LiveXp Prices: Why Can't I Learn the Prices?

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Last update: 9 January 2024

Table of Contents

  1. How Much Does LiveXp Cost?
  2. Subscribing to See LiveXp Prices
  3. User Reviews About LiveXp Prices
  4. Is LiveXp Reliable?

1. How Much Does LiveXp Cost?

The LiveXp prices are not immediately visible on their website. Additionally, LiveXp does not offer group lessons. Therefore, we will only share the prices for individual lessons.

In a monthly package on LiveXp, consisting of 4 one-hour lessons a week the cost of a single lesson is 20.6 Dollars, making the total price 329 Dollars. In a 2-month package, the cost of a single lesson is 18.6 Dollars, making the total price 892 Dollars.

LiveXp allows users to create customized packages by selecting the number of lessons and duration per week that suits them. However, users might be disappointed by the fact that these packages are only available for 1-month and 3-month options. A platform providing online English lessons should also provide 6-month and 12-month subscription options.

January 2024 LiveXp 45-Minute Lesson Prices:

Monthly/ USDQuarterly/ USD
1 Lesson/Week$15.5$ 13.9
2 Lessons/Week$ 31$ 27.8
3 Lessons/Week$ 46.5$ 41.7
4 Lessons/Week$ 62$ 55.6
5 Lessons/Week$ 77.5$ 69.5

2. Subscribing to See LiveXp Prices

While sharing the LiveXp prices with you, we thought it would be helpful to also share a user's experience to give you a better idea.

"I decided to check out LiveXp prices as I have been wanting to learn English online for a while. When I first visited the website, I noticed that only the prices for trial lessons were clearly stated. It seems that LiveXp has set a fixed price for trial lessons (3.49 Dollars) and wants to show that to its users. Then, I explored the website a bit more to understand how I could learn the prices. I realized that I couldn't learn the prices without subscribing to the site. This annoyed me because I just wanted to learn the price not to subscribe. However, thankfully, it didn't ask for my card information when subscribing. Afterward, I saw that LiveXp sells lessons in 1-month and 3-month packages. I think they should add at least a 6-month package because the prices are already not very affordable and if they add a 6-month package price will be better for the students. However, one good feature offered by the platform is that the price varies based on the number of lessons per week and the duration of the lessons. At this point, LiveXp provides students the opportunity to take 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons per week, and the lesson durations are 30, 45, or 60 minutes."

“Later on, I checked the prices carefully and I was not happy with them. This is because I think the prices are way too much compared to other platforms. I don’t understand how a platform that is not specific to only one language can demand 20 Dollars for an hour-long lesson. LiveXp teaches 50 languages with over 2500 teachers. Therefore, I don’t think their lessons can be very effective and they are not worth the money. I suggest anyone go try different platforms.”

LiveXp 30-Minute Lesson Prices:

Monthly/ USDQuarterly/ USD
1 Lesson/Week$ 10.3$ 9.3
2 Lessons/Week$ 20.6$ 18.6
3 Lessons/Week$ 30.9$ 27.9
4 Lessons/Week$ 41.2$ 37.2
5 Lessons/Week$ 51.5$ 46.5

3. User Reviews About LiveXp Prices

To have a detailed idea about what users think about LiveXp, you can check our article on LiveXp user reviews. But before you do that, I want to share a few reviews I’ve come across on Trustpilot. I want to share them because I believe you can imagine how LiveXp’s pricing policy works. 

“I am looking the tutor platform as a consumer, but I do not think it is a good choice. Reasons

- price details are hidden. I could not understand how I can make a decision without information about price.

- subscription model. Subscription model is applicable when subject of subscribing is uncountable - it could be time or storage space or some service. What is the reason in subscription for 8 lesson? isn't it the same as "buy 8 lessons" - pay as you go model with advance payment. But pay as you go is flexible, whereas subscription is not convenient at all if student is sick, has a trip or some other similar circumstances.” -Sergii Strikhar, Trustpilot 

“Don’t waste your time. Support is beyond bad. Find a different platform students and teachers, this LiveXP is not good and is on its way to being shut down if they continue to treat students and teachers like euro signs. Sad stuff.” -JoMo, Trustpilot

“It is an unreliable and unacceptable learning platform. Sometimes tutors didn't even show up to class after first making the payment and their support eventually told me that next time they will consider similar complaints non-refundable!! So that means they first want me to pay them and if their tutor doesn't show up to class, they won't refund me!! I will never use this platform again and I do not recommend it to anyone.” -Christopher, Trustpilot

4. Is LiveXp Reliable?

The reliability of LiveXp seems questionable as they don't directly and clearly state their prices, and may cause inconvenience to users regarding refunds. I believe a trustworthy platform should state their prices directly on their website and provide refund for their students without putting them in a difficult position. Therefore, as mentioned in the user's experience, it would be better for you to explore alternative options.

To gather detailed information about similar platforms to LiveXp and read our evaluations, you can visit our website and browse through the campaigns to find affordable English online education that suits your needs!

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