Flalingo Kids Application Analysis: Is It Safe for Families?

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Last update: April 6, 2024

In this article, we are analyzing the Flalingo Kids application for families! As many of you know, Flalingo Kids is an online course that offers English lessons for children. In this online English teaching platform, children learn the English language by speaking with teachers. If the biggest responsibility of families towards their children is to provide a good education, perhaps facilitating their English conversation comes second. Therefore, providing English lessons for children is important. Flalingo is an application tasked precisely with this goal, to provide English education to children. So, is this application the right place for children's English education? This can only be decided with a detailed Flalingo analysis. The analysis is from us, the decision is up to the parents!

In this article, you can find topics on:

1. How Do Online English Courses for Children Work?

2. A Quick Introduction to the Flalingo Kids Application

3. Detailed Analysis of the Flalingo Kids Online English Application for Children

4. Families and Children Are in Safe Hands with Flalingo Kids!

How Do Online English Courses for Children Work?

Before making a quick introduction to the topic, let's look at the concept of online English courses for children. Although a significant portion of our lives is now spent online, we have certain habits when it comes to education. Therefore, parents might not be familiar with or might not be keen on the idea of online English teaching. However, online English courses are more common than most people think. The reason for this is the unique advantages of online English courses. These advantages include:

  • Private English lessons being more economical and effective compared to face-to-face courses,
  • The majority of instructors in online English courses being native English speakers,
  • The convenience of joining lessons from any location and at any time with online English applications,
  • Learning the language more effectively through conversation in online English lessons.

However, not every online English application is designed for children. Therefore, families should search specifically for 'online English courses for children' and find a platform that is entirely specialized.

Because the instructors, lessons, resources, and application design found in online English courses for children are much different. The reason is that children's educational needs are different from adults'. To ensure children stay focused, enjoy their lessons, and learn English, online English courses are created differently. However, the most important are the teachers in applications providing online language lessons for children. These teachers must have the ability to communicate correctly with children and teach in a way that they can understand. In other words, these instructors should be experienced in child development, knowledgeable, and aware. If we were to list the general features of an online English course specially prepared for children;

  • Engaging and colorful, attracting the attention of children with an application,
  • Providing ideal lessons to children with its instructors,
  • Supporting children's English education with the right materials during and after the lessons,
  • Keeping families informed about the child's development and status,
  • Offering flexible lesson hours that accommodate both families and children,
  • Teaching English correctly and at the right level to children,
  • Offering a customized lesson program compatible with every age,
  • Teaching English to children through speaking,
  • Providing lessons that are neither too long nor too short,
  • Regularly reporting the child's progress in English,

you might come across applications. Could Flalingo Kids be one of these applications? What features does it offer and how? Should families entrust their children to the Flalingo Kids online English course?

A Quick Introduction to the Flalingo Kids Application

Let's now get acquainted with the Flalingo Kids application. Flalingo Kids is an online English application customized for children. The Flalingo course teaches English in different categories for adults. However, for children, it has a completely different system. Now, let's analyze the Flalingo Kids platform with subheadings.

Detailed Analysis of the Flalingo Kids Online English Application for Children

The best way to analyze the Flalingo Kids application is to detail the topic under subheadings. This way, we can look at the general outline of the application and compare it with the features mentioned above. Let's start with the instructors and examine the topic by topic then.

Who Will Teach English to Children in the Flalingo Kids Application?

Probably, the most important question in the minds of families might be about the instructors on this platform. Because the instructors in the online English course are the only people who will directly communicate with the children. This means a great responsibility.

When we look at the Flalingo Kids instructors, the most important thing we see is that every instructor has gone through 2 or 3 stages of interviews. This shows that the Flalingo Kids application thoroughly scrutinizes the instructors it selects to be on the platform. In addition, some of these instructors are native English speakers. This way, children can hear English in the correct accent. This provides a significant advantage. However, as you know, just being a native English speaker doesn't make someone a good instructor. Flalingo wants its instructors to be professional. People without an educational certificate cannot be on this platform. Flalingo Kids also imposes an experience requirement on instructors.

These instructor hiring criteria make Flalingo Kids reliable in terms of teachers. But returning to the native language situation, there are additions to be made. On this platform, the priority is not the native language, but the competence and reliability of the instructors. Therefore, successful individuals also find a place on this platform. Regardless of native language, many instructors can be on this platform - after successful interviews. If your child is very young and as a parent, you do not know English well enough, you can initially seek help from an instructor who knows your language. Even if they won't speak their local language during the lessons, they can guide you for the first few lessons. This also helps children and families to adapt more quickly to English online lessons, without wasting time. At this point, we can say that you have a choice.

Flalingo Kids Application: Course Schedule and Levels

The Flalingo Kids application offers online English courses and lessons for ages 4-12. As you can see, within this age range, there are children who have started to read and write as well as very young children. Of course, children should start learning English as early as possible. But, can Flalingo Kids show the necessary sensitivity for each age group?

Flalingo Kids offers courses separately according to the English level and age factor of the children. This platform accommodates children who have already started school but have no knowledge of English, as well as those who have not yet attended school but have a certain level of English. There is a specific educational standard for each age and level. The Flalingo Kids application prepares the learning plan for children according to these standards. Teachers also teach in the most accurate way that children can understand, in accordance with this plan. At this point, the materials of the Flalingo Kids application are also very critical. Flalingo Kids gives away an English education series for children prepared by Oxford University Press as a gift. The name of this series is Family and Friends. There are separate books for both age and level here. Lessons supported by resources also follow a program prepared considering both age and level. We can say that Flalingo Kids lessons are efficient for children in this respect.

Special Consulting Support for Flalingo Kids and Families

While listing the English course and its features for children, we had mentioned the importance of informing families about the situation. Flalingo Kids also offers consultancy services in different forms. Firstly, after determining the child's level, an educational consultant guides you to determine the right program. This includes instructions on how many hours of lessons there will be weekly, instructor selection, and what needs to be done before and after lessons.

After the correct registration of children on the platform, the communication between families and the application does not cease. Necessary messages are sent to families so children do not miss their lessons. At the end of the lesson, a report is given based on the progress of the lesson and the student's performance. The name of this report is FLAI. This report is provided after the analysis of the student's conversations by artificial intelligence. It supports families and children with the student's level, strengths, and tips for improvement. Families should definitely look into the FLAI topic. You can access the necessary information from here.

Other Important Details About Flalingo Kids

In our analysis of Flalingo Kids, we have examined the basic features the application offers in detail. However, we also need to include the details. Let me list some important details about Flalingo Kids.

  • Necessary certificates are provided to students with the Flalingo Kids application.
  • The customer satisfaction rates of this application are very high. There is a team that acts solution-focused and can be contacted directly in case of any problems.
  • Live lessons in the Flalingo Kids application are recorded. This prevents inappropriate incidents during lessons and ensures a safe environment.
  • Families can download Flalingo Kids lessons. This allows them to revise the lessons.
  • In the Flalingo Kids application, children can take regular lessons from their favorite teachers. This feature is not available in most online English courses.

Families and Children Are in Safe Hands with Flalingo Kids!

What conclusion did we reach in this article where we reviewed Flalingo Kids? Is Flalingo Kids really reliable? Is Flalingo Kids the right online English course for children? It seems like the answers to all these questions are positive. Everything in the Flalingo Kids application is prepared to reassure families. It is possible to say that families and children are in safe hands, especially with the system established so that families can follow every step. Also, with its teacher quality, Flalingo Kids increases the appreciation and trust in this application. In conclusion, the Flalingo Kids analysis yields good results. With its success, this application can effectively teach English to children. We did the analysis, now the decision is up to the parents!

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