Flalingo Discounts: The Platform Offering the Biggest Discount of the Year

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Last update: 5 January 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. An Overview: Flalingo Discounts
  2. Flalingo Discount Code
  3. Flalingo Prices
  4. Why Does Flalingo Offer Less Discount?
  5. Is Flalingo Reliable? My Experience with Flalingo
  6. Flalingo Trustpilot Reviews Correct Me

1. An Overview: Flalingo Discounts

Flalingo is an online platform that provides one-on-one English language instruction. It differentiates itself from its competitors with its smart tutor selection algorithm, lesson tracking system, and 24/7 live support team, offering an innovative methodology. As a result, it has gained attention from users and sparked curiosity among those who want to learn English online. We have previously written blogs about the user experience with Flalingo and Flalingo prices. Therefore, in this article, we want to discuss Flalingo discounts to help you obtain affordable education.

Currently, according to bestlanguagelearningapps.com, Flalingo is offering the biggest discount of the year for an online English learning platform!

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Flalingo, offering a limited-time 60% discount to its users, seems to be turning one of its biggest drawbacks into a positive. The reason for this, as we mentioned in our article about Flalingo User Experiences, one of their major disadvantages was offering significantly fewer discounts and promotions compared to their competitors. However, Flalingo seems to be listening to its users and decided to provide such a discount code.

2. Flalingo Discount Code

In 2024, Flalingo received the highest ratings from students on Best Language Learning Apps, and they are now offering a 60% discount with the code 'WINTER'. Flalingo provides users with the opportunity to practice speaking face-to-face with native English-speaking teachers. Additionally, Flalingo allows users to learn about various cultures and experience different accents from anywhere at any time. As a result, users can engage in one-on-one conversations with native English speakers, enabling them to better grasp the intricacies and nuances of the language. For more detailed information about Flalingo, you can read our article titled "My 12-Month Flalingo Experience: Should You Subscribe to Flalingo?"

Online English Platform 2024 Winter Campaigns

During the summer, when days are longer and people have more free time, online English learning platforms have started offering new campaigns. We wanted to include these campaigns in our article so that you can compare them and start taking lessons at the most suitable platform for you at the best price. Cambly is offering a major winter campaign with a 50% discount. Preply provides a 30% discount on all products, and LiveXp offers a 10% discount on their 3-month package. Furthermore, Lingoda offers a 20% winter discount, and Open English offers a 30% discount. And of course, as the subject of this article, Flalingo offers the highest discount among these platforms, with a 60%  discount for its users.

3. Flalingo Prices

Flalingo offers its users the option to choose between 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages. Within these packages, you can select between 1, 3, 5, or 7 days per week, and choose between 25-minute or 50-minute lessons. 

So, when you apply the code 'WINTER'  and receive a 60% discount, how much does Flalingo cost? Let's take a look at the prices in the table below:

Package DurationOriginal PricePrice with the Code 'SUMMER' 
1 Month$48.80/Month$19.52/Month
3 Months$43.53/Month$17.41/Month
6 Months$41.13/Month$16.45/Month
12 Months$36.30/Month$14.52/Month

As you can see, by using the 60% discount code, you can receive education on Flalingo for only 14 Dollars per month! This way, you can get higher quality and more affordable lessons compared to Flalingo's competitors. We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and signing up for Flalingo as soon as possible!

4. Why Does Flalingo Offer Less Discount?

Flalingo's approach to discounts sets it apart from its competitors in the online English learning industry and addresses a common concern raised by users regarding the frequency of discounts. While some users may initially view Flalingo's fewer discounts as a drawback, a closer examination reveals the rationale behind this strategy and the benefits it offers.

Many online English learning platforms engage in continuous active discount campaigns to attract new users and retain existing ones. These campaigns create a perception of ongoing discounts, giving users the impression that they are constantly receiving a great deal. However, what users may not realize is that some of these platforms may artificially raise their prices and then offer discounts later, making it appear as though they are providing significant discounts.

Flalingo takes a different approach by prioritizing transparency and fairness in its pricing. The platform presents its prices upfront without artificially inflating them to create an illusion of discounts. By doing so, Flalingo ensures that users have access to accurate and transparent pricing information, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the real cost of the courses.

Flalingo's dedication to affordability is matched by its commitment to providing an exceptional education. With qualified instructors, comprehensive materials, interactive tools, and personalized support, Flalingo ensures users receive the best learning experience. Rather than relying solely on discounts, Flalingo prioritizes quality to meet users' needs effectively. By offering genuine discounts at appropriate times, Flalingo builds trust and loyalty. Users can rely on these discounts as a testament to Flalingo's fair and valuable educational experience. Through transparent pricing and strategic discount offerings, Flalingo maintains affordability without resorting to manipulative tactics. This focus on transparency and value establishes Flalingo as a reliable provider of online English learning.

5. Is Flalingo Reliable? My Experience with Flalingo

As someone who has experienced Flalingo, I will share my experience and explain why you should take advantage of the code 'WINTER' to receive a 60% discount. I signed up for Flalingo with a 55% discount they offered for Ramadan Eid. By that time, I had already heard about Flalingo from a few friends and read user reviews online, and I was considering starting my education with them. As a white-collar worker, although my English level was good, I couldn't speak fluently and had difficulty understanding what was being said in meetings at work due to not practicing enough. Therefore, I wanted to focus on Business English with Flalingo. I took a trial lesson initially, which cost around 3 Dollars, and I was very satisfied with it. So, I decided to purchase a 12-month package with a 55% discount. You can read my article where I described my two-month experience by clicking here. But to summarize, during my journey with Flalingo, I not only improved my English much faster than I expected by taking lessons from teachers specialized in Business English and becoming more fluent in meetings but also gained confidence in speaking through general English lessons and practicing conversation.

6. Flalingo Trustpilot Reviews Correct Me

Until now, we take a look at Flalingo discounts and decide whether it makes sense to enrol English courses on this app. Relying on my experience, I say that you should be the member of Flalingo family as it offers the high quality English education. However, if my words are not enough for you to make your mind, you can learn more about Flalingo by listening to others.

I know a place that one can meet Flalingo students and graduates. In Trustpilot, you can investigate on others' opinions about Flalingo app. Flalingo is a considerably successful English learning platform in Trustpilot as it receives the highest grade; 4.7 out of 5. 

flalingo, flalingo trustpilot, online İngilizce

Therefore, I can confidently recommend Flalingo to you, and I can say that Flalingo is 100% reliable. If you want to experience Flalingo and receive a quality education, you can use the 'WINTER' code to get a 60% discount and start your education with peace of mind. Don't forget to visit Flalingo's website for more information!

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