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Last update: 5 January 2024

Learning new languages has many advantages. Learning a different language will help you travel abroad, improve your CV, and even better understand your own language. However, especially if you've ever tried to learn a new language as an adult, you'll likely be aware of the many challenges that are part of that experience.

Memorizing words, learning grammar rules and perfecting your pronunciation… They all present their own challenges and often lead you to the brink of giving up.

But you don't have to worry. We are here to help you! Read on to discover our top ten tips to keep you motivated while learning a language! Be sure to reach your online language learning goals more efficiently by following these tips!

Tip 1: Find Someone to Practice Speaking

Business English relies heavily on speaking skills. It is important to practice understanding and expressing yourself. A subscription to online English applications not only encourages you to practice regularly, but also provides a life-saving practice by increasing your speaking practice to generate answers.

Tip 2: Online language learning apps are life savers

A few decades ago, it was very difficult and costly to reach an English-language newspaper. However, today's developing online possibilities have made it very easy and cheap. Subscribing to an online English newspaper and browsing the business news section will greatly help your written language comprehension skills. Reading English newspapers can be a fun and interesting way to learn, as well as help you improve your business English, motivate you while gaining an insight into what's going on in the rest of the world. Of course, you don't have to be limited to just business pages; You can also find out what's going on in the world of fashion, art and politics.

Tip 3: Listen to TED Talks in English

TED talks with experts and avant-garde speakers from all over the world can be very helpful in improving your effective presentation skills in English as well as improving your speaking and listening skills. An indispensable Business English promotional tool with and without subtitles, TED Talks also introduces you to many new words and phrases that will make you familiar with various accents. Especially if you stick to content that has a commercial, financial or political theme, you can quickly learn a very useful Business English for you.

Tip 4: Watch business and financial news in English

English-language television channels have special sections devoted to business and financial news only. Following the stock market movements; From the latest company takeovers, a lot of Business English supporting content is actually at the end of your remote. Thanks to these contents, you can be exposed to dozens of more words in business English than a TV show or TV show. In conversations with business leaders and employees, you will focus specifically on words that work for you, as you will hear business English spoken literally. Try watching it for just 15 minutes each day to better understand the business talk.

Tip 5: Determine the Business English Goal You Want to Achieve

Setting yourself achievable goals not only helps you learn faster, it also helps you stay motivated. Try setting yourself a simple goal of learning five Business English words a day. It may sound small, but after a month you will have over 100 new words in your vocabulary and will make you comfortable in Business meetings.

Remember, no wind can affect a ship whose route is not clear!

Tip 6: Learn English Vocabulary Families

There are many words that derive from the same root in English. While learning a word, learn words with the same suffix and root system. This will create a multiplier effect, allowing you to learn many words at the same time with little effort.

Tip 7: Review Before Bed

Your brain processes new information while we sleep. Try quick reading (not studying, just skimming) any important words or lessons you learned that day. Do this simple daily review right before bed. Our brain can process information better while we sleep, which helps it stay in our memory.

Tip 8: Repeat Out Loud as You Learn

Always speak English aloud when exercising alone at home or in the office. You may feel a little strange at first; But don't let that deter you. Because this step will really help you learn faster. By connecting your facial muscles to the information in your head, it will make your brain give commands to your tongue and lips while choosing the right words without thinking.

Tip 9: Role Play

If you want to improve your business English really fast, you need to put it into practice. Visiting an English-speaking country where you have to speak English is a great way to do this, but it's not for everyone. In these situations, you can take help from an online English learning platform and take regular one-on-one private lessons to practice your English and go through work scenarios with a tutor. If you have English-speaking friends, encourage them to chat with you in English at least once a week.

Which Online English Learning Platform Should I Choose?

Which Online English Learning Platform Should I Choose? Online English learning platforms offer you unique opportunities in many ways. But you need to know well which platform to choose. Our experts are determined by real user experiences and reviews. 

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