Best Websites Similar to EF English Live: What are the Alternatives?

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Last update: 21-10-2023

Table of Contents:

1- Introduction: The Power of Learning a Language

2- My First Choice: EF English Live

3- My Shift to Alternatives

4- The Best EF English Live Alternatives I Discovered

5- My Final Choice

Learning a language is not just an experience limited to words or grammar. Each new word introduces a new culture, a way of thinking, and a different perspective on the world. A new language allows an individual not just to discover his world but the entire universe. In this setting, I, Elisabeth, wanted to be a part of the writers from

1. Introduction: The Power of Language Learning and My First Step

During my university years, I decided to learn English to communicate more effectively with my foreign friends, to feel more comfortable on my travels, and to pursue an international career. When taking my first step, I chose the "EF English Live" platform, which I frequently encountered online and was highly praised by many. With its online access, rich content, and experienced teachers, this platform seemed like the perfect solution for me at first. However, like every experience, every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. On this journey, I would discover what EF English Live offered and what it didn't.

1.1. Why EF English Live?

Learning a foreign language, especially English, one of the most spoken languages in the world, can be daunting at first. There are many platforms and learning methods available online. For me, EF English Live stood out due to recommendations from acquaintances and promises in the platform's advertisements. In particular, the live lesson options, interactive content, and international recognition were the main factors influencing my choice.

Advantages of the Platform:

Throughout my experience with EF English Live, I encountered several advantages and disadvantages. If I were to list these in table format:

Pros of EF English Live Cons of EF English Live
The freedom to join classes whenever and wherever I want. The price being a bit high.
The mastery and professional approach of the teachers in the lessons. Technical glitches on the platform.
Interactive content enriched with videos, exercises, and tests. The number of one-on-one lessons in the offered packages being insufficient.

These experiences became the driving force that led me to explore other platforms. Although EF English Live offers many advantages, I decided that it wasn't the ideal solution for me.

2. My First Choice: EF English Live

Despite the opportunities offered by EF English Live, I quickly realized it wasn't the ideal platform for me. Particularly, the pricing and the limitations on the number of one-on-one lessons were the main reasons that directed me towards other online English learning platforms.

The internet offers many alternatives when it comes to language learning. While it was initially confusing for me, I soon realized that this diversity is actually a huge advantage. Everyone's needs, learning styles, and budgets are different. Hence, I knew I needed to conduct extensive research to find the right platform.

Some platforms I encountered during this search surprised me. Some offered quality content at incredibly affordable prices, while others drew attention with lessons tailored for different learning styles.

After a few weeks of thorough research, I was convinced that EF English Live wasn't the best alternative for me. However, thanks to this experience, I discovered many new platforms and learning methods. Among these platforms, some provided a perfect fit for me and greatly supported me on my language learning journey.

3. My Shift to Alternatives

For me, language learning is not just a hobby but also a passion. However, like any language learning process, I faced challenges and obstacles on this journey. I felt the need to turn to alternative platforms for some reasons during the adventure I started with EF English Live:

  • Learning Style Mismatch: Each individual has a different learning style. Initially, I adapted to the materials and lesson structures offered by EF English Live, but over time I realized that my learning style didn't fully match with this platform.
  • Cost: A quality language learning experience will, of course, have a cost. However, in line with my budget and goals, I felt the need to move towards more cost-effective platforms.
  • Technical Issues: Some technical problems I encountered interrupted my learning process. This became a factor that negatively affected my motivation.
  • Material Diversity: I grasped the importance of working with different materials while learning a language. I had a desire to access different materials and lesson structures on platforms other than EF English Live.
  • Getting Familiar with Different Teaching Methods: There are different approaches and methodologies in language learning. I felt the need to turn to different platforms to become familiar with these methodologies and see which one suits me better.

For these reasons, I decided to explore new platforms on my language learning journey.

4. The Best Alternatives to EF English Live I Discovered

Throughout my language learning journey, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with numerous platforms. Apart from EF English Live, some of the platforms that contributed the most to my language learning experience are:


Flalingo completely transformed my language learning experience. Firstly, with its customized language learning plans, it precisely addresses individual needs. With live lessons, a modular course system, and professional trainers, it truly stands out. Moreover, its continuously updated materials and user-friendly interface make the learning process enjoyable and effective. After EF English Live, Flalingo marked a turning point in my language learning journey.

Criteria Values
My Review Score 4/5
Average of Internet Comments and Complaints 4.5/5
Most Liked Feature Quality of contents and teachers
Least Liked Feature Customer services making unsolicited contact
Selectivity Regarding Teachers Strict interview with professional teachers
Used Material Oxford Press University Materials
Customer Support Unit Customer services are very attentive

Open English

Particularly popular in Spanish-speaking regions, this platform stands out with its interactive video lessons and live sessions. It offers students the opportunity for real-time language practice.

Criteria Values
My Evaluation Score 3.0/5
Average Internet Comments and Complaints 3.1/5
Most Liked Feature Real-time language practice
Least Liked Feature Quality of lesson materials
Selectivity Regarding Teachers Average selectivity
Used Materials Standard materials
Customer Support Unit Average customer service


Particularly popular in Spanish-speaking regions, this platform stands out with its interactive video lessons and live sessions. It offers students the opportunity for real-time language practice.

Criteria Values
My Evaluation Score 3.6/5
Average Internet Comments and Complaints 3.8/5
Most Liked Feature One-on-one lessons
Least Liked Feature Level-appropriate lessons
Selectivity Regarding Teachers Not very selective
Used Materials Unknown
Customer Support Unit Average customer service


Preply boasts a vast pool of instructors. On this platform, it's quite easy to find a teacher that fits your individual budget and needs. Also, thanks to its flexible lesson hours, you can adjust your learning process according to your schedule.

Criteria Values
My Rating 3/5
Average Internet Reviews and Complaints 3.8/5
Most Liked Feature Ability to Find Affordable Lessons
Least Liked Feature Lack of Customer Representatives
Selectivity About Teachers Marketplace Contains Inexperienced Teachers
Used Materials Information Not Available
Customer Support Communication No Customer Support Units


Turning language learning into an experiential process, Livexp offers students a practice-based learning experience with real-life scenarios. It's ideal for those wanting to enhance their everyday language use.

Criteria Values
My Rating Score 2.5/5
Average of Online Reviews and Complaints 2.9/5
Most Liked Feature One-on-one lessons
Least Liked Feature Quality of teacher and materials
Selectiveness Regarding Teachers Not very selective
Materials Used Unknown
Customer Support Unit Poor customer service

5. What's My Final Decision?

After experiencing platforms like EF English Live, Wall Street English, Cambly, Preply, and Livexp on my language learning journey, I must say that each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, when making my final decision, I saw that Flalingo stood out from the other platforms. Particularly with its modular course system designed especially for adults, native English-speaking professional English instructors, and high-quality customer service, Flalingo became the ideal choice for me.

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