Is EF English Live For Beginners? English From Scratch With English Live

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Last update: January 7, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. EF English Live Beginners Overview
  2. EF English Live and Beginners
  3. Can You Learn English From Scratch With EF English Live?
  4. Conclusion: EF English Live For Beginners

1. EF English Live Beginners Overview

Is EF English for beginners? The short answer is yes, you can learn English with EF English Live as a beginner. However, is it efficient? No. I believe so because, despite the beginner-level lessons it offers, EF English Live’s lesson contents are not sufficient. It mainly offers conversational lessons, and its writing or grammar content is not enough. Imagine deciding to learn English and subscribing to EF English Live, and after your first lesson, you realize it is mostly speaking. You cannot speak when starting to learn a language, you can’t be confident to speak, and even if you are, you can’t form sentences. Therefore, when first starting to learn English, you need lessons including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and lastly, speaking. That is why EF English Live is not suitable for beginners. In this blog, I will share my thoughts on EF English Live in light of what the platform offers and user reviews.

2. EF English Live and Beginners

So far, you read my review on EF English Live not being suitable for beginners. Let’s see what they offer to the beginners and what they don’t.

What does EF English Live Offer?

On its website, English Live does not give much information about its lessons or its context. Therefore, I will share what users said about EF English Live. On Reddit, a user named haydar_ai, says they appreciate the speaking practice EF English Live offers:

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Apart from this, users appreciate the chance to learn English from native speakers and learn from an experienced platform. 

What does not EF English Live Offer?

On the other hand, unfortunately, when it comes to teaching beginners, EF English Live is not quite good. Its lessons are mostly speaking-based, so the lessons are not sufficient for someone to learn English from scratch. To learn a language as a beginner, you need to know simple vocabulary, grammar rules, and how to pronounce letters and words.

Also, EF English Live does not offer cancellation, which may cause the student to regret subscribing. Apart from these, EF English Live’s group classes tend to be crowded. Therefore, you cannot benefit from it as much as you pay for it. Lastly, when learning a language online, the platform you are working with should be almost perfect. This is because any technical errors would affect you and your education poorly. That is another reason why English Live is not suitable for beginners; its app and website are full of technical errors. 

To get detailed information on the platform and read real user reviews, visit our article on EF English Live experiences.

3. Can You Learn English From Scratch With EF English Live?

EF English Live offers classes for every level, from beginner to superior advanced. However, their classes are not suitable for beginners. This is because the classes are mostly speaking practices. You cannot speak or improve your speaking in a language as a beginner. You need to learn the grammar rules and basic vocabulary to speak as a beginner. Therefore, you need more than just conversational classes. Also, classes are not structured. So, you cannot start from the basics and build on that. I believe these are enough reasons to claim why EF English Live is not suitable for beginners. 

English Live Reviews

I wanted to check Trustpilot to see what people think about using EF English Live as a beginner. I could not find many comments from beginners, but one caught my eye. Here the user says English Live does not allow its users to cancel their subscriptions. This may seem like it is not relevant to beginners, but imagine this: You subscribe to EF English Live as a beginner since it offers lessons for beginners. However, later on, you figure out that the classes are not for your level and they are not helpful. Naturally, you would like to cancel your subscription, but you can’t. EF English Live doesn’t let you. You can see below a user’s review on the topic:


4. Conclusion: EF English Live For Beginners

In conclusion, even though EF English Live seems like its suitable for beginners, it is not. This is because they claim they offer classes for beginners, but these classes are not suitable for someone starting to learn English. The classes are mostly speaking-based and do not inform the students on vocabulary or grammar rules of the English language. Therefore, as a beginner, you should not trust EF English Live to learn English. I suggest you look into other online English platforms. While searching for the best platform for yourself, don’t forget to check our website to see our evaluations on 7 online English learning sites. 

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