How Does Flalingo Teach English? Is Taking Classes from Flalingo the Right Decision?

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Last update: May 23, 2024

What kind of app is Flalingo and how does it teach English? We need to answer this question in detail so that the time you spend on learning English is not wasted. If we were to briefly describe Flalingo, a place for learning English, we could say it is an online language school. This language school offers English courses, and it does so entirely online. So, how does Flalingo teach English? Let's examine this question in detail.

Table of Contents

1. What Kind of App is Flalingo?

2. How Does Flalingo Teach English? Who are the Lessons For?

2.1. Flalingo Individual for Everyone

2.2. Business English Lessons for Professionals

2.3. Flalingo Business for Companies to Learn English

2.4. Flalingo Kids for Children to Learn English

3. What Have People Who Experienced Flalingo Said About This Platform?

4. Does Flalingo Provide Benefits?

5. Ultimately, It is Quite Possible to Improve Your English with Flalingo!

What Kind of App is Flalingo?

Flalingo is a platform that provides one-on-one lessons with English teachers. It seems that the platform's goal is to not only provide students with English speaking practice but also to offer a specific curriculum. Like other similar applications, it operates on a 24/7 'come, learn English' theme. Another point emphasized by the platform is the quality of the instructors. The instructors on this platform are accepted after numerous interviews, and both experience and a teaching certificate are required. It appears that the aim is to mirror the education system of an online English school. But how exactly is this achieved, and by what means?

How Does Flalingo Teach English? Who are the Lessons For?

While teaching English, Flalingo offers specific resources and progresses by following them. These resources vary according to both level and learning objectives. According to Flalingo, these resources and the students who progress in parallel achieve their English learning goals more effectively. Here, they soften the somewhat topic-heavy system with relaxed-mode lessons that are conversation-based and free-topic. Additionally, an AI-based analysis report named FLAI provided at the end of each lesson helps to learn from mistakes.

Fundamentally, Flalingo devises a different plan for each student. According to this plan, the topics that the student needs to learn are covered in one-on-one lessons with professional instructors, alongside resources from Oxford University Press. Support such as quizzes, homework, and lesson analysis reports also facilitate the students’ learning of English. These plans are shaped by the recommendations of educational consultants at Flalingo. In short, Flalingo is an application that teaches English in a planned and step-by-step manner. Moreover, a lesson structure that emphasizes speaking can also be beneficial in terms of quickly grasping the subjects and using them in practice. Now, let's look at what Flalingo offers, to whom, and for which basic needs.

Flalingo Individual for Everyone

Flalingo Individual covers all English learning needs. For instance, if you want to improve just your conversation skills, enhance your language for travel abroad, score better in aviation-related exams, or if you are preparing for the IELTS, Flalingo Individual is for you. In fact, Flalingo Individual provides sufficient content for every need. Once you specify your desire and objective, a program focused on that is created for you.

Business English Lessons for Professionals

Although not actually a category, they also provide Business English content at Flalingo. Even if you are in the individual category, a program tailored to your profession is created. Due to high demand in this area, Business English now has a place in English learning categories. If you apply to Flalingo to learn Business English, you will have access to Oxford University Press online books that provide resources in this field. The name of this specialized Business English book is 'Business Result'.

Flalingo Corporates for Companies to Learn English

The category named Flalingo Business, while again focusing on Business English, is utilized by companies collectively. If you are a manager in a company, you can support all employees in learning English and thereby contribute more. This has become a popular practice among companies. Flalingo provides special English support for companies for this purpose. Continuing to provide Business Result resources, Flalingo also assigns a special account for managers and tracks the progress of employees.

Flalingo Kids for Children to Learn English

English is also an important skill for children. The advantages of acquiring English speaking skills at an early age are countless. At this point, online English courses are trying to provide special lessons and systems for children. Flalingo Kids is a specialized category designed to provide a more suitable education for children. Limited to ages 4-12, this platform still processes lessons one-on-one, while using Family & Friends resources to address age-appropriate topics and content. These books are also published by Oxford. Additionally, educational consultants gain significant importance in this category. According to Flalingo, regular reports are provided for families. Furthermore, an AI-powered lesson analysis robot named FLAI is also active in the Kids category. This allows parents to track their children's development.

What Have People Who Experienced Flalingo Said About This Platform?

Up to this point, we have tried to reflect how Flalingo teaches English based on the information obtained from the website. But are these features only good on paper? Does Flalingo really do what it claims? More importantly, are students satisfied with Flalingo? Let's examine with Flalingo reviews.

Flalingo on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, the Flalingo app has also received very good ratings. With a score of 4.7, it can be called the highest-rated online English app. You can see this yourself by researching its competitors and closely examining their ratings. Instead of spending time on this, this content also includes the necessary comparisons.

Does Flalingo Provide Benefits?

Many students mention the features offered by the Flalingo app in their reviews. Additionally, the rate of dissatisfaction is quite low. If we examine the reviews again, there are many students who mention benefiting from the instructors, support team, and lesson analyses. At this point, it's safe to say that Flalingo is beneficial. However, we have some advice and warnings for students considering registering with Flalingo.

Flalingo defines personalized education. The purpose of this is to learn English more efficiently. At this point, you should define your goal, not just the desire to 'learn English'. For example, if your aim is to prepare for the IELTS, you should specify this. Otherwise, you won't be adequately prepared for the exam. Or, if you are learning English to advance in your profession, you should communicate this purpose and your profession to Flalingo. This way, you can learn the topics more easily and apply them to your life. It seems that this is the best way to benefit from Flalingo's system for teaching English.

Ultimately, It is Quite Possible to Improve Your English with Flalingo!

In today's post, we discussed how Flalingo teaches English. Just as no two fingers are alike, every platform teaches English using different methods. Flalingo aims to equip you with new English skills through a personalized program and step-by-step learning. Additionally, reviews of Flalingo align with the Flalingo methodology. Students have also left positive feedback about their satisfaction with Flalingo. In short, Flalingo could be a good decision for your English learning. But most importantly, it's essential for you to know yourself and define your desires. This way, Flalingo can be more helpful to you.

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