Does Open English Provide Suitable Content for Children? What is Open English Junior?

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Last update: 11 January 2024

Does Open English provide suitable content for children? What is Open English Junior?

Today's content is of interest to families looking for applications that provide English education for children. Online platforms offering English education for children are increasing day by day and becoming more accessible for parents. This concept, which attracts attention with its flexible education advantage, is prepared with special content for children by some online English platforms. At this point, parents are also researching whether Open English, which offers English courses for adults, has a specific format for children. In the meantime, while Open English Junior brand greets families, there is a lot you need to learn about it. Let's take a journey about the Open English Junior platform.

Table of Contents:

  1. Learn English For Kids: The Most Favourite Solutions
  2. The General Format of the English Teaching Platforms for Kids
  3. Is Open English Suitable for Kids?
  4. What is Open English Junior?
  5. Can Children Learn English via Open English Junior App?
  6. What are the Alternative Platforms for Kids?
  7. Conclusion

Learn English For Kids: The Most Favourite Solutions

Providing English education to children is one of the main responsibilities of every parent. Language learning, which supports children's cognitive development, will also bring great advantages throughout life. English, which opens many doors from academic success to social opportunities and future career advantages, will be one of the biggest investments you make for your child. So, parents should ensure that their children have acquired the necessary English speaking skills.

English education, which brings diverse opportunities for children, should come with content specific to age groups. Because children's learning tendencies and necessary methods differ as much as their educational needs.

Course contents that can best keep up with and be reshaped for children are also available on online English platforms. While face-to-face courses have limited opportunities in terms of time, space, and instructors, online platforms offer the most special content without these obstacles. Thus, it is possible for online English courses to reformat the course content for every child when needed.

The General Format of the English Teaching Platforms for Kids

Several different factors play a role in the success of the online English lessons provided to children. Parents need to ensure that each step of this process is taken very carefully for it to proceed successfully. Let's now examine the key features that play the most significant role in this regard.

24/7 Access and Flexible Schedule

The accessibility of online English education in the comfort of home might be most beneficial for children. For the success of the lessons you provide to your child, the 24/7 accessibility feature offered by platforms should work as flawlessly as possible. In cases where access to instructors is only available at certain intervals, the chance of finding the right timing for children may decrease.

Professional and Skilled Teachers in Child Education

One of the most critical aspects of an online English platform designed for children is the teachers. The education processes for children differ significantly from those for adults. This is because the attention spans of children decrease as they get younger. Additionally, since entering and disciplined learning are phenomena that develop with age, children may face difficulties in adaptation. Therefore, meeting with teachers who have strong communication skills with children will greatly make the lessons successful.

Support Line and Customer Services

Parents should be vigilant at every step of children's English learning process. Both providing a user-friendly experience for the platforms and eliminating problems that arise during the education process should be emphasized, especially in services tailored for children. As lesson plans for children may change, parents may request lessons from different instructors or encounter difficulties in resource utilization. For these and more, platforms should also provide a good support line and a solution-oriented support team.

Is Open English Suitable for Kids?

Until know, I have provided the necessary information about English education for kids and the pathway to provide kids with online platforms. Now, we can focus on the Open English platform and scrutinise it to determine whether is its suitable for the children. To be able to give you a comprehensive answer, I will detail what Open English offers under the name of "Open English Junior".

What is Open English Junior?

Open English Junior is a platform that is custumized for teaching kids English. Parents are searching for a platform having a specialised curriculum and interface for kids. Since Open English is a highly popular English learning platform for adults around the world, they wonder whether it has a service for kids, too. Right at this moment, they see the "Open English Junior" name right at the search results.

Open English provides parents and kids with English curriculum under the "Junior" name. Open English Junior is also an online platform that children can meet English tutors around the world and learn within the interactive process. Open English offers highly resembling systems for adults and children. If you want to learn whether this app is a right tool for the kids, I will give some details from this platform that can help your decision making.

Age Groups

Every parent should be aware of the suitability of the app for their child. Since each age group requires customized education, learning apps should offer a curriculum and system satisfying these needs. When we examine Open English Junior, we realize that only children aged 8 to 14 can benefit from it. Given the importance of early English learning, Open English may disappoint many families. Professionals suggest that children should learn a second language as early as possible, as it becomes much easier for them. However, Open English Junior fails in this regard.

Proficiency Levels

On Open English Junior, there are 8 different levels grouped as elementary, intermediate, and advanced. However, as far as I can see, these are associated with the knowledge of English. For kids learning, there have to be age-specified levels because there is a difference between 8-year-old introductory courses and those designed for 14-year-olds. Open English has to customize the course content and materials for both age and proficiency. However, at this crucial moment, Open English Junior looks sloppy.

Lessons and Course System

I would like to discuss the course system of Open English Junior. We are all aware of the importance of one-on-one tutoring, especially for children. However, in Open English Junior, there are two course modes, but neither of them is designed for private tutoring. One of the modes is group lessons, where more than one kid attends the session and learns with one tutor. In the second mode, there is an emphasis on fun and play. In this Play2go mode, again, there are more than one kid, and they come together to play games and learn simultaneously.

Customer Services and User Satisfaction

I have emphasized the importance of user-friendly customer services for users of English learning apps, especially when it concerns kids and parents. People should be more careful and solution-focused in such cases. When we look at Open English, we realize that many users are complaining about the low quality of customer services. While users are struggling with problems, they find no one to help them. Additionally, to simply learn about the prices, parents need to provide different information. Moreover, this policy does not respect the privacy of the customers.

Can Children Learn English via Open English Junior App?

In this blog piece, I have investigated on Open English Junior and touched upon key factors. However, Open English does not seem like the picture of perfection. Still, some parents may want to continue with this app; it is their decisions. However, you should be careful about one more issue.

The Accessibility of Open English Junior

One may suddenly realize that the website is only in Spanish. I have also searched for a button to translate the page, but it does not exist. The reason is, Open English Junior is not accessible all around the world. Depending on the country you live in, Open English may not exist in this particular market. The main reason is that when Open English entered the market by merging with English Ninjas, it did not necessarily include English Ninjas Kids and left them. So, for this reason, Open English is not accessible and thus not suitable for every family. You should be careful; otherwise, due to communication issues, you may lose money and time while dealing with problems.

Therefore, in respect to course system families could search for other options as Open English Junior does not offer one-one-one courses. Moreover, the age-specific content is so narrow.

On the other side, you may face accessibility issues as Open English Junior is not working worldwide. 

What are the Alternative Platforms for Kids?

As your kids need to learn English, there are other platforms designed to help families out. In this blog piece, you can see your popular alternatives. 

However, there is an app that attracts my attention with high quality materials and course content: Flalingo Kids.  This particular app has received considerably high ratings on different platforms from users. They especially mention the customer care services and how effectively they work to solve problems. Aside from that, this app offers a high-quality curriculum to help you achieve your goals. Also, Flalingo and Flalingo Kids do not compromise on customized courses and one-on-one tutoring. In this way, this app can assure parents that the education process will lead to success.


Today, I have detailed the Open English Junior app to help you decide whether it is the right platform to go with. Parents who want a bright future for their kids are searching for English learning solutions. On the internet, they come across Open English Junior and wonder about the details. When we look at it carefully, we see that this app does not provide kids with one-on-one tutoring. Two of the modes are group-lesson based. Aside from the structure, kids younger than 8 cannot receive any English education via Open English Junior. Most importantly, this app is not accessible worldwide. However, Flalingo Kids can address the problems that we highlighted. I suggest Flalingo Kids to families. After these suggestions, I finish this blog and wish families success in their kids' education.

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