English for Kids- Which Platform You Should Choose?

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Last update: January 9, 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Learning Languages at an Early Age
  2. Five Tips to Help Children Learn English
  3. Which App Should You Choose for Your Child?

1. Learning Languages at an Early Age

Learning English can be much easier for children than it is for adults. Although there is no specific ideal age range to start children's English learning, the earlier they begin, the easier the process becomes for them. If at least one of the parents knows English, speaking English with the child from infancy can contribute to the child's familiarity with the language. Alternatively, you can expose your 4-5-year-old child to English cartoons to help them get accustomed to the language. In the rest of the article, I will provide advice to facilitate English learning for children. But before that, let's take a look at why learning languages at an early age is important.

Children have more open perceptions because they are just getting to know life and the world, making it easier for them to learn new things. Additionally, fear and embarrassment are emotions we develop later in life, so children can make mistakes boldly and without getting embarrassed. Furthermore, when children learn English at an early age, their horizons broaden, and they become more open to development. Therefore, providing early English education for children is one of the best investments parents can make for their children's future. Moreover, a child who learns English at an early age will find it easier to learn different languages as they grow up.

2. Five Tips to Help Children Learn English

As I mentioned before, learning English for children can be much easier than it is for adults. However, when a child perceives it as a formal lesson, there is a high possibility of getting bored with learning English. Therefore, I would like to share the methods I tried while teaching my daughter English and provide advice on this matter.

2.1. Speaking English with Your Child

If you have the opportunity, you should try to speak English with your children. Speaking English with your child can facilitate their language acquisition. The earlier you start, the easier the process becomes for the child. When you speak both Turkish and English to your child from infancy, they can grasp and learn both languages simultaneously. A child's greatest motivation to learn something new comes from necessity. Therefore, when you speak English with your child, they will make an effort to understand you and learn English gradually. Even though my English proficiency is not very high, I have been trying to speak English with my daughter since she was a baby, and I believe it has greatly contributed to her language development.

2.2. Play English Songs for Children

Children find it easier to learn something new when they are having fun. That's why there are children's songs created for colors, shapes, and many other things. When children listen to these songs in English, they not only become familiar with the language but also enjoy it. As a result, being exposed to English frequently makes their English learning process easier.

2.3. Reading Books in English

Practicing reading not only benefits children but also adults significantly in the process of learning English. Therefore, having your child read books suitable for their level and interest can help improve their English skills. If your child doesn't know how to read yet, reading these books to them can also be effective. This way, learning English becomes an activity you do together, and your child will benefit more from this experience. The key point here is to understand your child’s boundaries and when they are bored. If your child gets bored, try not to force them but create a space for them, which will positively impact their attitude towards both English and reading.

2.4. Integrate English into Your Life

Incorporating English into your daily routines can make it easier for your child to get used to the language. You can speak English with your child while playing games, choose the English language option for the cartoons they watch, and use simple English sentences and words that your child frequently uses. By doing so, your child can get accustomed to English in their daily life without significant changes, making it easier for them to learn the language comfortably.

2.5. Use Online English Courses for Help

The best way to learn a language is to seek help from a professional. Therefore, having your child work with a teacher will facilitate the English learning process. However, it will be easier for your child to learn English at home rather than physically attending a course. Hence, choosing online English courses specifically designed for children will be highly beneficial for your child.

3. Which App Should You Choose for Your Child?

Every parent wants the best for their child, and that's why you want your child to learn English. However, choosing the right platform is crucial in this regard. The experience your child will have with an online English learning app can either spark their interest or turn them away from English. Therefore, before signing up for any online English learning app, it's essential to conduct thorough research and take a trial lesson after making your decision. To make the research process easier for you, I have reviewed four platforms.

3.1. Flalingo Kids

flalingo kids.webp

Flalingo is not as well-known as its competitors due to being a relatively younger platform. However, it is well-liked by its users, and I personally tried it with my child, so I wanted to inform you about Flalingo. Before getting into user reviews, let me share my thoughts about Flalingo. The biggest advantage of Flalingo is that it addresses the shortcomings of its competitors. While Cambly struggles with a shortage of professional teachers, Flalingo only works with individuals who have completed their university education and obtained an English teaching certification. Unlike Preply, Flalingo's customer support team works efficiently, and you can contact them via voice call or message anytime. As for NovaKid's unexpected price increases, no one using Flalingo has mentioned experiencing such issues.

Users of Flalingo have stated, through bestlanguagelearningapps.com, that they are pleased with the professionalism of the teachers, the availability of rich content in the lessons, and the ability to have regular lessons with preferred teachers on the Flalingo platform.

3.2. Preply Kids

preply kids.webp

Preply is preferred by adults due to its reasonable prices; however, it is not as popular among parents for children. Nevertheless, I conducted a short research in case you wanted to give it a try. While I looked for user reviews on platforms where people share their experiences and comments about such platforms, there were no reviews specifically for Preply Kids, except for bestlanguagelearningapps.com. On this website, there were 6 comments about Preply Kids; 3 of them were positive, and 3 were negative. To see the reviews, click here.

Positive reviews generally highlighted the platform's usefulness for children. On the other hand, negative reviews mentioned issues such as users being charged for lessons they didn't receive, difficulties in obtaining refunds, teachers canceling lessons for no reason, and the lack of customer support.

3.3. NovaKid


NovaKid has been appearing everywhere with the advertising efforts it has increased recently. That's why it's one of the first options for parents who want their children to learn English. To get a view of the pros and cons of NovaKid, I’ve checked reviews made on Trustpilot. Here, 822 people reviewed NovaKid and 88% of these people are satisfied with the platform while the rest are disappointed. Here positive reviews are about NovaKid helping children improve their English. On the other hand, negative reviews are about tutors facing difficulties in communicating effectively with the kids, experiencing connection problems during the lessons, and customer service not responding after the sale is completed.

3.4. Cambly Kids

cambly kids.webp

Cambly is a well-known platform, which is why parents often consider giving it a chance for their children. However, before enrolling in Cambly Kids, you should definitely read user reviews. I’ve looked into complaints made on Xolvie. On this platform, users can express their disappointment against the brand and try to get a response from that brand. Here, there are 45 complaints about Cambly and only 5 of them are resolved. About Cambly Kids, parents expressed their disappointment about teachers canceling the lessons, technical errors occurring on the website, the customer support department communicating only via email, and tutors not being available most of the time.

You, as a parent, are the best judge of what is best for your child. I hope you consider the advice I shared and make a decision accordingly. Before registering on any platform, remember to thoroughly read user reviews. To review and compare platforms, you can visit our website.

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