EF English Live Discount: Is EF English Live Worth Doing?

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Last update: 8 January 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Overview: EF English Live Discount Code
  2. EF English Live Prices
  3. My Experience With EF English Live
  4. Online English Platforms Discounts
  5. Summary: Is EF English Live Worth Doing?

1. Overview: EF English Live Discount Code

EF English Live is an online English learning platform that is available in almost 30 countries. The platform is very popular in some countries while it is barely known or used in others. EF English Live works with professional teachers and has an experience over 50 years. However, the platform doesn’t show their prices clearly or offer discounts. This is, I believe, a big disadvantage of the platform. Firstly, I feel like when a platform doesn’t present their prices openly, there is a big chance they are not being truthful. Also, the fact that they don’t offer discounts also supports this thought of mine. I think, if they would demonstrate their prices openly, they could give out discount codes. Therefore, I would like to share my experience with the platform and give you a discount code in case you want to try it out. 

To get a 20% discount you can use the code ‘EF20’

2. EF English Live Prices

In contrast to its rivals, EF English Live does not differentiate between group classes and private instruction. On most platforms, you can select which option you want to obtain if both are offered. On EF English Live, you get 30 group lessons per month regardless of the package you choose. 

Although the site sets the prices taking into account the group lessons, I think you can choose not to enroll in the classes. However, because many users desire to take private classes, I believe that this is rather unfair to the users. You can only select 2, 4, or 8 private classes each month on EF English Live, though. These lessons cost 89 Dollars per month for 2 private sessions, 109 Dollars for 4 private lessons, and 139 Dollars for 8 lessons. 

Also, EF English Live offers only 6-month and 12-month packages. However, For the 6-month plan, there is only one choice. 30 group classes and 4 private lessons each month are included in every package. This plan costs 129 Dollars a month. For 12-Month packages prices change according to the number of private lessons you wish to take per month and the prices are 89, 109, and 139 Dollars per month. You can see a table below demonstrating overall prices for 12-month packages.

12-Month Package Overall Prices:

30 Group Sessions and 2 Private Lessons/ Month1,068 USD
30 Group Sessions and 4 Private Lessons/ Month1,308 USD
30 Group Sessions and 8 Private Lessons/ Month1,668 USD 

3. My Experience With EF English Live

As I mentioned above, EF English Live doesn’t demonstrate its prices openly. Therefore, when I wanted to learn the prices, I had to sign up for the platform and wait for them to call me to inform me about the platform and the prices. After I signed up, they sent me an e-mail after a short time and I scheduled a time for me to call me. I had to schedule 3 hours away because that was the closest time they were available. I thought waiting THREE HOURS to get information about a platform and their prices is a bit illogical. 

Anyway, they called me at the right time and we talked about EF English Live and the prices. On the phone, I was informed that all packages on EF English Live contain 30 group lessons per month. I believe they put this many group lessons per package to make the user feel like they are receiving a lot of lessons. Nevertheless, the number of private lessons is quite low since you can only choose 2,4, or 8 private lessons per month. The prices for 12-month packages are; 89$ per month for 2 private lessons a month, 109$ for 4 private lessons per month, and 139$ per month for 8 lessons a month. I think the prices are very high and since the platform doesn’t offer discount codes, you can’t do anything about the prices. You can use the code ‘EF20’ to get a 20% discount, but I think the prices are still pretty high. To get detailed information on EF English Live’s prices, check out our article on the topic. Also, you can read a detailed article on EF English Live user reviews by just clicking here.

4. Online English Platforms Discounts

flalingo offers.webp

In the summer, online English learning websites give out a lot of discount codes. This is because people tend to dedicate themselves to improving their skills. Therefore, I will share some of these platforms’ discounts. If you want to learn the codes, click here. Lingoda offers a 25% discount while Cambly offers a 20% discount. On the other hand, Open English offers a 30% discount and Flalingo offers a 60% discount which is the highest discount among these platforms.

The Highest Discount of the Year on Flalingo

As you can see, Flalingo offers the biggest discount of the year among its competitors. In case you don’t know, Flalingo is an innovative online English learning platform providing one-on-one lessons with certified teachers to its students. By clicking here, you can read Flalingo user reviews and get comprehensive information on the platform. For detailed information about Flalingo's promotions, you can visit our article about it. To get a 60% discount, you can use the code 'WINTER'.

5. Is EF English Live Worth Doing?

EF English Live, in my opinion, is not reasonably priced. First of all, even with discounts, the prices are still excessively high. Another reason is that, by offering so many group classes, the platform wants to give the impression that it is letting you take a lot of high-quality courses. However, it doesn't let you add more lessons and offers a very limited number of individual lessons. Additionally, evaluations claim that EF English Live complicates cancellations and charges students' cards without their consent. Because EF English Live is not worth the money you will pay, I think you should not utilize it. Therefore, I believe EF English Live is not worth doing even if you benefit from a discount code. 

My suggestion to you is to try out different platforms. You can check out our website to see our evaluations on online English learning platforms and compare them to get a better understanding of which is better. 

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