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Last update: 7 January 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Flalingo? My Encounter with Flalingo
  3. Flalingo Trial Lesson
  4. Flalingo Packages
  5. My Experience with Learning English with Flalingo
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am 23 years old. I recently graduated from the Veterinary Faculty this summer. Since I completed my university studies with a good GPA, I wanted to improve my English and pursue an academic career. However, the lack of proficiency in English posed a significant obstacle for me. I had only learned English through the education I received in school until university, watching a few TV series with subtitles, and taking basic English courses at the university.

As a result, I struggled to read academic articles and constantly needed to use translation tools. Additionally, as I wanted to continue my academic life abroad, it was essential for me to have a strong command of English and be able to speak fluently. Flalingo has ranked number one in my previous ranking of the best English learning apps. Therefore, without conducting much research, I wanted to give Flalingo a try.

I know someone else shared their experience with Flalingo on this website before. However, I was very satisfied with Flalingo and improved my English enough to write this blog. Therefore, I wanted to share my experience as well.

2. What is Flalingo? My Encounter with Flalingo

First, I examined Flalingo's website and Instagram accounts. To gather more information, I sent them a message on Instagram. Shortly after, the social media managers responded to my message and asked for my contact information so that I could talk to an educational consultant. After providing my contact details, the educational consultants called me and provided information about the platform.

From this phone conversation, I learned that Flalingo offers approximately 30 teachers suitable for their students, allowing them to choose their preferred teacher for the lessons. I knew that some online English learning platforms either don't give students the chance to choose their teachers or have too many teachers, making it difficult for students to select one. Therefore, Flalingo providing such an opportunity to students impressed me a lot.

3. Flalingo Trial Lesson

After my conversation with the educational consultants, I decided to take a trial lesson from Flalingo and scheduled an appointment with a teacher named Max. Without any issues, I attended the trial lesson and had a seamless 25-minute session. Honestly, I believe it was the best trial lesson I could get for just 4 USD. As I mentioned before, my English proficiency was quite limited, and I used to make frequent mistakes in pronunciation and sentence structures, which made me nervous before the lesson. However, Max also knew German (my mother tongue), which made our communication easier, and I felt more comfortable speaking confidently.

The lesson went by so quickly that I couldn't believe 25 minutes had already passed. As soon as the trial lesson ended, I chose a 3-month package that allows me to have 25-minute lessons three times a week. My journey with Flalingo had officially begun!

4. Flalingo Packages

I hadn't thoroughly examined Flalingo's prices and packages before the trial lesson. However, after deciding to purchase a package following the trial lesson, I carefully reviewed this page. At that moment, I noticed how flexible Flalingo's program was for its students. They offer 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages, allowing you to customize these packages according to your preferences. While making these adjustments, you can choose how many days per week you want to have lessons and the duration of each lesson. This way, you can manage the process freely and select the plan that suits you best. For instance, as I mentioned earlier, I chose the 3-month package and decided to have 25-minute lessons three times a week. By doing so, I was able to select a package that perfectly matched my schedule.

5. My Experience with Learning English with Flalingo

First Week

Since I was very satisfied with the trial lesson, I decided to continue my lessons with Max in the first week. Flalingo made it easy for me to choose the teacher I wanted to have regular lessons with, and I felt comfortable with this option. During the first week's lessons with Max, we discussed what I had learned before, what misconceptions I had, and the correct pronunciation of words. Apart from that, I introduced myself by forming simple sentences and talked about my future plans. This way, I not only started to build a solid foundation for my English but also got to know Max better, and we were able to create a personalized lesson plan together.

Second Week

I continued my lessons with Max in the second week as well. During these lessons, we talked about our hobbies, things we enjoy doing, and things we find boring. Despite not being very talkative in my daily life, I really enjoyed speaking in English during these lessons. I could learn small details about the life of someone living in a different country and improve my English at the same time. Throughout this week, we gradually added new words and different sentence structures to our conversations, which allowed me to start forming more complex sentences. Although it was challenging in the first lesson, I quickly got used to it, and the lessons passed by without me realizing how time flew by.

Third Week

In my third week with Flalingo, I continued my lessons with Max. During these lessons, we focused on forming longer sentences and speaking by putting multiple sentences together. This allowed me to use the new words I learned in sentences and engage in longer conversations. By the end of this week's lessons, I noticed how much more fluent I had become compared to the trial lesson. This made me very happy because I had little confidence that I could speak fluently even after three months. Recognizing my progress from the third week onwards gave me hope and motivated me for the future.

Fourth Week

During the fourth week, our schedules didn't match with Max, so I had to continue my lessons with another teacher. From the pool of teachers, Flalingo offered me, I had my lessons with George. I was quite anxious before our first lesson since George didn't know any German, and I was used to relying on asking questions to Max in German when I struggled. However, my fears turned out to be unnecessary because George's approach made the lessons go smoothly, and I hardly faced any difficulties.

During my fourth-week lessons with George, I introduced myself, talked about my aspirations, and asked him a few questions to get to know him. At this point, I realized that the sentences I formed had improved significantly compared to the first week, and I could speak with much more confidence.

Fifth Week

In my fifth week, I chose to continue my lessons with George once again. During this period, I had the opportunity to learn about George's culture, and I shared information about my own traditions with him. This allowed me to form more complex sentences and also made me realize that I could understand the other person much more easily. So, while I had been focusing on the development of my speaking skills for a month, I also noticed that my listening ability had improved significantly.

Sixth Week

For the sixth week, I decided to return to having lessons with Max. During this week's lessons with Max, we discussed how the past two weeks had been. In the upcoming lessons, we gradually started doing short reading exercises and discussing the texts. This way, I not only practiced reading but also developed the ability to develop ideas about the texts and discuss them.

Seventh Week

In our lessons this week, Max and I talked about the TV series I had been watching. I mentioned how much easier I could understand English TV series compared to when I started the lessons and how happy this made me feel. Since our week started with discussions about TV series, we continued to talk about them in the following lessons, sharing our favorite shows and reasons why we liked them.

Eighth Week

During my eighth week with Flalingo, I continued my lessons with Max. This allowed me to keep speaking with someone I had already become quite comfortable with while further developing my English more confidently. This week, we read longer and more complex texts and discussed them. As a result, not only did my reading ability improve even further, but I also gained short pieces of information on various topics.

Ninth Week

After the eighth-week lessons, in order to engage in more reading practice in English, I had purchased some short story books. When starting with Flalingo, I chose books suitable for A2 level since my proficiency level was A2 at that time. However, I noticed that I could read and understand them quite easily. During our ninth-week lesson, I mentioned this to Max, and she suggested that my level might have progressed and recommended some books at the B1 level. In the following lessons, we continued with both reading and speaking practice.

Tenth Week

Following Max's book recommendations, I got the new books and started reading them. However, I found them challenging, and I realized that the ones I had read before were indeed much easier for my level. In other words, I had made significant progress! I cannot express how happy this made me feel. In the first lesson of the tenth week, I shared this with Max and thanked her for her help throughout this process. We focused on speaking in this week's lessons and discussed my progress and what I could do next.

So far, this has been my experience with Flalingo. I am extremely satisfied with the progress I have made, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my English since the trial lesson. My only regret is not getting a longer package. My three-month package will end in two weeks, and as soon as it does, I will purchase a 12-month package. If I made this much progress in three months, I can't even imagine how far my English will have come in a year.

6. Trustpilot Reviews Reassure the Reliability of Flalingo

Until now, I have tried to give you the details of my Flalingo experience to help you to understand what happens in this platform. You witness my improvement and satisfaction. However, my experience by itself may not convince you. In this case, I would like to invite you where some of Flalingo graduates and students share their experiences: Flalingo Trustpilot Reviews.

Overall, Flalingo gets 4.7 out of 5 in Trustpilot thanks to the English learners. It seems like I am not alone; other users also like this platforms and feel thankful to Flalingo team from tutors to support. Also, they emphasise the high quality materials.

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Moreover, it attracts my attention that in Trustpilot, Flalingo is more successful than other competitors. Therefore, Flalingo offers the best user experience with the tutors, support, high quality materials and perfectionist curriculum!

7. Conclusion

Yes, dear readers, as you can see from my experience with Flalingo, I am highly satisfied with the platform. The smart teacher algorithm, which selects suitable teachers for students, the opportunity to have regular lessons with preferred teachers, and the flexible subscription plans are the features we love the most about Flalingo. My English improved so much that I could write this blog post to share my experience with you guys. If you also want to learn English online, I can wholeheartedly recommend Flalingo to you.

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