NovaKid Promo Code: How Big of a Discount Do They Give?

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Last update: January 8, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to NovaKid Campaigns
  2. NovaKid Discounts User Reviews
  3. Online English Learning Platforms Discounts
  4. Summary: Is NovaKid Dependable?

1. Summary: NovaKid Campaigns

NovaKid is a platform that offers specialized English lessons for children aged 4-12. Students can receive lessons from experienced teachers online 24/7. NovaKid provides flexible subscription options. 

Currently, NovaKid does not offer active campaigns to its users. And yes, we are aware that NovaKid prices are not very budget-friendly. Therefore, if you want to try NovaKid, you may need to take advantage of a discount code. But does NovaKid offer enough discounts? Or Is it a reliable platform? We will try to answer these questions in this blog.

To get a 20% discount on NovaKid’s 3-month plans, use the code ‘NovaKid20’. Also, if two children of yours get their education on NovaKid, you will get a 10% discount. However, this offer is avaliable only for subscriptions with 2+ lessons a week per child.

2. NovaKid Discounts User Reviews

Based on the user reviews I have read online, it seems that NovaKid discount codes are not actively working, and it can be challenging to establish reliable communication with customer service when seeking information or addressing concerns. In this section of our article, we will share some user comments with you. However, for detailed information and to learn about users' opinions on NovaKid click here.

To get a clear understanding of what people think of NovaKid, its discounts, and its refund policy, I’ve looked into Trustpilot and Xolvie. Trustpilot is a platform where users can make real comments on a platform and Xolvie is a platform where users can express their complaints about a product or service they’ve purchased.

On Trustpilot, I’ve seen that unsatisfied users are complaining about NovaKid’s customer service not being reachable unless you will pay to the platform. Also, many comments on Trustpilot are about the platform not being truthful to its customers when it comes to campaigns aka paying less. I believe this shows that the platform cares more about the money they get rather than their customers. Here are some of the reviews I’ve come across on Trustpilot: 

Bad..Bad..Manipulative..WATCH OUT! I had twice a day on everyday basis, a phone call from Novakid in order to subscribe..Once, I sent them an email to ask for subscription..I was replied in *4 minutes* !!! I have been told, that I may have a free cancelation in one and half month with a full refund. Last week, I've sent 5 emails asking to cancel the subscription.. Novakid replied by an email that "they are busy..and will call me later"... AS OTHERS WROTE HERE..NOVAKID HELP LINE IS ONLY TO HELP CUSTOMERS PAY”. -Shirin, Trustpilot

I requested a refund. No response from July 6. Communicate well only until we become customers” -Astanei, Trustpilot

My daughter have used Nokakid for several months, and the teaching experience is acceptable for an online platform. My low rating is due to the fact that Novakid offers Promotions with hidden conditions: 50% cashback that (*) gets added to your bonus. Of course in the promotion email, there is no reference of how you can use your bonus. Only later on you discover that only part of the cashback can be used, and there is an expirity limit. When complaining about this, they acknoledged that it could be confusing, but argue that is technically impossible to give you what was offered (without restrictions). To me it looks clearly a cheating strategy, since you do not get what was offered to you, and the hidden conditions were not written in the promotion email (you need to find them in the company website). This is a clear scam, and they take advantage to the fact that you cannot complain in your country, since it is an online company. So I just will like to advise you to keep away from them.” -David Oliva, Trustpilot

On Xolvie, I guess since it is relatively a new platform, there are only 2 complaints about NovaKid. One of them is about how NovaKid deceived the user saying they could use their purchased hours for as long as they wish. Here is the complaint so you can see it for yourself:

On 19/12/2022,  purchased 96 hours of lessons for 8544 TL. While buying this package, I was repeatedly told by the sales representative that I had no time limit on the use of lesson hours. Today, on 03/05/2023, my remaining 86 hours of standard balance was reset to zero on the grounds that I had not planned lessons for 90 days without any warning. I think this is a mistake and I think the company will revise whatever it is. Because I was not told about 90 days,  I had the right to use my lesson hours in the package I bought indefinitely, why are my rights being usurped for a situation I was unaware of, on the contrary, it was stated that it was not. I want all my reset rights to be refunded.” -Burak, Xolvie

3. Online English Learning Platforms Discounts

flalingo offers.webp

As mentioned before, there is currently no active summer campaign for NovaKid. However, with the code 'NovaKid20', you can get a 20% discount on 3-month packages, or if both of your children receive English education from NovaKid, you can enjoy a 10% discount. However, keep in mind this discount is only valid if both your kids take more than 2 lessons per week.

Let's take a look at the discounts offered by other online English learning applications. Lingoda offers a 25% discount while Cambly offers a 20% discount. On the other hand, Open English offers a 30% discount, EF English Live offers a 20% discount, and Flalingo offers a 60% discount which is the highest discount among these platforms. If you want to learn the discount codes, click here.

The Highest Discount of the Year from Flalingo!

Among the 11 platforms listed on Best Language Learning Apps, Flalingo receives the highest ratings from users in 2024. Not only that, but it is  currently offering the biggest discount of the year to its users. To have the opportunity to have lessons with expert teachers from anywhere at any time with Flalingo and benefit from a 60% discount, all you need to do is use the code 'WINTER'. To look into Flalingo user reviews and its campaigns check out our related articles.

4. Summary: Is NovaKid Dependable?

In our opinion, despite the quality of education provided by NovaKid, its high prices, ineffective discount codes, and unresponsive customer service make the platform impractical. Therefore, it also proves to be an unreliable platform. In short, if you want your child to receive a good education and prefer it to be from a quality and reliable platform, we recommend exploring alternatives to NovaKid. You can decide what is best for both your child and yourself. If you are interested in reviewing other online English platforms, visit our website and compare NovaKid with other platforms to see the differences.

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