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Last update: January 6, 2024

If you're a doctor striving to learn English for your career and future prospects, finding time for it in the midst of a busy hospital or work life can sometimes be quite challenging.

You aspire to speak fluently at both domestic and international conferences, understand what is being discussed in training sessions, and perhaps even wish to improve your living standards by potentially moving to countries with better opportunities.

But now, due to age or work-related constraints, it may seem like a difficult goal to achieve, doesn't it?

I understand, but don't worry. I will try to explain to you how you can attain perfect English.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Importance of Knowing English in the Medical Profession
  2. Methods and Online Platforms for Learning English
  3. Comparison of Online English Learning Platforms
  4. Conclusion and Recommendations

1. The Importance of Knowing English for Doctors

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I recently had a conversation with a doctor friend who told me that he needed to improve their English and expressed a strong desire to do so. He mentioned the challenges of juggling busy shifts and commuting between the hospital and home, making it difficult to find time for language learning. He asked me for advice on how to overcome these obstacles, which got me thinking. I realized that just like in many other professions, English proficiency is crucial in the field of medicine, and I felt compelled to create an informative guide to address this need.

In today's rapidly modernizing world, where borders are disappearing, the English language plays a significant role in your career and success. Regardless of your field of expertise or position, the ability to learn English opens doors to achieving important goals. Not knowing the most widely spoken language in the world can disconnect you from a vast source of information and a global network of communication.

Especially if you are a doctor, your profession is fundamentally centered around people and communication. To be a good and successful doctor, you must be able to establish effective communication with your patients and colleagues. Doctors need to be sensitive in providing their patients with a comprehensive understanding of their medical conditions. Moreover, when you speak English, you can build connections with people from different cultures at conferences, have a role in the global medical community, and possibly open up new opportunities. Don't forget the importance of staying updated with medical literature! The majority of medical and scientific literature and journals worldwide are written in English.

Therefore, it is essential for doctors to have proficiency in English to keep up with the scientific world.

So why do many people struggle to achieve such an important skill?

Because they often lack effective and professional guidance.

2. Methods for Learning Business English for Doctors

iş ingilizcesi, doktorlar için ingilizce, doktor mesleki ingilizce

We've previously discussed how learning Business English can enhance your international career prospects and open up more opportunities in the business world. To successfully learn English, it's essential to integrate it into your daily life. What you read, watch, listen to, and even speak should be in English. If you're wondering how to do this effectively, we've compiled some methods for learning Business English that may help:

  • Integration into Daily Life: The first step in integrating English into your daily life is through reading. You can explore books specializing in English or access online English grammar resources.
  • Language Exchange Partners: Even if you don't live in an English-speaking country, you can practice by finding language exchange partners or conversation groups. These platforms allow you to communicate with native speakers and improve your language skills.
  • Media Consumption: Opt for English-language TV series, movies, podcasts, and news as much as possible. Consuming media in English will expose you to real-life language usage.
  • Certifications: Aim for English language certifications to gain more credibility in the business world, such as TOEIC or BEC exams.

While you may attempt to follow these recommendations, it can sometimes be challenging to achieve proficiency amidst the hectic pace of the business world. In such cases, many individuals prefer to receive English education from specialized instructors on professional platforms. By obtaining professional help and personalized training programs, you can expedite your learning process.

There are numerous online English learning platforms in the industry, but we've specifically compared those that offer professional English education. 

In doing so, we considered factors such as instructors' language proficiency and educational backgrounds, the reliability and quality of the resources used on the platform, the platform's pricing, and the features it offers. If you are looking to learn Business English and find the right platform to improve yourself, let's take a look at that list together:

3. Best Online English Learning Platforms for Doctors

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Below, you can find a comparison of six platforms' features, costs, advantages, and disadvantages to help you find the online English learning platform that will best improve your Business English skills.

1. Flalingo

Flalingo offers professionals and doctors who want to learn English the opportunity to do so confidently with their interview-selected professional instructors and rich resources. They stand at the top of the list because of their meticulous use of Oxford University Press's Business Result materials for Business English and their careful handling of teacher interviews. They also strive to answer your questions with effective communication throughout the entire purchase process.

Pros of Flalingo:

  • A commitment-free trial lesson for 100 TL.
  • Professional lessons supported by Oxford University Press content and 24/7 accessible materials.
  • A 24/7 solution-oriented customer communication center.
  • Flalingo's Smart Teacher algorithm for the best teacher matching.
  • One-on-one online live English lessons with entirely professional instructors.
  • Modular structure designed for learning English from scratch or for speaking practice only.

Cons of Flalingo:

  • Contacting customer service without obtaining GDPR permission.

2. Open English 

Open English is one of the most ambitious online English learning platforms in the industry. They offer a unique Business English education with personalized training packages for various industries. Users, whose levels are determined by the free Linguaskill English Level Assessment Test, can actively learn English with interactive tools, pronunciation practice, and instant correction, among many other services.

Pros of Open English

  • Virtual demo tours for platform introduction before purchase at Open English.
  • A library of Business English materials with rich content.
  • Live English lessons every half hour on Open English.

Cons of Open English

  • Storing credit card information and renewing subscriptions without notice.
  • Only a 14-day grace period for fee refunds despite the upfront collection of a one-year payment.
  • Customer service that is difficult to reach after sales.
  • Inability to have lessons with the same teacher and inability to choose a teacher.

3. Cambly

Cambly is one of the most popular English learning platforms, and it takes a slightly different approach to Business English with various course packages. The platform offers packages prepared based on typical situations in the business world. These lessons cover topics such as job interviews, complaints, phone conversations, meetings, and sales. In this regard, unlike its competitors, it focuses not on positions but on actions in the business world, leaving the choice to you.

Pros of Cambly

  • Access to Cambly's English teaching content outside of lessons.
  • Video lessons with one-on-one online instructors.
  • In addition to 15 and 30-minute lesson options, the ability to take lessons 2, 3, or 5 days a week.

Cons of Cambly

  • Despite having numerous teachers in the Cambly system, there is no option to regularly take lessons from a preferred teacher.
  • Storing credit card information and renewing subscriptions without notice, and difficulties in obtaining refunds.
  • Non-professional teachers who do not have teaching as their primary profession.
  • Business English packages may not be fully comprehensive in terms of content coverage.

4. Preply

Preply is one of the platforms that offers an opportunity for doctors to learn Business English. The platform's specialized training service for Business English and its users in the workforce is quite successful. Furthermore, the fact that these courses are personalized according to positions such as management and human resources is another plus. With specially selected teachers and extensive resources, it helps you succeed in the business world while improving your English skills.

Pros of Preply

  • Purchase packages of 6, 12, 20, or 40 lessons from the selected teacher.
  • Different training packages tailored to your job position.
  • One-on-one online lessons with video from private teachers.

Cons of Preply

  • Renewal of subscriptions without notification by saving credit card information.
  • No lesson tracking system specific to Preply.
  • After purchasing a package, you cannot switch to another teacher if you are not satisfied.

5. LiveXP

While LiveXP is a well-known and preferred platform for online English learning, it does not offer a lot of diversity or personalized lesson packages for Business English. Considering that not all of their teachers are professionals, there is a question mark about how focused the service you will receive will be on Business English.

Pros of LiveXP

  • Compatible with desktop, iOS, Android, and Mac computers through the Livexp system.
  • Flexible scheduling options.
  • One-on-one online lessons with video from private teachers.

Cons of LiveXP

  • Renewal of subscriptions without notification by saving credit card information.
  • No lesson tracking system.
  • Non-professionals teaching who do not have teaching as their professional occupation.

4. Conclusion and Recommendations

We've discussed the vital importance of Business English training for doctors in enhancing their careers and achieving success on an international level, as well as what can be done to improve it and which platforms can be preferred.

By using this guide, you can begin your journey of learning Business English to achieve greater success in your career and compete on an international level. We know that this journey is not an easy one, and as English advisors, we wish you success in your endeavors.

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