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Last update: January 7, 2024

Learning English has always been a part of my life since elementary school, but its importance began to grow exponentially when I started university. The distance to English courses, the exorbitant fees, not to mention the cost of transportation, hours spent commuting, and struggling to understand the teacher in a crowded classroom... My experience with traditional English learning courses as a university student was consistently disappointing.

As you may be aware, the world is changing rapidly, especially after the pandemic, with many industries striving to integrate themselves into the online realm. Whether we like it or not, we are adapting to this change. Nowadays, there are numerous online platforms for learning English, and it can be challenging to determine which one is the best, which has more professional teachers, and which one to trust. I went through a similar process, and I'll share my experience with the online English learning platform called Flalingo and answer the questions you might have.

Flalingo: English Learning Course

Online english course, learn english with flalingo

I am a first-year engineering university student. I did go through preparatory classes, but I still hadn't fully mastered English. Since my classes were going to be in English, I wanted to attend a language course. However, there were no courses near my home, and the ones closest to me were asking for absurd fees. Spending three hours on the road every day, along with the cost of transportation and meals, deterred me from physical courses. So, I started researching online English courses. I compared prices, checked if the teachers were native English speakers, and inquired about the course structure. When I combined all the answers and information I found, one platform stood out from the rest: Flalingo.

First Day: Getting to know the platform

Online english course, learn english with flalingo

After researching all the platforms and gathering information on the first day, I registered with Flalingo. To be honest, I had briefly visited their website and left, but an educational consultant contacted me an hour later. I couldn't answer at that moment, but they messaged me and explained what they wanted to inform me about. I provided them with a suitable time, and we had a conversation. I must admit, their attentiveness impressed me. The lady on the phone calmly and kindly introduced me to Flalingo. My main concern was the quality of the materials they used, specifically the Oxford Press Publications, and how they would assess my level. The lady explained that these materials were prepared with Oxford's 926 years of experience and contained hundreds of interactive resources suitable for all levels. She also explained the artificial intelligence algorithm-driven tutor-student matching system. There was a survey in the system, and when I completed it, they recommended tutors whose native language was English based on my answers. They also offered me a trial lesson for 4 Dollars, and if I wasn't satisfied with the trial, they would either allow me to take lessons with another tutor for free or provide a full refund. Naturally, I accepted.

My trial lesson was scheduled on the same day, and I filled out a survey. The system recommended suitable tutors from their pool, and I chose Brianne, a young American tutor. Later, my education consultant explained how to join the lesson using Zoom and sent me a reminder email.

I had previously attended an English learning course in person, but of course, the tutors were non-native. This was the first time I would be taking lessons from a native English speaker, so I was quite excited. Brianne was excellent, and she first tried to get to know me. Then, she explained how the lessons would be conducted and what levels she could take me to. There was no placement test at that moment. If I subscribed, my level would be determined during my first lesson, and a roadmap would be created accordingly. After the trial lesson, I decided to continue with that tutor, and I became a Flalingo subscriber that day.

Second Day: The excitement of the first lesson!

Online english course, learn english with flalingo

While continuing my university classes, I was now going to learn English online three days a week. This motivated me immensely, especially for my first lesson. After subscribing, I could choose my lesson days and times, which I found to be a great feature. I could also take lessons from different tutors if I wished, but since I had met and liked Brianne during the trial lesson, I wanted to continue with her. Finally, the day of my first lesson arrived.

In the first lesson, Brianne assessed my English level through a verbal interview, unlike the trial lesson. Based on the results, she said she would place me at a certain level, and I could choose between course mode or relaxed mode according to my preference. It seemed that in relaxed mode, the lessons were more focused on conversation, while course mode covered grammar and other aspects of the language alongside speaking practice. When she asked me which level I wanted to reach, I mentioned that I planned to go abroad in the future and become an engineer, so I wanted to progress to at least the Upper Intermediate or Advanced level. The first lesson went something like this. Honestly, I struggled a bit with speaking, but it wasn't because of Brianne; I was afraid of making mistakes. Initially, I had concerns about whether online learning would be as effective, but Brianne's professionalism reassured me. It wasn't just her; my education consultant was so helpful that I could ask her any questions that came to mind, and she assisted me.

When they mentioned that the lesson materials were defined within the system, I took a look. Because, in my opinion, the quality of the materials used is as important as the tutor. Oxford Press Publications had prepared really well-structured materials! Units covered vocabulary, speaking, listening, and pronunciation sections. The book seemed to be packed with content. I scheduled my next lesson for two days later. Let's see what happens in the second lesson!

Third Day: Course mode, casual mode. What are these?

Online english course, learn english with flalingo

Today, I am going to have my second lesson with Flalingo, and I've been eagerly waiting for these two days, even though they were weekdays. What has changed in my life? First and foremost, my motivation has started to increase. Not knowing or not improving my English skills was a problem, and I felt a sense of relief for trying to solve this issue. With Brianne's recommendation, I also joined the Erasmus community at my university. Now, I had a place where I could apply what I learned in class.

Flalingo's system is designed to help you make progress and track your improvements. The two days when I didn't have lessons allowed me to come up with an idea, which I then discussed with my education consultant. I had two course mode lessons and one relaxed mode lesson per week, which meant that in one lesson, I would discuss current events or any topic with different tutors, and in the other two lessons, I would focus on learning what I needed. My consultant helped me make the necessary arrangements.

I was more comfortable when I entered the lesson. My tutor and I started working on subjects related to pronouns from our source material. I paused whenever I needed and asked questions, and she answered them patiently each time. In this regard, I realized the benefits of a platform that selects tutors who have undergone tutor training through interviews and matches them with students. Brianne's professionalism made me feel comfortable and trust her. Learning with a native English speaker was a completely different experience. I knew she could speak at an advanced level if she wanted to, but Brianne tried to explain topics to me in a clear and simple way, making sure I understood.

With this lesson, I had completed my weekly course mode lessons. In the next lesson, I would experience relaxed mode and choose a tutor with my consultant. Let's see what happens.

Fourth Day: Chat with my tutor whose native language is English!

5 en (1).webp

I had become more accustomed to Flalingo's lesson system, but today, the prospect of talking about any event or current topic with a native English-speaking tutor was exciting. Although there hadn't been a tremendous improvement in my English knowledge in just three days, my confidence had increased. I was no longer afraid to speak, even if I made mistakes. This small improvement alone had made me a happier and more motivated person. Therefore, I entered the lesson with this newfound confidence. This time, our tutor and I talked a lot about our countries and cultures, rather than current events. We discussed which dishes I liked in my country and what we knew about each other's cultures. I realized that having a casual conversation without going through the lesson content was beneficial and enjoyable. So, I decided to continue taking lessons in both course mode and relaxed mode in the coming weeks.

Fifth Day: To be motivated and self-confident!

6 en (1).webp

As I continued with the lessons, I began to understand the challenges and stages of the language learning process. Even though I knew grammar rules and vocabulary, I struggled when it came to speaking. I couldn't apply what I knew, and sometimes the sentences I formed were incorrect, which made me hesitant to speak. With Flalingo, I felt like I was overcoming this challenge, and Flalingo reinforced that feeling. In such educational processes, the quality of the tutors that the platform offers has a significant impact, in addition to the help you receive from the educational consultants. One of the things Flalingo achieved for me was finding excellent tutors like Brianne thanks to its smart algorithms and allowing me to stay in touch with my assigned educational consultant.

Today, I had already begun to make progress in our Oxford Press materials and started learning new words and expressions. I had also gotten used to conducting lessons via Zoom. I became more knowledgeable about my English level and the level I wanted to reach, thanks to the feedback provided by my tutors at the beginning and end of each lesson. My only regret was purchasing a one-month package. I wished I had bought a year-long subscription because it would have been more cost-effective.


To be honest, my one-week language learning experience with Flalingo was quite impressive. Especially as a university student, choosing to move away from traditional language courses and turning to an online platform made my language learning journey more accessible and personalized.

The quality of the tutors provided by Flalingo truly impressed me. Native English-speaking tutors with education in this field not only improved my grammar and vocabulary but also helped me enhance my speaking skills. Particularly under the guidance of professional tutors like Brianne, the language learning process became more intimate and confidence-boosting.

The reliability and richness of the resources offered by Flalingo also played a significant role in my experience. The materials from Oxford Press Publications provided an excellent foundation for improving various language skills. These resources contributed to making my learning process efficient and effective.

Additionally, I was impressed by Flalingo's approach to providing a personalized learning experience. The freedom to choose lesson times and tutors allowed me to tailor the learning process to my needs. The options of relaxed mode and course mode enriched my language learning experience.

Flalingo's effective communication and support services demonstrated that they were quick to resolve any questions or concerns. The educational consultants offered tailored solutions to students' needs, making the experience even more special.

This one-week experience brought me closer to my language learning goals and boosted my confidence in English. Flalingo stands out as a reliable and effective option in the world of online language learning. I felt fortunate to have had this experience!

If you'd like, you can also check our website for a comparison of both Flalingo and other online English learning platforms.

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