EF English Live or Flalingo? Which One to Choose for a Quality Online English Education?

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Last update: 8 January 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Teacher Quality
  3. Used Materials
  4. User Reviews
  5. Customer Support Services
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

While EF English Live is well-known for its physical courses, its online education is not widely utilized. On the other hand, Flalingo is slowly stepping into the realm of online English education and gradually gaining the approval of users. Hence, I wanted to compare these two platforms to see the differences between them. This way, I can provide you with detailed information about these lesser-known platforms and determine which one is better.

To compare the two platforms, I examined the quality of teachers, the materials used in lessons, and the level of customer support services, and analyzed user reviews. Based on my investigation, I found that Flalingo surpasses EF English Live in several aspects. To discover the areas where Flalingo excels and to gain more comprehensive information, keep reading!

2. Teacher Quality

The quality and effectiveness of a platform's lessons are determined by its teachers. Therefore, the selection process of teachers and the expectations from them demonstrates how much a platform cares about its education’s quality. Hence, when comparing the two platforms, I first examine their teacher selection criteria. It appears that there is not much difference between EF English Live and Flalingo when it comes to teacher selection criteria.

For working as a teacher at EF English Live, the requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of a bachelor's degree
  • Fluent English speaking ability
  • Possession of a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.

To become a teacher at Flalingo, the requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • English is your native language or have native-like proficiency in English
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree
  • Possession of a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification
  • Having at least one year of teaching experience
  • Being enthusiastic about teaching, creative, and dedicated to the success of students.

As understood from the teacher selection criteria, it appears that there isn't much difference between the two platforms in this regard. However, this doesn't necessarily mean there is no difference in the quality of their education. Therefore, to gain detailed information about the education quality of EF English Live and Flalingo, we need to examine the materials they use and the user reviews on this matter.

3. Used Materials

One of the most significant indicators of the quality of any educational institution is the resources and materials they use. This importance becomes even more pronounced in the context of online education. Therefore, I believe that examining the materials used by the platforms is crucial in making comparisons.

The difference in the quality of education between EF English Live and Flalingo becomes evident despite the similarity in their teacher selection criteria. The reason for this is that Flalingo uses Oxford University Press books in its lessons, while EF English Live only offers interactive exercises. EF English Live provides its students with interactive materials for both in-class and out-of-class use. However, these materials consist of simple exercises, and the source of their preparation is not specified. As a result, the quality of these limited materials raises doubts.

On the other hand, Flalingo's use of Oxford University Press books implies a more comprehensive and reputable approach to language learning. This choice of materials may contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of the courses offered by Flalingo.

When evaluating an online English learning platform, the quality and variety of materials are crucial factors in ensuring a successful and enriching learning experience. The choice of course materials can directly impact the students' progress and motivation. Therefore, Flalingo's reliance on renowned and established publishers like Oxford University Press may indicate a more comprehensive and structured approach to language education.

Flalingo uses Oxford University Press books in its lessons and provides its students with free access to the Oxford University Press Library. This allows students to benefit from digital books to support their education both during the lessons and at any time they wish. Moreover, the fact that these books are prepared by Oxford University further emphasizes the high quality of the education they offer.

4. User Reviews

User reviews reflect the experiences of individuals who have tried the platforms. Therefore, I thoroughly examine and share the information obtained from user reviews for the platforms I compare. I have reviewed the user comments about Flalingo and EF English Live on Trustpilot, and I noticed a significant difference between the two platforms. On Trustpilot, a vast majority of users express satisfaction with Flalingo, while there is a considerably higher number of users expressing dissatisfaction with EF English Live.

The positive reviews about EF English Live highlight the convenience of being able to study from anywhere and the effectiveness of the teaching methods used. However, there are also negative reviews that mention issues like the inability to have regular classes with the same teacher, failure to fulfill promised commitments, low-quality education, crowded group classes, and difficulties when obtaining refunds. Also, there are several comments on Trustpilot saying EF English Live charges the students’ credit cards without their consent. 

“I thought it was a great idea to learn with ef and to start a 1-year subscription. But for me, it is a waste of money. I don't learn within the app and the private lessons are not very useful as well. I have rarely lessons with the same tutor twice. And so I have to learn very often with a tutor which I don't like. I am sorry, that is a waste of time and money in my opinion and for me personally.” -Sebastian, Trustpilot

“Acceptable platform BUT after I paid they don’t help you with technical problems. I would be grateful if the Support team would work as the salespeople. Very disappointed!” -Ale, Trustpilot

“They are lying thieves. They even have a system in place that charges your bank account without your permission. I burnt my finger with them twice. The quality of teaching and content is not as good as one would imagine. They are not worth your money and the hassle they bring.” Alex, Trustpilot

“The classes get very slow and bad. When I connect to the classroom I cannot hear anybody and too many people have the same problems. The lesson slides are also not very good, no real grammar work.” -Jeff Hardy, Trustpilot

Almost all reviews about Flalingo are positive. These reviews highlight Flalingo's advancements in areas where its competitors may be lacking, such as customer service, smart teacher selection algorithm, and flexible subscription options. Users also appreciate the high quality of education and how helpful Flalingo is in supporting students. Below are a few of these reviews so you can see for yourself:

“Thanks to Flalingo, I speak English comfortably and fluently. They have excellent tutors and teams who assist me at every step.” -Yağmur, Trustpilot

“I am an artificial intelligence engineer and planning to apply for positions abroad. That’s why I met with Flalingo 3 months ago. As a result of the lessons I took for 3 months, I observed that my English level increased a lot. I can now express myself more confidently in English. The teachers are very involved. They helped me where I got stuck. Many thanks to the Flalingo family for helping me throughout my English learning journey.” -Alperen, Trustpilot

“I have been trying to learn English for 3 years but until ı met with Flalingo the improvement was not satisfying at all. Tutors really know what someone should do to improve her/his English. If you want to learn English truly, you should try the online English course Flalingo.” -Ebubekir, Trustpilot

User reviews that reflect honest and real experiences are highly important when evaluating a brand. Therefore, it's essential to consider these reviews before making a decision. From the user reviews I've examined, it's evident that Flalingo is better in terms of lesson quality, user data privacy, and customer service compared to EF English Live. As a result, Flalingo seems to be the right choice for improving your English or starting to learn English from scratch.

5. Customer Support Services

Having a good customer support service is crucial for an online English learning platform. When students encounter a reliable customer support service, they can easily express themselves and find solutions to their issues, which makes them feel secure. Therefore, the difference in customer support services between EF English Live and Flalingo is very important. As a result, evaluating the quality of customer support services provided by EF English Live and Flalingo is essential. A customer support service that offers positive experiences promptly resolves issues and ensures students' sense of security contributes positively to the learning process.

In the reviews about EF English Live, it was mentioned that it is quite challenging to reach customer support after the sale is closed. I had assumed that they might provide the option of voice calls but not answer the phones. However, it turns out that EF English Live students can only contact customer support through emails. This makes things difficult for students because they may not be able to express themselves adequately in emails and miss the comfort of talking to a person directly. Moreover, the fact that the platform doesn't respond to these emails surprised me. I am almost certain that their lack of response is not due to workload but rather an unwillingness to address the issues students come across with. In my opinion, this aspect of EF English Live significantly impacts the platform's usability. If I were a student, I wouldn't want to take classes on a platform where I can only communicate via email and even then, not receive any response to my emails.

Therefore, Flalingo outperforms EF English Live in this regard as well. Flalingo provides its users with the option to contact customer support through both voice calls and messaging. This allows students to choose the method they feel the most comfortable with when reaching out to the customer support team.

Moreover, Flalingo's live support is available 24/7, ensuring that students can voice their concerns at any time, regardless of the time zone they are in. As a result, Flalingo holds a stronger position in terms of customer support services compared to EF English Live.

With the flexibility and continuous availability of their customer support, Flalingo ensures that its students feel well-supported throughout their learning journey. This aspect of Flalingo's service enhances its overall appeal, making it a more attractive option for students seeking reliable assistance and support during their language learning process.

6. Conclusion

Based on my analysis, I have observed that Flalingo is significantly ahead when comparing the two platforms. There were no major differences in the teacher selection criteria between EF English Live and Flalingo. However, there were substantial differences in the materials offered, customer support services, and user reviews.

Flalingo's use of Oxford University Press materials while EF English Live doesn’t provide any book or similar material to students gives Flalingo a clear advantage. Additionally, users of Flalingo express high satisfaction with the platform and consider it superior to other applications, while EF English Live users share their difficulties and do not recommend the platform to others.

Furthermore, Flalingo's 24/7 live support through both messaging and voice calls, compared to EF English Live's communication only through emails without responding, further demonstrates Flalingo's superiority. Therefore, for those who are undecided between EF English Live and Flalingo, I wholeheartedly recommend Flalingo. You can receive higher quality education and have easier communication with the platform with Flalingo.

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