingo, Cambly, and Open English are courses that provide certification to their students. Therefore, I will provide you with information about these courses and their certificates.


Flalingo stands out among its competitors by addressing the areas where they lack, and it also excels in providing certification. Upon completing 30 hours of lessons with Flalingo and actively participating in language learning activities, you receive a certificate that demonstrates your completion of the course. Additionally, when you finish your program with Flalingo, you have the opportunity to take the Oxford Replacement Test for free and obtain a certificate.

One advantage of Flalingo is that it already provides its students with unlimited access to the Oxford University Press library, which means you are already prepared for the Oxford Replacement Test during your education. This increases your chances of earning the certificate. Furthermore, both the resources provided by Flalingo and the Oxford Replacement Test, being developed by Oxford, one of the world's top universities, contribute to the high validity and quality of the certificate you receive.

By offering a comprehensive learning experience, access to valuable resources, and a reputable certification through the Oxford Replacement Test, Flalingo sets itself apart and ensures that its students are well-equipped with the necessary language skills and credentials for their future endeavors.

Flalingo on Trustpilot

It is important to have a certificate after the completion of the English courses. Yet, one should not forget that this piece of PDF reflects your ability to speak in English. If the online English course app could not make you gain the necessary English skills, the certificates may turn something into meaningless.

To avoid this inconvenience, you have to be sure about the platform you choose. If you choose Flalingo, you can be sure that you will gain the English speaking abilities aside from the certificate that will be so handy in various circumstances. 

In Trustpilot, Flalingo gets 4.7 out of 5 and every students looks so happy with the education they receive. So, you can trust Flalingo in your English learning journey and prove your English talents with Flalingo's accredited certificate.

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It appears that Cambly falls behind Flalingo when it comes to certification. The lack of clear information about the certificate on Cambly's website and the presence of only a short paragraph about it in a blog post written in 2021 raises doubts about the validity and recognition of the certificate. Additionally, the absence of detailed and up-to-date information on the website might cause potential employers to view the Cambly certificate with skepticism.

When it comes to certifications, especially for language proficiency, it is crucial to choose reputable and recognized providers to ensure that the certificate holds value in the job market. While Cambly may be popular for language practice and conversation, its certification program might not be as widely accepted or acknowledged as those offered by other established language learning platforms.

As a learner, it is essential to do thorough research and consider the reputation and recognition of the certification before investing time and resources into an online language course. Well-known platforms like Flalingo, which provide comprehensive courses and offer certifications that are backed by reputable institutions, may be preferable for individuals seeking to enhance their language skills and prove their proficiency to potential employers.

Cambly on Trustpilot

What I have said about Flalingo is also valid for Cambly. One should decide considering the quality of education instead of certificate. If you are wondering about what it is like to learn English in Cambly, you can visit Trustpilot.

In Trustpilot, Cambly is not as successful as Flalingo. Aside from its lower overall grade, you will see some negative comments on the top of the page.

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Open English

Open English does indeed offer certificates to its users for each level they complete. Additionally, after completing their education with Open English, users have the opportunity to take the Cambridge Linguaskill exam for free. Successful completion of this exam results in the issuance of a digital certificate. However, it's important to note that this certificate is valid for only two years. After two years, you will no longer be able to use the certificate anywhere.

On the other hand, the certificate you receive through Flalingo by taking the Oxford Replacement Test is valid for a lifetime. This means that the certification obtained through Flalingo has no expiration date, making it a more advantageous option for individuals who wish to demonstrate their language proficiency over the long term.

When choosing an online English course and certification program, it's essential to consider the validity and longevity of the certification, as well as its recognition by employers and institutions. The lifetime validity of the Flalingo certificate, along with the support of reputable institutions like Oxford, adds credibility to the certification, making it a more attractive choice for language learners seeking reliable and long-lasting proof of their English language skills.

Open English on Trustpilot

After seeing the Cambly's and Flalingo's Trustpilot performance, we need to visit Open English too. Open English is not as successful as Flalingo, but receives 0.1 more points than Cambly.

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Online English Courses without Certificates

Unlike their competitors, Preply, LiveXp, and italki do not provide any certification to their users. These three platforms, which operate differently from Flalingo, Open English, and Cambly, lag in terms of offering certificates. They do not offer regular lesson programs or tracking systems to their students, and as a result, they do not provide a certificate upon completing their education. Therefore, in my opinion, these platforms turn into English conversation courses rather than comprehensive English courses because they do not offer certification when users complete their education.

Which Online English Course Should You Choose?

Dear readers, we have shared online English courses that provide certification and those that do not. So, which one should you choose? In my opinion, to receive a quality education, you should opt for a course that provides certification. That means you need to choose between Flalingo, Open English, or Cambly. To facilitate your decision-making process among these courses, I will provide you with some brief information. However, you can click here for more detailed information.

When comparing online English courses that provide certification, I believe the most important factors to consider are the quality of education offered by the platforms and the working style of their customer support teams. The education quality of a platform can be understood from the expertise of their teachers and the materials used in the lessons. Therefore, in my opinion, to choose between Cambly, Open English, and Flalingo, these features should be compared first.

Educational Quality

When it comes to teacher quality, Cambly, Open English, and Flalingo differ slightly. Cambly falls a step behind in this regard as the only requirement to become a teacher on their platform is to be a native English speaker. On the other hand, Open English requires its teachers to have completed a university degree or possess an English teaching certificate. Flalingo, unlike both Cambly and Open English, expects its teachers to have both relevant certifications and completed university education. As a result, Flalingo surpasses its competitors in this aspect.

Moreover, while Cambly and Open English mention providing materials during lessons, they do not specify what these materials are or who prepares them. In contrast, Flalingo offers its students unlimited and free access to the Oxford University Press publications library. This gives Flalingo a competitive advantage in terms of educational quality.

In conclusion, Flalingo seems to have a stronger position compared to its competitors, Cambly and Open English, when it comes to teacher qualifications and providing valuable educational resources. Students seeking a higher quality learning experience with well-qualified teachers and access to reputable learning materials might find Flalingo to be a better fit for their needs.

Customer Support Department 

The ability to address students' concerns and provide answers to their questions is crucial in online English courses, and the customer support team is the single unit that fulfills this role. Therefore, examining the effectiveness of a platform's customer support unit demonstrates the value and quality the platform offers to its students. Consequently, it is essential to evaluate the customer support units of Flalingo, Open English, and Cambly.

Flalingo offers its students 24/7 live support, allowing them to contact the support team via messages or voice calls at any time of the day. Open English also provides voice call support, but it tends to frequently contact users until the sale is completed, and afterward, they may not be as prompt in resolving issues. Despite offering voice call support, Open English's customer service might not be as effective.

On the other hand, Cambly's customer support does not provide voice call support. To communicate, users either have to send messages to the live support team or create support tickets. The responses from the live support team usually consist of automated messages, and Cambly tends to take longer to respond to support requests.

In conclusion, Flalingo stands a step ahead of its competitors, not only with its educational quality but also with the effectiveness of its customer support unit. Therefore, if you are considering taking an online English course that provides certification, Flalingo should be your preferred choice. To explore and compare these platforms in more detail, you can visit our website.

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