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Last update: January 6, 2024


  1. Flalingo Reviews: Summary
  2. Flalingo Pros and Cons
  3. Flalingo’s Best Feature
  4. Flalingo’s Worst Feature
  5. Trustpilot Flalingo Reviews
  6. Product Hunt Flalingo Reviews
  7. Flalingo Reviews on Play Store and App Store
  8. Google Review Flalingo Comments
  9. bestlanguagelearningapps.com ranking
  10. Conclusion: Why Should You Try Flalingo?

1. Flalingo Reviews: Summary

Flalingo is definitely worth doing! Read along to learn why and see what others experienced through Flalingo! Flalingo is a platform that provides one-to-one online English lessons. It has an innovative methodology that distinguishes itself from its competitors with its smart tutor selection algorithm, lesson tracking system, and 24/7 live support unit. I took upon this journey to find out the good and the bad of Flalingo. During this journey, I’ve read reviews from Flalingo users in Trustpilot, Product Hunt, Play Store, AppStore, and bestlanguagelearningapps.com. On these platforms, people talk about their positive and negative experiences. Most positive reviews are about Flalingo working with native professional tutors, the materials they use, and how it improved their English. Negative reviews are about their education with children and the customer reps pursuing sales. Through this journey of reviews and my own experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that Flalingo is undoubtedly worth doing!  

My Score4.7/5
Overall Score 4.8/5
The Best FeatureSmart Tutor Selection Algorithm 
The Worst FeatureCustomer Reps Pursuing Sales
Exclusiveness on TeachersVery Exclusive
Materials UsedOxford University Press
Video and Sound QualityFlawless
Contact With Customer SupportFlawless

2. Flalingo Pros and Cons

As with any platform, Flalingo has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Flalingo Pros

  • The smart tutor selection algorithm 
  • Unlimited access to the Oxford University Press Library
  • Flawless video and sound connection during the lessons
  • 24/7 online lessons whenever you want wherever you want
  • Professional tutors
  • Access to your past lessons, for they are recorded
  • Certificate after completing 30 hours of English-speaking practice
  • Choosing a tutor that suits your level, needs, and interest
  • Specialized curriculum focusing on your specific goals


Flalingo Cons

  • Prices are a little more expensive than other online English learning platforms
  • It offers very few discounts and campaigns compared to its alternatives
  • Customer representatives calling via phone during the sales process 
  • The reminder messages are sent only 5 minutes before the lessons

3. Flalingo’s Best Feature

The best thing Flalingo provides for its students is the smart tutor selection algorithm. With this feature, you can choose directly from the teachers you need without wasting time trying to decide which teacher to choose. For instance, I aimed to improve my speaking because my English level was but I couldn’t speak well. I wanted to take lessons from a native teacher with an American accent. The smart tutor selection algorithm made it easier for me to see in my teacher pool only the teachers who meet these criteria and were available when I wanted to take my lessons. I was able to experience different teacher options whenever I wanted, and when I wanted to continue with the same teacher, I could easily find the same teacher and follow my progress.

4. Flalingo’s Worst Feature

I believe through my experience I could say Flalingo’s worst feature is its prices. However, since I tried it and saw how qualified the tutors are, I believe it deserves what it costs. So, I think its worst feature may be the customer reps pursuing sales on the phone. I understand it is their job and they should sell the service they are giving, I believe they could explain the platform more and try to sell less. 

5. Trustpilot Flalingo Reviews

flalingo, flalingo trustpilot, online İngilizce

On this platform, Flalingo has 53 reviews and only one of the review worths only one point. It is obvious that most Flalingo users are satisfied with the online English lessons they have gotten from Flalingo. These users have commented on how much their speaking had improved, the quality of tutors, and the ability to take lessons in the comfort of their homes. One user who was unsatisfied with the lessons stated the platform’s ability to teach children. However, I cannot comment on it since in this review I aim to only talk about the platforms and adults’ experiences with them. Here are two of the reviews Flalingo got on Trustpilot:

 ★★★★★ ‘Flalingo Is The Best Platform’

“I have been searching for English teaching platforms since 4 months. i have tried every platform i could, at last i found that flalingo is the best platform of them all. thanks for every teacher on this platform and thanks for the 24/7 customer service.” -Sophia, Trustpilot.

 ★★★★★ ‘5 Star Service’

“Thanks to flalingo tutors for their trendamous effort! I am using this website about 3 months for improve my english skills! 5 star service! Very good material And smoıthless interface on website”

★★★★★ ‘Lessons Were Fun’

“Before going to Erasmus, I bought a package from flalingo.com to improve my speaking skills. Thanks to this training, I had the opportunity to collect very good memories and friendships during Erasmus. The lessons were very fun and I was never bored.” -Serkan, Trustpilot

6. Product Hunt Flalingo Reviews


On Product Hunt, Flalingo got 5/5! There are 9 reviews made for Flalingo on Product Hunt and all of these reviews are five-starred. This shows that only satisfied customers wanted to express their feelings toward the online English learning platform. Here, these customers stated that they are pleased with the prices and the quality of the platform, and how professional the tutors are. Here are two comments made about Flalingo on Product Hunt.

★★★★★ ‘I Was Very Satisfied’

“It is the best-priced online English learning platform that can be purchased with quality teachers, always customer support, and an easy-to-use website. I was very satisfied. It is an application that I recommend to those around me who want to learn English.” -Meltem Gülşen, Product Hunt.

★★★★★ ‘I Highly Reccomend Flalingo’

“First of all, I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Flalingo tutors. Each tutor is a native English speaker with years of experience teaching English as a second language. They are patient, friendly, and really know how to help students improve their language skills. The online platform itself is very user-friendly and intuitive. It's easy to sign up, schedule lessons, and communicate with your tutor. I appreciate the flexibility that Flalingo offers, allowing me to book lessons at a time that works for me and to choose the length and frequency of my lessons. During my lessons, my tutor was always well-prepared and had a clear plan for each session. We focused on the areas where I needed the most improvement, such as grammar and pronunciation, and my tutor provided me with lots of useful feedback and tips. Overall, I highly recommend Flalingo to anyone looking to improve their English language skills. The quality of the instruction is top-notch, the tutors are friendly and professional, and the online platform is easy to use. Thank you, Flalingo, for helping me improve my English!” -bencan arap, Product Hunt.

7. Flalingo Reviews on Play Store and App Store


On PlayStore, Flalingo App has 9 reviews and has a rating 4 out of 5. On AppStore, Flalingo App has 6 reviews and has a rating 3.7 out of 5. 

Although there are 17 reviews in total, only one of these reviews is a comment and it is about a user who is surprised there are no comments on the app. That is why I cannot share the reviews or users’ experiences with you.

8. Google Review Flalingo Comments

Flalingo (1).png

On Google Review, Flalingo has 26 comments and a rating of 5/5! Here, users express they like the platform because of the customer service, the quality of the lessons and the tutors, and the chance to take lessons with a tutor over and over again. Here are some reviews:


“Flalingo is a platform that really helps me a lot with English.  If you have a question, the support team takes care of it immediately. It's not impossible to find the same teacher as on any other platform (Cab***).” -Esra, Google Review




“I searched a lot, but I finally found what I wanted. It's not just a speaking practice like other platforms, it's like a school. It is impossible not to make progress. The lessons are recorded and I can watch them over and over again. I will update my comments as I continue the lessons.” -Selin, Google Review

9. Flalingo bestlanguagelearningapps.com Ranking


On bestlanguagelearningapps.com, Flalingo is the most liked online English learning platform among the 7 best online English courses. Also, its rating is 8.5/10 and there are 9 user reviews. All of these reviews are made by Flalingo users who are content with their experience. These users state that they like the lessons being online and available at any time and the quality of the tutors. Here are three comments users have made on bestlanguagelearningapps.com:

‘Thank You’

“We realized that the biggest deficiency in this change, which we started with the idea of moving our business abroad 6 months ago, is language. Since there is no such thing as going to a course due to the intensity of our work, we identified a few applications as a result of researches on where and how we can get a good English course over the internet. In addition, there are situations such as not being able to attend the class due to last-minute urgent work, thank you, friends from the support team help immediately and change the time and day of the lesson.” -Doğukan, bestlanguagelearningapps.com

‘Better Than I Expected’ 

“I signed up with a recommendation from a friend. Frankly, it's much better than I expected, they do an entrance test at the beginning and guide you according to your level. It's good that your teacher is also stable” -Murat, bestlanguagelaerningapps.com

‘I Never Had Any Problems’

“Until I met Flalingo, the courses I attended were not satisfactory at all. The teacher is really good, he doesn't keep you away from the lesson during the lesson, he helps you stay in the lesson and not lose your interest, even if you don't understand how the lesson goes, they are really successful in this job. I also think for my little girl in the next year, I think it will definitely be beneficial for my child to take an English lesson as a start. Thank you very much to the support team, they were always interested, I never had any problems” 

-Veli, bestlanguagelaerningapps.com

10. Conclusion: Why Should You Try Flalingo?

Flalingo is helpful in online English learning in many ways. Their tutors are qualified and they go through a serious selection process, they provide their students limitless access to Oxford University Press Library, they have a specialized curriculum for its students, lessons are available 24/7 and recorded so you can repeat them, and you get a certificate after completing 30 hours of speaking practice. These, I believe, are significant reasons to try Flalingo. Their working with professional teachers and using Oxford University Press materials show how much they care about and respect their students’ education. 

Briefly, there are always a lot of reasons to hate something when you want to hate it but there are many reasons to love Flalingo even if you don’t want to love it. Check out their website and campaigns to get great online English lessons for a convenient price.

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