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Last update: March 18, 2024

Learning English with artificial intelligence is emerging as a popular method as this technology becomes more integrated into daily life. In fact, when we talk about learning English with AI, we're referring not to a method, but more to AI tools to learn English. We've become more familiar with artificial intelligence through tools like ChatGPT. However, this technology is also being utilized in many fields. So, why should education be left out of this convenience? Of course, it won't be. Today, we will discuss how artificial intelligence technology is used for the purpose of teaching English. At this point, we will examine applications that transform English education into a more interactive, effective, and adaptive process with the help of artificial intelligence.

Table of Contents

  • What Kind of Bridge Exists Between Artificial Intelligence and Learning English?
  • Applications That Teach English with Artificial Intelligence and Their Offered Formats
  • Flalingo and FLAI Education Coach Reports
  • Cambly AI: Chat Bot
  • EF English Live and Learn English with AI
  • The Most Innovative Online English Course Award Goes to Flalingo!

What Kind of Bridge Exists Between Artificial Intelligence and Learning English?

There is actually a stronger relationship between artificial intelligence and language than we might think. In fact, artificial intelligence was something beyond the imagination of people 100 years ago. Back then, people dreamed of teaching a machine to speak English. This situation explains the relationship between learning languages with artificial intelligence quite well.

However, looking at today, we see that people have succeeded in teaching machines to speak. The most accessible and usable form of artificial intelligence is its ability to filter through vast amounts of information and perform the necessary analyses. Its success lies in delivering the most accurate information in the fastest time and from the most accurate perspective. The process of learning English, due to the sheer volume of exposure to the language and the amount of information to be processed, seems to provide us with considerable ease in this regard. Moreover, its ability to mimic human interaction also offers significant advantages in conversational learning, which is the foundation of English education.

Applications That Teach English with Artificial Intelligence and Their Offered Formats

It seems that with its ability to analyze and provide quick responses, artificial intelligence will facilitate the process of learning English online. However, what we refer to as artificial intelligence only comes with specific tools; it is not something that naturally exists on its own, of course. Making English learning possible through it involves significant engineering and planning processes in the background. At the end of this work, different tools will develop different systems. And that's exactly what happened! Various platforms and applications help improve your English in different ways. But we will look into applications that incorporate human interaction, providing realistic outcomes, rather than just offering practice.

As I mentioned, there are many platforms and applications that offer English learning through AI-based tools. However, there are reasons why we focus on platforms that present themselves as online English courses. This is because artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. That is, it is not yet at a point where it can replace real human interaction. Of course, applications that do not offer a tutor and course content will be a nice tool for practice. However, for fluent English speaking on your own, the lack of human interaction and an educational process will prove insufficient. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about comprehensive courses that present themselves as online English applications. Here are those applications and AI tools to learn English!

Flalingo and FLAI Education Coach Reports

After getting a general understanding of the Flalingo app, we can detail the artificial intelligence tool it offers. Flalingo is a platform that offers one-on-one live lessons for those who want to learn English online. In these lessons, professional private English tutors and students come together, and a lot of English is spoken. If you want to do more detailed research on the topic, it would be beneficial to visit here.

To understand how Flalingo's artificial intelligence tool works and what purpose it serves, it's also necessary to look at the basic educational principles of the application. At the core of the education provided by Flalingo, a custom education program is created according to the needs of the students. This education program is delivered with content that is as personalized as possible. FLAI emerges in parallel to this. Now, let's take a look at how the FLAI report works.

  • Students, as usual, enter one-on-one lessons and meet with a tutor.
  • Students can learn topics by following the lesson plan and talking about them or can have a conversation on a completely free topic.
  • Regardless of the content, FLAI analyzes everything the student says word by word in the background.
  • At the end of the lesson, students can see their FLAI reports.
  • In this report, students can see their overall level.
  • The general level of the words spoken can be seen.
  • While students see which sentences they made mistakes in, they can also examine the correct form.
  • Students can see the advanced-level alternatives of the words they used in their FLAI reports.
  • In the FLAI report, students can see the necessary homework for the topics they are lacking in a way that parallels their needs.

Flalingo's English education model with artificial intelligence and its robot named FLAI aim to offer as individualized an experience as possible. In addition, with its system that does not give up on human interaction, it expects to provide a highly adaptive and effective educational method with strong analytical capabilities. From this perspective, Flalingo could be the online English platform that uses artificial intelligence in the most ideal way.

Cambly AI: Chat Bot

Cambly, a popular platform that teaches English online in about 190 countries, has not excluded artificial intelligence from its education. Aiming to support its educational system with innovations and deliver a more layered service to its students, Cambly appears with a different operation compared to the Flalingo app. The tool for learning English with artificial intelligence, named Cambly AI, actually resembles the familiar and accessible generative models very much. It is very similar to ChatGPT tools.

Here's how Cambly AI works;

Students can access AI tool to learn English named Cambly AI easily and for free. Then, a chat page opens up. The first question Cambly AI asks you is your name. You can communicate with the tool either in writing or verbally. It operates primarily on a question-and-answer basis. This offers a synthetic conversation environment to students and becomes an alternative for practice.

However, it does not make any corrections or suggestions on the sentences you construct. Most of the time, the "instant feedback" we talk about is not provided by Cambly AI. In this regard, our current technology is insufficient, and we have to rely on teachers. Cambly creates an environment where the student is almost left on their own without any instructors. This might be considered as an additional material for the students, but it's neither a great innovation nor as effective as we might think.

Hence, Cambly AI is certainly an innovation we expect to see in an online service. However, since Cambly AI was created with a process that doesn’t require much effort, it seems like a system that has not been integrated for necessary language training. This could create a negative impact on adaptive learning. Although it might be a useful tool for some students, its limitations must also be noted.

EF English Live and Learn English with AI

EF English Live, which is not very popular and for which we even couldn't find any positive comments, announced its AI-supported lessons a few weeks ago, alongside a different website design. It was included here because, although not in some particular countries, it has a certain recognition worldwide with its classical courses, and there are eyes on the EF English Live application for this reason.

Instead of reading about EF English Live at length, we suggest you become informed about the most important details on the subject with just one click.

Let's return to our topic. As we said, even though it doesn't cater to a specific audience, EF English Live has not deprived itself of artificial intelligence technology in providing online English education. However, AI for learning English tool presented by EF English Live is neither as simple as Cambly AI nor as detailed as FLAI.

Opting for ambiguity as a sales strategy, EF English Live has neither provided help to try this tool nor given any details. However, after necessary reviews, we have summarized how this application benefits from artificial intelligence.

EF English Live is a platform offering one-on-one and group lessons. Especially, group lesson topics focus on simple conversation subjects. In these lessons, instructors play a more active role and explain the topic. However, with EF English Live's artificial intelligence, more responsibility falls on the instructor. Already, EF English Live lessons, which do not provide speaking opportunities with their 7-8 person classes, become a more challenging participation with AI integration.

The artificial intelligence technology, which is processed to support instructors' explanations, mainly offers visual support. Besides, its not being used to provide support for learning does not meet expectations, unfortunately. In short, EF English Live seems to have fallen victim to a misunderstanding with its concept of learning English with artificial intelligence. This concept reflects teaching with AI more than learning. It does not provide a practice area for students, nor does it contribute to analysis and feedback. Unfortunately, EF English Live also fails in this regard.

The Most Innovative Online English Course Award Goes to Flalingo!

In this article, we looked at the subject of learning English with AI. Our focus was on applications that do not exclude human interaction and programmed learning. Because, as effective as artificial intelligence might be, it is not sufficient for education on its own. Therefore, we scanned online English courses and the AI tools they offer. These applications were Flalingo, Cambly, and EF English Live in this content. However, with detailed feedback, versatility, support for student speech, and ideal adaptation to learning processes, FLAI stands out. At this point, Flalingo's innovation in online English and the FLAI tool distinguish it from its competitors.

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