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Last update: January 5, 2024

Learning new languages has many advantages. Learning a different language will help you travel abroad, improve your CV, and even better understand your own language. However, especially if you've ever tried to learn a new language as an adult, you'll likely be aware of the many challenges that are part of that experience.

Memorizing words, learning grammar rules and perfecting your pronunciation… They all present their own challenges and often lead you to the brink of giving up.

But you don't have to worry. We are here to help you! Read on to discover our top ten tips to keep you motivated while learning a language! Be sure to reach your online language learning goals more efficiently by following these tips!

Clue 1: Find Someone to Practice Speaking

Practicing speaking while learning a language is essential to your progress. Putting what you've learned into practice will help your brain process new words and how to use them, and remember useful words and phrases. By putting the words in your mind into sound, ensuring the synchronization of mind and pronunciation will facilitate your fluent speech.

Find a language exchange partner or teacher online or in person and get together to talk regularly.

The first few tries may feel a little painful, but the more you practice, the easier it will become!

Clue 2: Online language learning apps are life savers

When the opportunities offered by online English teaching applications are considered together with all other language teaching methods, it can be a life saver when learning a new language. All of the modern linguistic approaches reveal that we have a similar experience when learning a foreign language as we learn our own mother tongue.

Do some research and take advantage of learning on the go to see which online language learning app is right for you.

Clue 3: Make mistakes without fear

Remember that you have the luxury of making mistakes when learning a foreign language! Many people cannot speak because they are afraid of making mistakes. Make sure no one expects you to speak Queen's English!

Make friends with notepads as you learn languages, and when you make a mistake, immediately jot down and memorize what you can say instead.

Clue 4: Focus on learning the right words

What if we told you that the 100 most frequently used words in a language make up 50% of everyday language? In fact, research says this, not us. Post a copy of the list of the 100 most frequently used words in English on your wall. Focus on those words using word cards or listening to the list you recorded in the car. In the next step, make simple sentences using these words.

Clue 5: Watch TV Series and Movies in English

Practice English as part of your free time. Find English movies or TV shows and try to watch them with English subtitles, or even without subtitles if possible. When you integrate language learning into what you enjoy doing, it will be much less of a chore and you will improve your skills in no time.

Clue 6: Message your friends in English

Find a native or English-speaking friend and make an agreement to use English when texting or emailing each other. Since we are more comfortable with texting than talking face to face, we have time to think and look at unfamiliar words. Therefore, try to express yourself by acting as freely as possible.

Clue 7: Never leave your dictionary with you

Whether you want an online English dictionary on your phone or if you feel more comfortable, use a physical printed dictionary. This is an absolutely indispensable tip, especially if you live in an English-speaking country. Even if you live in a non-English speaking country, it gives you the opportunity to instantly learn a word that comes to mind.

Clue 8: Make phrasal verbs a part of your life

English is literally a paradise of Phrasal verbs. Learn as many phrases as possible to help you learn more efficiently. For this, it would be a great start to follow the Phrasel Verb periods of the BBC English Podcast series.

Clue 9: Make friends with Podcasts on teaching English

Listening to podcasts helps you learn how to speak English, as well as watching movies and TV shows in English. Keep your podcast running in the background while you work, cook or travel, and your brain will make it easier for you by sub-learning before you know it.

Clue 10: Never give up repeating!

Remember, it is not the strength of the water that pierces the marble but its continuity. Regular repetition is paramount, no matter what language you are learning English or whatever language you are learning. On the other hand, you should never forget that you need to work hard to learn a language!

Repetition and persistence are the keys to learning English and ideally you should study every day. So get your online English speaking apps, speaking partner and other learning materials ready and get started right away!

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